Ubisoft officially launches ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’

[로이슈 편도욱 기자] Ubisoft Entertainment, a leader in game development, distribution and publishing, today announced the official release of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, its new co-op tactical FPS. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and supported by a coalition of Ubisoft studios based in Bucharest, Bordeaux, Saguenay, and more, Rainbow Six Extraction delivers an immersive gaming … Read more

AMD Launches Lineup of Graphics Cards That Can Digest Various Workloads

Hello. Reporter Seo Jae-chang | Designed based on AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture and advanced 6nm process technology AMD announced the AMD Radeon PRO W6000 series graphics cards for desktop and mobile workstations. The new Radeon PRO W6000 series graphics card provides a more stable work environment for professionals in various fields such as CAD … Read more

The Ministry of Health launches a project to operate the SABIC Specialized Hospital for Mental Health

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the National Center for Privatization, announced the start of the stage of expressing desires for the medical and non-medical operation and maintenance project of the SABIC Specialized Mental Health Hospital, which is located in the Narjis district, north of Riyadh, in the second health cluster in Riyadh. The … Read more

WhatsApp accounts in danger: the app launches a new “emergency” function

The messaging app WhatsApp now released a new “rule” that everyone must accept in order not to be hacked and not suffer access from an unauthorized third party. This is a new feature that adds more security to an account: it’s called “two-step verification” and requires a six-digit registration code that appears randomly. Here’s what … Read more

Corona launches world’s first vitamin D beer

To try to circumvent the low rates of vitamin D. in the northern hemisphere population during the winter, Corona launched a non-alcoholic beer enriched with vitamin D. Corona Sunbrew has 70 calories per bottle, and was developed by AB InBev’s innovation team to have, in its formula, 30% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin … Read more

Leica launches new edition of its camera M

Leica has presented a new version of its classic model M. With the Leica M11, traditional rangefinder photography is to be combined with modern camera technology. The main feature of the new M generation is a full-format BSI CMOS sensor with triple resolution technology, as the manufacturer reports. In addition, raw files in DNG format … Read more

North Korea, because Kim Jong-un chases the record for missile launches in January – Corriere.it

North Korea fired another pair of ballistic missiles today. Fourth test of the month, including two hypersonic and two departed from a train The North Korea does not participate in the Beijing Olympics (due to pandemic and hostility from America and its vassals, he said). But Kim Jong-un seems determined to break the missile record: … Read more

“I did this for the kids”

Posted on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 5:55 p.m. Through Jessica Collini This Monday, the former mayor of Honnelles, Bernard Paget, as well as the current one, Matthieu Lemiez, were to pass in front of the council chamber of Mons. The coach of the Honnelles football club, Dimitri Denis, the president of the club, Jean-Marie … Read more

Comipems launches call for upper secondary level

This January 16, the launch of the call to enter the upper secondary level, by Comipems, came out. Photo: Cuartoscuro The Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (Comipems) announced his announcement for him exam from entrance to upper middle level. In this way, those interested will be able to venture to obtain … Read more