This is the dramatic situation Mia Khalifa lives after announcing the end of her relationship

Among the revelations that the famous gave, she spoke about the constant harassment she received from many of her followers after ending their relationship. He even had to block them. Everything would have happened with this publication “How many DM’s (direct messages) do you think Mia Khalifa received when she announced that she was single?”, … Read more

Kanmani who came to life; Mia shares her motherly joy

Mia introduces her son to the fans Actress Mia George becomes a mother. Mia herself shared the joy of giving birth to a baby boy on social media. Mia also introduces that her son is named Luke Joseph Philip. Mia was married to businessman Ashwin on September 12, 2020. Ashwin owns a construction company. Mia … Read more

Mia Khalifa wanted to imitate Shakira in her look and this was the result

Mia Khalifa undoubtedly amused his fans on Instagram by wanting to look similar to Shakira with her curly hair. In addition to her talent for music, one of the attributes that the followers of the Colombian stand out is her characteristic hair that, although it has gone through different colors, has remained mostly blonde and … Read more

Mia Khalifa confessed that due to surgery she sacrificed a part of her body

The model shared the “sacrifices” she made due to her recovery (Photo: File)Mia Khalifa revealed that it is not possible to have all the wishes fulfilled at the same time, since one of the consequences of having a rhinoplasty to improve his appearance, was having to give up exercise for a while. Through his Instagram … Read more

The grave of Julia Nachalova a monument

News. Society 21:30, 17 June 2020 photo: © Artyom Geodakyan/TASS Director Yulia Nachalova showed the monument on her grave. The death of the popular singer, who passed away in the Prime of his life, was a real shock for her fans and friends, says “Know all”. Native stars who passed away a little over a … Read more