It’s trendy with the green license plate, but we’d rather wait for the diesel – Mazda CX-60 2.5 E-Skyactiv PHEV test

On paper, Mazda’s most powerful car ever, the plug-in version of the new CX–60, which is also the company’s first plug-in hybrid, promises a lot. However, it is the powertrain that deserves better for this sporty family SUV that promises to be a challenger to even premium brands. The good news is that it will … Read more

Do you remember the Sudanese “Van Diesel”? He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and had his license revoked

After his story filled Sudanese media and social media, following his appearance a few weeks ago driving his car in reverse, in the famous “Van Diesel” manner, the Khartoum Traffic Criminal Court convicted the perpetrator of the unusual offense with two months in prison and 10 years’ license revoked. In the details, the judge of … Read more

Willy Sommers changes his iconic license plate: “We are starting a new chapter” | BV

BVIconic as Willy Sommers is in the Flemish music landscape, his car is as iconic on Flemish roads. With his personalized number plate ‘WSOMMERS’, Willy has traveled all over the country for the past three years. But that is now changing. Because Willy has a new car. Remarkable: he got it from Tanja Dexters. ABL … Read more

La Nación / Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony obtained their license to get married in Miami

Paraguayan supermodel Nadia Ferreira and singer Marc Anthony would have obtained their license to marry on Friday, January 20, according to the Univision program “Sit whoever can,” hosted by the well-known presenter Lucho Borrego. Although there is no official information, it is speculated that the couple finally married civilly on Saturday the 21st. Although it … Read more

The format of license plates will change this year – the integration of the Vytis sign has been approved

They are not the first in Europe As Andrius Kupčinskas stated, the main reason behind this initiative was the fact that a few years ago there were no more stickers certifying technical inspection on car license plates in our country. For this reason, when more free space appeared in them, it was suggested to use … Read more

New driver’s license twist for 30,000 Norwegians: – Easier

– Previously, the inspection certificate had to be delivered at the traffic station. Now all the country’s opticians and ophthalmologists can deliver digital vision certificates from a PC or smartphone to the National Road Administration, says Bodil Rønning Dreyer in the Road Administration. Every year, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration receives 25,000-30,000 paper sight certificates … Read more

Report reveals that part of the Concórdia Building in Gondomar was built without a license

January 19, 2023 at 09:00 Institute of Welding and Quality points out failure in the building work in Valbom, Gondomar. Chamber says it is unaware of the document. There is a structure in the Concórdia Building, in Valbom, Gondomar, where the terraces are located, which, according to the Institute of Welding and Quality (ISQ), has … Read more

Police officer reports to another police officer for driving patrol without a license

A routine audit made headlines after a police officer will send a report to another uniformed of the same police institution for driving a patrol without the corresponding license. The police officer who received the report was conducting a police patrol corresponding to the 20th Police Station of Puente Alto; when he was inspected by … Read more

“Driving license with points perhaps in 2024 in Belgium”: how does it work? And will it increase road safety? | car

After a long time of palavering, and about the last in Europe, the driving license with points seems to be coming to us as well. “At the moment everyone can still buy off violations with a fine, but that is not how drivers learn from their mistakes,” says Stef Willems of Vias in Dag All. … Read more

Do I need to let the controller into the house? Five questions about the RTV license

Last year, it became loud about the summons that Poczta Polska sends to subscribers in arrears and the related intervention of the Ombudsman. There was also a dilemma about the possible visit of the inspector and whether we are obliged to let him into the house. Another question is: what to do with the receiver … Read more