Found Vanessa Couto, a 23-year-old soldier who had been missing since the beginning of the month

The 23-year-old military girl, who had been missing since August 1, was found wandering on a street in Cacém, in Sintra. The information was provided by the Morning mail who also added that Vanessa Couto was found by a PSP agent and that, despite being well physically, she will not be well emotionally. Remember that … Read more

Buying tips: Serie A big names, here’s what you’re missing to fill in the gaps

The A league begins, but the transfer market meanwhile it goes on until September 1st: looking at the roses and the results of the friendly summerit is easy to realize that all big they have enough gaps marchianidifficult but not impossible to fill up right with the last ones flashes market. The reigning champions of … Read more

Boat with migrants sinks near Greece, dozens of people missing

NOS News•Wednesday, 09:39•Amended Wednesday, 12:22 Greek emergency services are conducting a major search for dozens of migrants south of the island of Rhodes. They were on a boat that ran into trouble and sank last night. The coastguard says 29 people were taken from the sea, all men. They were picked up about 75 kilometers … Read more

The mother from Inarac, who had been missing for nine days, should have gone to the police

Nine days have already passed since Mária Bozsik, who lives in Inárcs, Pest County, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The mother of two children was supposed to go to the police station and then to work that morning, but she did not arrive at either place, wrote the Glance. The search teams are also looking for … Read more

Child custody case and abuse – Creepy details in the case of the missing Inarac mother

07 August 2022, Sunday 07:58 | Borsonline Mária Bozsik has been tirelessly searched for by her daughters, the villagers and the police since Monday. The mother left for work in Budapest early in the morning, but no one saw her there and she did not come home. Her older daughter told Bors about her mother’s … Read more

The outer planets solve the mystery of the “missing link” between worlds

Seems to discover many outer planets that shrinks, solves the “missing link” in Planet EvolutionFour planets have been found in Milky Waywhich is a large and diverse place with a variety of outer planets that have been identified so far, which are quite different from what we find in our solar system. One such planet … Read more

“Nice approach to the market to be on June 5th, only 4 pieces are missing”

Paolo Del Genio, journalist of Tele A and Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, makes irony on the Naples market through his Facebook account Paolo Del Geniusjournalist of Tele A and Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, through his Facebook account makes irony on the Naples market: “As of today, 5 June, Napoli’s approach to the market is good. … Read more

Spanish woman finds missing brother in Vila Nova de Paiva for 20 years

August 04, 2022 at 12:31 pm An 87-year-old Spanish woman, born in Granada, but residing in Valladolid, Spain, managed to locate her brother, 74, reported missing since 2001, in Vila Nova de Paiva, in the district of Viseu, about a month ago. The meeting was only possible due to the steps taken by the Spanish … Read more