The Chinese mobiles that you should never buy

There is no doubt that China has become the world’s leading supplier of smartphones. Manufacturers like Xiaomi dominate the market through a series of high-quality devices, as did OPPO, OnePlus and, in the past, Huawei. This has made having Chinese mobiles something completely common, although there are exceptions that you should never consider. There are … Read more

Folding mobiles triumph in entertainment lovers

Year after year smartphones are changing. An evolution so fast that it can only be explained with the growing need of people to be connected with the world, with the immediacy and with the importance of digital life at a professional level. This has resulted in increasing competition between the most important companies in the … Read more

Issues with lagging animations are fixed with iOS 16.2

Ever since iOS 16 was launched a few months ago, many users have complained about lagging animations when switching between different apps. The lagging animations have been at their worst on models with a so-called Promotion screen, i.e. the four Pro models of Iphone 13 and Iphone 14. Fortunately, Apple’s developers now seem to have … Read more

Among the most powerful mobiles of the moment there are 3 Xiaomi

As usual every month, AnTuTu has published a ranking with the most powerful high-end smartphones of the moment. The only release under the Android ecosystem in October was the Xiaomi 12T Pro and its large 200 MP camera, as everything seems to indicate that manufacturers are saving their releases to do the same with the … Read more

Office nights and massive layoffs: A look back at Elon Musk’s first week at Twitter

At Twitter, the first week under the leadership of Elon Musk resembled a tornado: started with sleepless nights for some engineers, it ended with the dismissal of half the staff. “It was a very strange week. Executives were fired, others resigned, but there was no official communication from management until Thursday evening,” said a former … Read more

US customs officials have been collecting private data from our mobiles without permission

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is forming a large database with information seized from smartphones of Americans and visitors to the country at the border, according to has informed Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. This has been known since this summer, but the subject became known through a letter sent yesterday to CBP … Read more

Cell phones connected to satellites?: Android 14 would support this connectivity natively | Mobile | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

Less than a month ago the operating system came to light Android 13 and the first news of what would be Android 14, an operating system that would see the light of day next year, have already been announced. One of the novelties that this new version would bring, which implies an allianceis the satellite … Read more

Cell phones: why are less mobiles being sold in the world? | Mobile | Smartphone | Apple | Samsung | Xiaomi | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | USA | | TECHNOLOGY

The recent report by the consulting firm International Data Corp (IDC) indicates that the demand for cell phones it has fallen across the board globally, except for the most expensive devices. In addition, consumers hold on to the same device longer before switching to a new model. Among the reasons for this drop in demand … Read more