End of the story. The FIA ​​confirmed that it will not give Herta a super license – F1sport.cz

The FIA ​​has confirmed that Colton Herta will not be given a super licence. The American youngster was considered by Red Bull alongside Cunoda at AlphaTauri. A rider must meet several conditions to obtain a super license. In addition to, for example, age, it is mainly about 40 points, which must be obtained by placing … Read more

Policewoman stops a man for speeding, asks for a license but is attacked: after all, everything happens

The aggression Police in Willoughby, Ohio, released footage of an officer receiving help from passing motorists as she was attacked by a man who was stopped for speeding on 10 September. According to the report on the incident, Willoughby police officer Stacee Wright had stopped the man, identified as David Koubeck, driving a Chevrolet that … Read more

Driver’s license causing collision has expired for 19 years

On Thursday, September 15, 58-year-old car driver EH hit a moped on Martin Luther Kingweg near a supermarket. The collision resulted in material damage and personal injury. The driver’s license appeared to have expired for 19 years, the Suriname Police Corps reported today. The police of the Livorno office received a report of the collision … Read more

Enas Al Degheidy asked for a “brothel” license, so she divorced her husband, who converted to Islam for her

Egyptian director​Einas AldaghediShe is the first Egyptian director to graduate from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1975. She has a strong and daring personality. In her films, she touched on sensitive social and legal issues, including the Egyptian Penal Code and the marriage of underage girls. The beginning was with the movie “Excuse me, … Read more

Driver’s license offices in Miami collapse with huge lines and no appointments available

USA The arrival of hundreds of Cuban migrants would be one of the reasons for the high demand for the document Published on September 18, 2022 Cubans who apply for asylum in the US can process driver’s licenses and also to do some work. (Illustrative photo: Cuban Newspaper) The massive arrival of Cubans in South … Read more

This license plate is more expensive than a Bugatti La Voiture Noire

We have already reported several times about license plates that cost as much as supercarsbut so far none has reached the values ​​like the registration number we are talking about today. With the letters “MM” only, this California State license plate costs 24.3 million dollars (about 24 million euros), a value that makes this piece … Read more

Ramirent’s IPAF license is the highest qualification of an air platform operator in the world

Ramirent Baltic AS, the largest building contractor rental company in the Baltics, has received the right to operate fixed and mobile working platform operators licensed by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). Talks with Vytautas Kinus, who completed IPAF training and was the first Ramirent specialist in the Baltics to receive a certificate to conduct … Read more

Cars with green license plates in Budapest have received another relief

While it was started in several big cities of the country remove it with the green number plate special discounts for environmentally friendly cars, until then in Budapest it is still supported by the parking rules effective today it is not or less polluting locally the use of cars with green license plates. Moreover the … Read more

Portugalia’s fleet may increase to 19 planes after updating its license

Photo by Clément Alloing The Portuguese regional airline Portugalia, which operates under the name TAP Express, has obtained from the Portuguese aviation authority the right to increase its fleet to 19 aircraft – the company’s current authorization provides for the operation of 15 aircraft. According to the Portuguese website Observadorthe decision was published in the … Read more

NVIDIA will need a license to export A100/H100 GPUs to China and Russia

United States Securities and Exchange Commission informed NVIDIA that it cannot export its latest data center graphics processors to Russia and China without a license. NVIDIA will need to obtain a license to export any A100 GPUs or systems such as DGX/HGX based on the company’s latest architectures. The newly introduced requirement will also apply … Read more