Violent and millionaire robbery in a closed neighborhood of Funes in the middle of the storm

Suddenly the family was invaded by the intruders, who in a bad way managed to quickly dominate them and after gaining access to the rooms they tied up the owner of the house and his wife and demanded that they control their children. With the family in fear, the death threats and of all kinds … Read more

The danger of the open mic: the director who ridiculed an actor’s apartment in the middle of a casting by Zoom | Celebrities, Vips

If you are going to criticize, make sure you are muted. That’s the advice that actor Lukas Gage, known for playing Tyler in the acclaimed series Euphoria (HBO), tweeted to the director who dared to criticize the size of his house thinking he was silenced. Last Friday, the young interpreter shared on his profile on … Read more

″ Last test ”: Galilea Montijo reappeared in the middle of his contagion of COVID-19

Galilea Montijo announced his COVID-19 infection a few days ago (IG: galileamontijo)A week after he released his contagion of COVID-19, Galilea Montijo reappeared on Instagram to show the moment when he underwent the test with hyssop. Through Instagram stories the presenter of the program Today He shared with his followers what, he hopes, is the … Read more

They rescue 10 people in the middle of the tropical storm on the beaches of Cartagena

Units from the Cartagena Coast Guard Station rescued 10 people, who would have been adrift, at a time when the boat in which they were transported on the insular zone – Cartagena route, presented failures in both engines. In the midst of the adverse meteorological conditions, the units arrived at the scene of the emergency … Read more

Safe Harbor receives confirmation of the first positives in the middle of a “total confinement”

The residents of Puerto Seguro began this Monday to receive calls from the trackers of the Junta de Castilla y León, communicating the results of the tests to which they were subjected last Saturday, “with at least one positive”, said yesterday the mayor, Evaristo Montero. From the Sacyl it is reported that between this Monday … Read more

This spectacular prefab cabin offers accommodation in the middle of the Italian Alps What you should know if you want to get pregnant and have hypothyroidism It is estimated that around 10% of the Spanish population has a thyroid problem, hypothyroidism being one of the most common. This disease, which occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce the amount of thyroid hormones that the body requires, … Read more

‘Man in the Middle’: unlimited access to Champions League referees | About UEFA

The first episode of ‘Man in the Middle’, a brand new for offering an unprecedented look at the lives of UEFA Champions League referees, is here available to watch now (English only). The series premiere introduces viewers to some of the top officials in European football learning to adapt to the introduction of VAR … Read more