Dragon Storm.. meteorology reveals the fact that the country has been subjected to “the heaviest rains” since 2020

09:30 p.m Thursday, March 23, 2023 Books – Youssef Afifi: Dr. Manar Ghanem, a member of the Media Center of the General Authority of Meteorology, revealed the fact that the country was exposed to the “dragon storm” that occurred during March 2020, one of the most violent storms that Egypt has been exposed to since … Read more

The future of meteorology focuses on satellites and supercomputers VIDEO – Terra & Poli

Hurricane Florence (September 2018) seen from space (source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA, from Wikipedia) © ANSA/Ansa The future of weather, climate and water across generations is the central theme of World Meteorological Day, which has been celebrated every year on 23 March since the World Meteorological Organization was established in … Read more

Strong rain.. Meteorology announces details of the weather and the upcoming wave of weather fluctuations

12:29 PM Wednesday 08 March 2023 Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:Dr. Manar Ghanem, a member of the Media Center of the Meteorological Authority, said that in the current period there are sharp and rapid weather fluctuations, especially in temperatures, and that the winter season is still continuing and will end on March 20, but this … Read more

SpaceX could act as a NASA taxi

Space escort service NASA may have to ask SpaceX to act as their space taxi. A few weeks ago, a coolant leak was detected on the Soyuz MS-22 capsule while it was docked with the International Space Station. Photo : NASA A very small hole, and yet… The leak was said to have been caused … Read more

Meteorology warns of depression and thunderstorms within days

10:14 PM Wednesday 04 January 2023 Books – Youssef Afifi:Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director General of the Forecasting and Early Warning Center at the Meteorological Authority, revealed the weather during the next few days, in conjunction with the rains the country is witnessing. Shaheen confirmed, in televised statements, that the weather during the coming period will … Read more

Valença: “This collapse makes everything much more urgent” | reporting

Olívio Nascimento only knew life inside the fortress of Valença, a border municipality in the district of Viana do Castelo. His childhood and adolescence were spent “playing wars”, intramural, because, among kids, there was always “the notion of what was lived and fought there”. On Sunday, the first day of the year, Olívio, 76 years … Read more

The Weather Network – Winter on Mars

Thanks to their latest images, NASA space probes are showing us the chilling beauty of Martian winters. If for many, winter is a difficult season in Quebec, these images allow us to take a little height. We found worse than the Quebec winter: a winter on Mars. Mars is our closest neighbor and shares many … Read more

Three space missions to follow in 2023

In April 2023, the European Space Agency will launch the Juice program, which will aim to explore Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, three of Jupiter’s moons, in 2031. These moons are believed to hide oceans under a layer of ice, and would have the best conditions in the solar system to support life. Juice will be … Read more

Harsh winter storm will bring rain and snow across the country during the week | Univision Meteorology News

“A large area of ​​low pressure would be moving for much of the week to the eastern part of the country, from northwestern California, crossing the Rockies and then advancing towards the Great Lakes,” said Javier Serrano, a Univision meteorologist.

No more colds and flus in winter: the problem is your nose

The reborn myth Science has finally found out why we get more colds and flus in the winter. And our grandmothers were right: it’s because of the cold. When our nasal walls detect a virus or bacteria, they release extracellular vesicles, a kind of cloud of particles that attack intruders as soon as they enter … Read more