Four rockets were fired at the US Embassy in Baghdad – Middle East

January 13, 2022 21:56 2276 2 At least four rockets were fired today at the US Embassy in Baghdad, located in the heavily guarded Green Zone, two Iraqi security officials said. The area is home to foreign diplomatic missions and the Iraqi government’s office. Three of the missiles hit the perimeter of the US embassy. … Read more

they searched the pants of two minors in the middle of the street, “their physical integrity was violated”

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. Through Sudinfo During a check, police searched the pants of two minors in the middle of the street. The father of the two children is outraged. “The physical and sexual integrity of my minor children has been violated. » On a Friday in December around 10 … Read more

Energy price: Paul Magnette offers a check for 200 euros to support all middle incomes

Energy prices “are not bearable” according to Paul Magnette, who was Fabrice Grosfilley’s guest in Bel RTL’s Matinale. “Unfortunately, we saw it coming a few months ago,” indicates the president of the PS who recalls that targeted measures for people “who have the greatest social difficulties” had been taken. The social tariff (which concerns 1 … Read more

Erling Haaland starts singing in the middle of a match, the web panics (video)

Borussia Dortmund are fortunate to have a talented player from Erling Haaland in their ranks. The Norwegian makes it rain and shine on the Ruhr club side. But as they often say, all good things come to an end and the ex-Salzburg player may well leave the Bundesliga next summer. Erling Haaland is very much … Read more

The Calvary of Campi in the middle of Route 2: “I’m still waiting with my children”

The humorist Campo was on his way to the Atlantic coast on Route 2 when he had a mishap with his car. For that reason he had to call the tow truck to take it away and repair it, but it took much longer than he expected. He decided to share the whole moment through … Read more

Dare to Fight Habib Kribo, this Middle Eastern man who is going viral is not a random person

GALAMEDIA – Currently, netizens are enlivened by viral videos of handsome men Middle East who oppose the statement of Habib Zein Assegaf alias Habib Kribo because it is considered an insult to the nation Arab. One of the accounts that shared the video was the Twitter account @Endriyw. The same video is also circulating on … Read more

Quarantine at school, the rules: for nurseries and nursery schools a positive, middle and high school with different sizes is enough

New year, new quarantine. The protocol envisages tackling isolation in the classrooms by evaluating the number of cases present, the age of the children involved and the important existence of the vaccine. Nests and maternal In the schools of the little ones, from 0 to 6 years, the procedure follows the maximum safety line: the … Read more

Jenni Rivera’s mother finally speaks in the middle of the family lawsuit over the singer’s fortune | Famous

The Rivera matriarch speaks out amid the conflict Since last May it became known that Johnny López, Jenni Rivera’s youngest son, requested a financial review Regarding her mother’s two companies and that alleged mismanagement was being speculated, Mrs. Rosa Saavedra established a position. The matriarch defended the work of her children Rosie, who was in … Read more

Syria: NGOs, dozens of Russian air strikes on Isis posts – Middle East

In the last 24 hours, the Russian air force has conducted dozens of air strikes in central Syria against ISIS positions. This was reported by the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria, according to which the attacks took place in the semi-desert area between Homs, Dayr az-Zor and Raqqa. ISIS in Syria was declared … Read more