Steve complains about the lack of space on a Ryanair plane, he did not expect the response he was going to receive (photo)

Some community managers know how to use a lot of humor. It’s not Steve who will tell you otherwise. On Twitter, the man took his smartphone to complain about the lack of space on a Ryanair plane. “I am only 1m70”, he wrote, photo in support. But he did not expect to receive such a … Read more

Investors do not believe in the aid measure for banks

Reuters/Scanpix photo. Investors in the world’s bureaus did not want to stay with shares until the weekend, worrying about new increases in the banking sector. The movements of gold and the US dollar are sending warning signals. Friday in the global bourses started with cautiously positive sentiment in Asia, where Japan’s Nikkei 225 rose 1.2%, … Read more

Covid experts evoke a regret, three years after the start of confinement: “A measure could have changed the situation”

On March 17, 2020, Sophie Wilmès, at the head of an emergency government, announced a total lockdown of the population linked to the circulation of Covid-19 in Belgium. Effective the next day until April 5, the confinement would turn our lives upside down. A historic moment tinged with surrealism that seems far away today. On … Read more

beginning of the grace period exemption in health plans was brought forward to this Wednesday, the 8th. Measure will last 45 days

Servants and dependents interested in adhering to Geap Saúde plans can, since yesterday, opt for the operator’s coverage without going through the grace period. The deadline, anticipated by the column on Monday (the 6th), was brought forward to the 8th — initially, it would be valid from the 15th of March. The information was released … Read more

With a ‘lab-on-a-chip’ you can measure intestinal disease with a finger prick of blood

Fist thick is the thesis that Arno Bourgonje (26) holds up during the video call – with 1,100 pages, perhaps the thickest medical thesis ever. Once gripped by research into chronic intestinal inflammatory diseases, as a medical student, the subject never left him. On 1 February he obtained his doctorate cum laude at the University … Read more

Rates and Irpef calculation: from brackets to deductions, this is how the measure works – INSTRUCTIONS

Revenue Agency press release of 18 February 2022: New Irpef and abolition of Irap for natural persons carrying out commercial activities and arts and professions Clarifications from the Revenue in a circular Withholding agents who have failed for technical reasons to apply the new rules on personal income tax on time will be able to … Read more

Should we remove the mask in hospitals? “A measure that is increasingly difficult to apply”

In the north of the country, the health care sector hopes that this obligation can soon be abolished, the newspapers of the Mediahuis group reported on Friday. On the French-speaking side, it is not the same story: the sector pleads on the contrary for maintaining the obligation to wear a mouth mask in hospitals. Since … Read more