Mercedes unveils new generation C-Class (Video)

The German brand Mercedes-Benz has distributed the first official photos and information about the new generation of its hit model C-Class in sedan and station wagon variants. Of the still up-to-date model of this car, introduced in 2014, more than 2.5 million units have been sold so far. The new Mercedes C-Class debuted after more … Read more

The new Mercedes C-Class arrives inspired by the top S-Class

It arrives as a sedan, internally and among fans of the brand marked W206, and straight as the S206 station wagon. From the outside, it clearly resembles the new class S gen. W223, which was introduced at the end of last summer. The most distinctive design elements include pointed front and rear lights, which are … Read more

Mercedes C-Class officially: A pile of modern technology and electrified four-cylinder

Today, the silver arrows in full parade represent the new generation of the C-Class, which arrives in sedan and station wagon versions. The latest generation Class C (W206) follows the style of class A, CLA, CLS or class E. We can notice especially the similarly shaped bow, as well as short overhangs at the front … Read more

Mercedes C-Class, stolen shots anticipate the debut – Auto World

First naked photos of the new generation Mercedes C Class, the German sedan that should officially debut on February 23 during an online event. On the Facebook page The Automobolist and on the Twitter profile CarsInPixels some shots have appeared that in fact anticipate the world premiere and confirm a design that will align the … Read more

Mercedes EQC: The E-SUV will be cheaper and eligible for funding

Mercedes is reorganizing the EQC series. Technically, of course, everything remains the same. The EQC 400 4matic is driven by two electric motors and has an output of 300 kW / 408 PS. The 80 kWh battery provides a range of over 400 kilometers. From the production date January 2021, the EQC will come with … Read more

Maintenance costs: 5 options to save money as a vehicle owner – News – Mercedes fans

It’s no secret that car ownership costs can skyrocket quickly. Nevertheless, this fact is still often ignored when buying a car and after a few months many vehicle owners become disillusioned. It doesn’t have to work that way, but if it is already happening, it is important to react correctly. So let’s look at what … Read more

Börse Express – Daimler calls back almost 1.3 million Mercedes vehicles in the USA

Daimler recalls almost 1.3 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the USA because of a possible problem with the automatic emergency call system. The error could lead to the system reporting the wrong position of the vehicle in the event of an accident, according to a statement from the car manufacturer. Mercedes-Benz USA was not aware of … Read more

The most powerful Mercedes C-Class gets a hybrid four-cylinder instead of an eight-cylinder

The American magazine Car & Driver, with a reference to Christian Früh, chief engineer of the new C-Class, brings information about the upcoming novelty. It confirms the concerns of many fans – sharp AMG jumps from eight-cylinder straight to four-cylinder. The magazine talks about the C 180, C 200 and C 300 variants, which should … Read more