Flash move from BioNTech: Early warning system against new variants!

Speaking about the tests that have not yet been examined by a peer-reviewed scientific committee, Uğur Şahin used the following statements; ‘Early identification of potentially high-risk variants can be an effective tool to alert researchers, vaccine developers, health authorities and authorities, thus providing more time to respond to new types of concerns.’ DELTA ESCAPEED BY … Read more

Endemic Covid era: Are we at the beginning of the end of the epidemic?

Could this trend change? Epidemiologists studying the spread of diseases use the definition of endemic if data from a disease are stable and predictable. Professor Azra Ghani, an epidemiologist at Imperial College, says this definition is also used to convey that the disease is still circulating, but that we don’t need to limit our lives. … Read more

This is a 10 Second Lotim High School Student Viral Video

Menit.co.id – Again, the 10-second viral video of students from SMAN Lombok Timur (Lotim) was widely circulated on social media and caused a stir in the local community. Video viral 10 seconds of Lotim high school students it contains inappropriate scenes. Because they are still students, they have sex and are recorded. This incident occurred … Read more

On Tuesday he would start reinforcement for the elderly; all will apply except Pfizer

MEXICO CITY. The application of booster vaccines against covid-19 could begin on December 7 and the first to receive it will be the elderly, announced President López Obrador. In a conference from Rayón, State of Mexico, he said that vaccination is essential to protect that sector of the population, the one that suffers the most … Read more

There will be a booster of the anticovid vaccine for the elderly and teachers

Older adults and education workers will soon receive a booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said yesterday. He noted that the reinforcement plan had not been announced so as not to instill fear in the face of the alarm caused by the new variant of the coronavirus, Ómicron. “Yes we … Read more

Report explosion in a pyrotechnics workshop in Tultepec VIDEO

Juan Manuel Camacho placeholder image Tultepec / 24.11.2021 19:39:39 An explosion inside a private house set up as a pyrotechnic workshop in the municipality of Tultepec, State of Mexico, left two dead and five injured. The incident occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m. inside a building located on Jazmín Street, in the community of La Piedad, … Read more

Gökdeniz Karadeniz admitted years later: ‘If there was VAR in that match, Trabzonspor would have been the champion’

SYou were one of the best offensive players of the Super League, captain, and then you played successfully in Russia for many years. Does it upset you not to be in the squad for the 2002 World Cup? You were very successful in the Confederations Cup in 2003. You had goals against France and Brazil. … Read more

“Squint” warning to coronavirus patients – Breaking News

Turkish Ophthalmology Association board member Atilla, who came to Antalya for the health congress, stated to the AA correspondent that he is conducting scientific studies on strabismus, and that strabismus is seen in children at a rate of 1-2 percent in the society. Stating that strabismus causes lazy eye in the long term, Atilla said, … Read more

Doctors urge to “Quit smoking”

Doctors came together as part of lung awareness month. He called for “Quit smoking” with the video they shot. Turkish Respiratory Research Association and Turkish Lung Cancer Association shared the video “May health and hope grow” on social media. Information was given about the damage caused by tobacco and tobacco products. With the “Quit” label, … Read more

Announced the date when the Kovid-19 outbreak will be brought under control

Last minute newsi: ABD head Joe Biden‘s health advisor and is also the National Allergy and BulletinvaccineActing as the Director of the Institute of Illnesses Anthony Fauci, covid-19 While making predictions about the end of the epidemic, he said that both the first two doses of vaccines and booster vaccines should be made for this. … Read more