Extra terrace measure in Hasselt: those who do not obey the rules … (Hasselt)

Lively bustle, Saturday on the Hasselt terraces. The rule of four turned out to be difficult to enforce at times. — © Sven Dillen Hasselt – The first day at the outdoor cafes went smoothly in Limburg. Only with the ‘rule of four’ some people in Hasselt had a hard time. Those who do not … Read more

Biden supports releasing patents on vaccines. What does the measure imply?

“We, the most powerful country in the world that can help end this catastrophe, cannot stand by idly – limited by Big Pharma – watching millions of people die,” said Representative Rosa DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut, which helped lead the pressure among members of the House. Supporters in the Senate included two prominent progressives: Bernie … Read more

Covid, Valle d’Aosta towards the return to the orange zone – Valle d’Aosta

Valle d’Aosta goes towards the return in the orange zone starting from next Monday. The data of the last week indicate a reduction in the infection: in the week from April 30 to May 6, 187 new positive cases were recorded per 100,000 inhabitants, far from the threshold of 250 that triggered the red zone. … Read more

Samsung launches Galaxy Watch 3 to help maintain health, measure SpO2, detect stress and sleep

Prevention is better than cure is one of the concepts of modern people that clearly reflects the origin of current health trends. Most people have turned to pay more attention to themselves. Both physically, mentally, as well as food While also taking advantage of technological advancements To check their health regularly, too. ‘Smart watch’ is … Read more

Apple Watch in 2022 will learn to measure blood pressure, sugar and alcohol levels

British newspaper The Telegraph reported about new functions of “smart” watches Apple Watch Series 8 due out in 2022. They will learn how to measure blood pressure as well as blood sugar and alcohol levels using non-invasive methods. According to the newspaper, Apple has chosen Rockley Photonics as a partner – it will supply optical … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 patent suggests it could measure ECG or blood pressure

While in-display fingerprint readers have become commonplace on flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and other folding devices from Samsung could take this type of technology to the next level including biometric scanners, similar to those of the Apple Watch, which could measure heart rate and blood pressure, as a new patent has … Read more

Physicists measure the neutron shell of the lead atom

PREX-II Project Initial Detection Items.picture: PREX Cooperation For three months in 2019, physicists blew a beam of electrons into the lead atom held by shards made of diamonds. The team is trying to determine the thickness of the neutron sledN, Neutron shrouds are neutral in the ocean The protons are positively charged in the nucleus … Read more

How to measure blood oxygen with a Samsung mobile phone | Thaiger Thailand news

How to measure oxygen in the blood (O2) with Samsung mobile low blood oxygen This is a sign of lung breathing problems, one of the symptoms of COVID. The meat from the coronavirus infects lung damage. Measuring O2 in Sangsung’s blood – Thailand is now facing a problem.CoronavirusCome back to the outbreak of waves again … Read more

Sony could take action on measure that would render the PS4 and PS5 useless

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums For years since the launch of the PlayStation 3, some video game enthusiasts have pointed to the risk posed by the initial online validation process required by this type of hardware and that of later generations. What was once … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 can measure blood pressure

Samsung implements an image sensor under the flexible screen to provide accurate feedback to the user about his or her health. In recent years, the amount of health functions on our mobile phone has increased significantly. It is no longer just about a pedometer. Smartphones can now also be used during a fitness training or … Read more