“Do you know what Pata Negra is? Then you can’t put it on pizza “

Crazy Pizza, still controversy. The new chapter of the saga that for days revolves around the pizzeria by Flavio Briatore comes from Roberto Parodi, which targets the entrepreneur from Verzuolo. The writer, journalist and TV presenter (as well as Cristina’s brother) has posted a video on his Instagram profile in which he attacks the black … Read more

here are the regions where the virus runs the most

In addition to the increasingly scorching temperatures, cases of Covid-19. In recent days, over 50 thousand infections have risen a day. The incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants has almost doubled nationally, going from 310 to 504. Analyzing the detail region by region, there are territories more affected than others by the new summer wave of … Read more

it is without pilots. Wagner retirees and mercenaries recalled

The Russian military aviation was to be decisive in annihilating the Ukrainian resistance, yet to date it has failed in its objectives. How is it possible? Mosca it is short of pilots, those who are there do not have enough training hours, essential for piloting fighters. And today the Kremlin it is also attracting retired … Read more

Donbass, Ukrainians withdraw from Severodonetsk. Turkey: consensus to unblock wheat exports

The war on the ground sees the Ukrainians withdraw from the symbolic city of Donbass where they have been fighting for several weeks, Severodonetsk. The Russians, however, are in trouble because they are advancing slowly and at the cost of the loss of men and means. A crack opens on the diplomatic front. There is … Read more

“Italy is safe, I’m not disappointed”

“I don’t feel disappointed.” At the end of the European Council Mario Draghi look at the glass half full. Despite the openings that arrived on Thursday, in fact, no extraordinary energy summit will be held in July. The Italian request – supported by France and the Euro-Mediterranean countries – was eventually returned to the sender. … Read more

Massimo Bochicchio, debts, life insurance, inheritance: money is sought abroad, for creditors few chances

In addition to the one about the death of Massimo Bochicchio, there is another yellow that holds the bench: will the VIP customers that the Roman broker allegedly cheated for millions of euros be able to recover their savings? The Prosecutor’s Office of Roma has in progress a series of letters rogatory abroad, to try … Read more

Drought, first rationing: water disputed between Regions. And the limitations in the house are triggered

Prohibition of using tap water to water plants in private gardens and terraces, prohibition of filling swimming pools, washing private cars, in some areas there will be delivery times, use of water only for primary domestic uses and sanitary. While the whole of Italy continues to be suffocated by the grip of the heat and … Read more

15,000 millionaires will leave Russia, so they turned their backs on the Tsar

By the end of 2022, 15,000 millionaires could leave the country Russia9,500 more than in 2019, while in Ukraine could be 2,800 (+2,400). This was supported in a report by the British consultancy firm Henley & Partners, underlining how a “tsunami” of private capital left Russia and Ukraine in the first six months of the … Read more

Ryanair strike in Spain, inconvenience for flights to Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Palma at the end of June

Bad news for who will travel with Ryanair in Spain between late June and early July. The Spanish trade unions USO Air Sector and Sitcpla have called a six-day strike for Ryanair’s cabin crew to ask the airline to resume negotiations underway for eight months to “close an agreement and decent working conditions for the … Read more

for eighth grade and high school graduation is only recommended

The obligation to use the masks in the state exams of both the first and second cycle, then for the middle schools and for the maturity. The mask will therefore only be recommended. A rule will therefore be proposed to the next Council of Ministers, which will then be followed by an explanatory circular to … Read more