Success of Lviv paratroopers: announces the shooting down of 16 million. dollars worth of a Russian helicopter

This was announced by the head of Lviv OVA Maksimas Kozickis. According to him, the Russian helicopter from the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed by an anti-aircraft shooter of the 80th Airborne Brigade DShV AFU. “Our defenders have also shot down two enemy APCs and two BMDs. Good luck! ”Said M. Kozickis. Ukraine … Read more

After a 14-hour battle, Lviv paratroopers struck an elite Russian unit

The battle between the Ukrainian armed forces and the occupiers lasted 14 hours. This was announced by the head of the military administration of the Lviv region Maxim Kozycki. “Lviv paratroopers destroyed about 50 personnel of the so-called elite regiment of the Russian Federation. It happened during a recent battle that lasted about 14 hours. … Read more

Russia has fired rockets into railway infrastructure in Lviv region / Day

“Russian troops have once again hit the Lviv railway infrastructure. We are finding out the extent of the damage to the infrastructure. There are no casualties among the railwaymen,” Kamishin wrote on the Telegram messaging platform. However, Ukrainian media report that five people were injured. The media also reports that the electrical network has been … Read more

Russia has once again fired missiles at the railway infrastructure in the Lviv region

Russian troops fired rockets at the railway infrastructure in the Lviv region in western Ukraine on Wednesday night, so train traffic was suspended for several hours, Oleksandr Kamishin, head of the Ukrainian state railway company Ukrzalizniicja, said. “Russian troops have once again hit the Lviv railway infrastructure. We are finding out the extent of the … Read more

Rocket attack on the Lviv region. They are injured

Yesterday, June 2 (00:51) On Wednesday evening, Russian missiles struck western Ukraine in the Stryj region in the Lviv region, wrote the head of the Lviv regional military administration Maksym Kozicki on a Telegram. Illustrative photo /Shutterstock The missile attack was carried out on Beskidzki Railway Tunnel passing through the Carpathians in the Lviv region. … Read more

Rocket attack near Lviv, Hungary blocks sanctions on Russia. Summary of the night

The rocket attack took place south of Lviv. An important railway tunnel was the target Hungary blocks sanctions on Russia for a rather unexpected reason Ukraine is to acquire more advanced drones from the US than the ones it currently uses You can follow the information on the defense of Ukraine 24 hours a day … Read more

The war in Ukraine. The Lviv brigade destroyed the Russian platoon

The platoon of the 104th Assault and Assault Regiment of the 76th Assault and Assault Division of the Russian troops ceased to exist. In total, about 20 soldiers with equipment. Photos from the attack were published on social media. It was not stated when or where the clash took place. The Ukrainian command only emphasized … Read more

Expert: Putin will force Lukashenko to attack in the direction of Lutsk – Lviv

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said this in an interview with on Tuesday. “The meeting between Putin and Lukashenko should take place again soon. I believe that Putin will again force Lukashenko to order the Belarusian army to attack Ukraine in the direction of Lutsk – Lviv, “he said. The expert recalled that the Belarusian … Read more

The war in Ukraine. In Lviv, rockets fell on power stations. Part of the city without electricity | World news

Five explosions were heard in Lviv. Mer Andriy Sadowy informed that v the result In the Russian missile attack, three power substations and two water-pumping stations were damaged. He added that some of the city’s inhabitants do not have access to electricity. There are also problems with the mobile network in the city. More information … Read more

The world is moved by the story of the wedding of an explosive, selfless woman in Lviv

The tragic accident took place on March 27. Oksana and Viktor returned home. On the fateful day, she walked forward, but a friend was behind her. There was an explosion. Victor miraculously suffered, but Oksana’s legs and four toes were torn off in the explosion. The young woman was taken to a hospital in Lysichansk, … Read more