Barça is still in excess in the Champions League; Haaland shows off in beast mode

Madrid (EFE). SERGEY DOLZHENKOMartin Braithwaite (CL) of FC Barcelona celebrates with his teammates after scoring his team’s third goal during the UEFA Champions League Group G soccer match between Dynamo Kiev. Photo: EFE The Barcelona, the Sevilla, the Juventus and the Chelsea took the first opportunity and stamped the passport for the round of 16 … Read more

Microsoft Word will soon release a ‘total’ dark mode

According to a leak, Microsoft intends to provide full dark theme support for the desktop version of Word. Dark mode on smartphones and laptops is becoming increasingly popular for many operating systems and applications. According to reports, Microsoft Word is about to release this feature for its desktop version. The novelty will arrive first with … Read more

Falcao enjoys Christmas mode: Family, daughters, son, decoration, Turkey | Soccer curiosities

Taken from Instaram @falcao @loreleitaron Falcao knows how to distance himself from worries and has his family as a refuge to achieve it. The arrival of his son, his girls and his wife Lorelei, the visit of his relatives and the joy of Christmas are the most important today. He knows that happiness is a … Read more

This is what the full dark mode of Word will look like in Microsoft 365 (Office) | Lifestyle

Even though all of our smartphones and tablets have been transformed over the last year to receive the dark modes of practically all the most important applications, in computers, this habit is coming with a dropper. And it is especially surprising how little interest Microsoft seems to show when trying to get its suite office … Read more

Activate Always On mode for more than 10 seconds on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G

537 OLED or AMOLED screens have ideal characteristics to be able to permanently display images or graphics on your screen while consuming a minimum of energy. This is something that precisely the modes exploit Always On, which allow you to always display something on the screen without consuming more energy. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite … Read more

Finally! Microsoft Word’s 100% dark mode is about to arrive

DRAFTING. The pandemic broke out and a large part of the world’s workforce moved to the telecommuting. Now it is more common for people to be working from home. Even education – at its various levels – is developing, at least for now, virtually in many places. Thus, in this increasingly digital world, we use … Read more

Portaltic.-So you can calibrate your television to get the most out of it: from ‘cinema mode’ to intelligent sound

Portaltic.-So you can calibrate your television to get the most out of it: from ‘cinema mode’ to intelligent sound MADRID, 17 Nov. 2020 (Portaltic/EP) – Televisions have taken a huge leap in quality in recent years, with changes that are perceived at first glance, such as the size of the panels, and others that from … Read more

How to exit fastboot mode on Xiaomi or Redmi mobiles (UPDATED)

Besides the ROM itself, maybe the second most important system section of a mobile is Fastboot mode. With it you can install other ROMs manually, manipulate the recovery, erase all the data on your mobile, exit a bootloop and much more. However, fastboot mode is very delicate, and if you don’t do things correctly the … Read more

PUBG and what it looks like running in performance mode on the Xbox One X

After almost seven years of Xbox One, the new generation of consoles has more powerful hardware, which is called Xbox Series X and Series S, this being Microsoft’s commitment to continue in the market for video game-ready equipment. So before saying goodbye, we will see how the Xbox One X runs in demanding titles like … Read more