Mondial 2022, juicy market of the national flag

We are in Rabat, in a well-established café, located on Avenue Fal Ould Oumeir, in the Agdal district. On this weekend morning, no Moroccan match is scheduled. However, many customers conspicuously display outfits in the colors of the national flag. Decidedly, before, during or after the matches… all the timings are good to show a … Read more

Mbappé in star mode: the impressive numbers of the France figure who breaks records in Qatar

Kylian Mbappé and all of France are celebrating. The French squad faced Poland in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and managed to celebrate against Robert Lewandowski’s squad. Les Bleus came as favorites at this stage despite having lost surprisingly at the end of the group stage against Tunisia. One … Read more

How ECO mode works in a vehicle

The increase in car fuel and large gas-guzzling engines have caused people to look for cars with better performance and not spend as much money at the pump. For this reason, car manufacturers have focused on developing vehicles with new technology so that their models tGet better fuel economy without sacrificing power and strength that … Read more

Multiple and rare Mohamed Atifi

Discreet and efficient, the actor-director refers to this part of the building that we do not necessarily notice but which acts as a carrier part of the device. Atifi is shrewd and pedagogical, sensitive and uncompromising. He plays without forcing the line, inculcates it by letting the other express himself as he pleases by striving … Read more

Wave of RS virus causes “disaster mode” in German pediatric healthcare

German intensive care organization DIVI states that the seasonal peak of the RS epidemic combined with a shortage of specialist nurses has caused a “catastrophic situation” in the country’s hospitals. On Saturday, the child protection organization Deutscher Kinderschutzbund called for extra resources so that hospitals can handle the cases, reports German wave. – Right now, … Read more

US forces in Lithuania switched to combat mode

The US military is provided with equipment for immediate combat operations A photo: The White House US forces in Lithuania are switching to combat mode instead of containing the military presence. This was stated by the commander of the Lithuanian army, Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupshis. “Now such units are deployed that are provided with equipment … Read more

Want to use Safari to read articles but the page is always full of ads?Turn on “reading mode” to solve your troubles

Is anyone also a fan of Reading Mode? When most iPhone users usually use their mobile phones to find food notes, crawl news, and read articles, the default browser should be Safari, right?But every time I click on the webpage, the first thing that greets me is not the content of the article I want … Read more

Interview with Pr Tayeb Hamdi: “No reason to worry about camelina flu”

– While many controversies are aroused around the Football World Cup, which takes place in Qatar, a Coronavirus nicknamed “camel virus” is talked about during the competition. What is it about ? – Since the start of this sports competition, neither the health authorities of Qatar nor the World Health Organization (WHO) have reported any … Read more

Morocco ranks 4th in the MENA region

According to the Ernst & Younger (EY) report on mergers and acquisitions in the MENA region, 524 deals were recorded in the first nine months of 2022, equivalent to a total value of 55.2 billion of dollars. According to this same report, Morocco is ranked in 4th rank in the Middle East and North Africa … Read more

A beautiful edition in perspective

After five successful editions, the Tasmit festival returns this year from November 30 to December 3 to take up residence in the majestic performance hall of the Maison de la culture with an even richer official selection that promises to keep the public and critics spellbound for six days. during. A dozen short films were … Read more