People don’t want new cars, the automakers admit. They fear inflation

Developed western countries report the biggest problems. On the contrary, luxury brands are not yet complaining about the lack of demand. Automakers report lower demand in Europe and North America. Analysts say there is growing evidence that consumers are keeping cash for essentials due to rising inflation. Although some luxury brands, such as Ferrari and … Read more

Comparative test of car handling: Mazda wins, Dacia is better than Mercedes and Tesla is unquestionably the worst

The German car club ADAC investigated which control concepts are the most user-friendly for ordinary users The winner of the test was the Mazda3 and the BMW 1 Series also performed very well On the contrary, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class came out as the second worst in the test, the title of the car with the … Read more

Formula 1 | Verstappen ‘disgusted’ to see his fans burning Mercedes F1 caps

Max Verstappen se this “disgusted” to see videos of his supporters burning rival team Mercedes’ merchandising, which appeared throughout the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. The first, posted to Twitter on Friday, showed a fiery black cap amid a group of fans dressed in various Verstappen attire. It comes after the Austrian Grand Prix featured a … Read more

F1 Hungary Station – Verstappen won the championship at the 10th start and Mercedes entered the top three_Russell_Leclerc_track

Original title: F1 Hungary Station – Verstappen 10th start to win the championship, Mercedes and Mercedes into the top three On July 31, Beijing time, the 13th Hungarian Grand Prix of the 2022 F1 season ended the race at the Hungaroring Circuit. Verstappen, who started from 10th, finally crossed the line first, standing on the … Read more

Big and expensive save the easiest. The Mercedes S-class hybrid can go a hundred kilometers without gasoline

Plug-in hybrids have a tough fate. The combination of a large power plant with all the complexities of an internal combustion engine, catalytic converters and a multi-stage transmission is reflected in a drastic price. The electricity range has long been short and the savings uncertain, which discourages the authorities and diverts subsidies. Therefore, it should … Read more

Mercedes GLB 2022 specifications, features, disadvantages and prices

The Mercedes GLB 2022 reached the seventh place on the list of the best SUV cars, according to the US News assessment. It is a luxury car that offers a spacious interior, high-quality materials, good fuel consumption, in addition to providing a powerful engine option, and today we will introduce you to it during this … Read more