TRANSFER EXCHANGE – Marcos Alonso Will Be Chelsea’s Next Revenge For Barcelona?

TWITTER.COM/MARCOSALONSO03 Chelsea left-back Marcos Alonso. BOLASPORT.COM – Continuation of transfer Mark Alonso the Barcelona still haven’t found a bright spot and there is a possibility of luck like César Azpilicueta from Chelsea. Mark Alonso reported to want to leave soon Chelsea and anchored to Camp Nou on transfer market summer 2022. Reported by from … Read more

World Sports:Marcos Alonso has bid farewell to Chelsea staff and is about to join Barcelona – yqqlm

Original title: World Sports: Marcos Alonso has bid farewell to Chelsea staff to join Barcelona World Sports: Marcos Alonso has bid farewell to Chelsea staff to join Barcelona On the evening of August 5th, Beijing time, according to a report by World Sports Daily, Chelsea defender Marcos Alonso bid farewell to the team and is … Read more

Official:Chelsea renews the captain’s contract until 2024, Barcelona poached all summer without success – yqqlm

Original title: Official: Chelsea renews captain’s contract until 2024, Barcelona poached all summer to no avail On August 5th, Beijing time, Chelsea Club officially announced that it has completed the renewal of the contract with defensive lineman Azpilicueta, and the new contract will end in the summer of 2024. After successfully renewing the contract with … Read more

Niurka Marcos, will she return to The House of Celebrities 2? | Telemundo Program | nnda nnlt | FAME

When Niurka Marcos was removed fromthe house of the famous“, she herself had a very emotional reactionWell, she shed some tears, but she was not the only one who would have a bad time, since various reports indicate that after that day the Telemundo program lowered its tuning levelsworrying producers and managers. From that moment, … Read more

Niurka Marcos returns to The House of Celebrities 2

Telemundo Niurka Marcos was the sixth eliminated from La Casa de Los Famosos and returns to the competition to present her point of view Niurka Marcos go back to The House of the Famous 2 after a week in which he refused to be present at the galas due to alleged manipulation of his image … Read more

Marcos & Belutti tell what Xororó’s ‘defect’ is: ‘I was embarrassed’ – 06/07/2022

Marcos and Belutti were the first guests of the third season of “Sai da Caixa”. In conversation with presenter Luiza Possi, the country people talked about admiration for singer Xororó, who is a duo with Chitãozinho. However, Belutti recalled a story that he shared with the singer and that would reveal a “defect” of the … Read more

Marcos Mion regrets after contracting Covid-19: “Cursed virus”

Marcos Mionpresenter, showed discomfort and anger after contracting Covid-19precisely in the week that he was going to present the special Ivete 50 yearsin Juazeiro, Bahia, live on Globo. On the social network, the darling of the Saturday afternoons of Platinum Venus vented. See too: “Cursed Virus” “What a blessing to be able to be alive … Read more

Flanked by Family, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Officially Proclaims Himself as President of the Philippines

MANILA, – Ferdinand Marcos Jr. flanked by his family, including mother Imelda Marcos, as he stands on the pulpit at the Philippine Congress to be proclaimed president-elect, marking his return you dined Marcos to the seat of power. Marcos Jr won nearly 59 percent of the vote in elections earlier this month, more than … Read more

Why Dictator’s Son Can Become President of the Philippines, Here’s Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s Tactics

MANILA, – History repeats itself in the Philippines. About 36 years ago, a powerful family was ousted from power on charges of being extraordinarily greedy and brutal. Now, however, the same family is ready to return to the Malacanang, the presidential palace in downtown Manila. For those who have been holding the Marcos regime … Read more