Panorama of the return to face-to-face classes in schools in Colombia

This Monday, January 17, educational institutions return to face-to-face Colombia. Educational centers must receive students and will not have a capacity limit, the above, in accordance with Resolution 2157 of 2021. However, this decision worries many parents due to the fourth peak that the country is experiencing due to the omicron variant. Read also… .

Brussels is going beyond its book again, is not about education at all: ‘Children should receive climate lessons’

The EU administration believes that pupils of all ages should have access to lessons on climate change, biodiversity and sustainability. The problem is that Brussels has absolutely nothing to say about education. They propose the proposal in the hope that education ministers of EU member states will adopt the idea themselves. “All students need opportunities … Read more

Daniel Matamala reflected on the lessons left by the vaccination process that Chile faced in 2021

In his weekly column published in Third, titled The year of vaccines, the driver of CNN Chile reflected on the joint efforts that involved the successful vaccination process during 2021 “If we had to rescue a single fact of this year of constant roller coaster, I think this would be the vaccination campaign”, affirms in … Read more

Three lessons that fixed income left in 2021 – Marilia Fontes – Estadão E-Investidor – The main financial market news

Last year was very different for investors in fixed income. We started the year with a Selic rate of just 2% per year and ended at an incredible 9.25%. Who could have imagined this movement, right? Read too With that, there were several consequences, good and bad, which are worth highlighting in this retrospective so … Read more

10 lessons from 2021 (Happy on Friday)

The GamesWirtschaft annual review 2021 Before we mentally wash away the remainder of the year with sparkling wine, we ask ourselves on the occasion of New Year’s Eve: What moved the industry in 2021? Dear GamesWirtschaft reader,Dear GamesWirtschaft reader, Another pandemic year ends today, December 31, around midnight – “at last”, one hears sighing in … Read more

Lessons from the Pandemic: Orbán’s Healthy Reality Bath

The year that opens will be dominated by three very important elections which will write some crucial capitals for the future of Europe. The first election, not strictly political, it is the one concerning Italy, and what will happen in the Quirinale poker game, given and considering how much the destiny of the European Recovery … Read more

Interview with Enrique Krauze: “The best vaccine so that Boric does not fall into populist demagogy is to learn from the lessons of the 20th century”

For Enrique Krauze, the triumph of Gabriel Boric marks a generational break that raises several questions for Latin America. “Boric’s great challenge is to invent the Boric of the future,” he says via zoom from his home in Mexico. Author, among others, of books such as Redentores y México, biography del poder, the Mexican historian … Read more

Driver’s license, Driving school | Driving instructor lost the ticket after rough driving – continued to have driving lessons

A driving instructor in his 30s was deprived of his driving license last year after driving rough, but continued to conduct driving training. The man has now been sentenced to 60 days in prison. During the trial of the reckless driving in Oslo District Court last summer, the man confessed to having driven 137 kilometers … Read more

F1: Ferrari, Leclerc and the lessons of Hamilton and Schumacher

The disappointing final of 2021 must not question the journey that led to 2024. Even two absolute champions, before triumphing … It is not from a penalty kick that a player is judged. Just as a Formula 1 driver cannot be judged by the final result of a season, closed for a few points behind … Read more