Kane opened his mouth to transfer rumors “Focus only on this season”

▲ Harry Kane. [스포티비뉴스=맹봉주 기자] Despite the passage of time, it remains popular in the transfer market. Harry Kane transfer rumors continue. Kane’s contract with Tottenham ends in the summer of 2024. If Tottenham wants to collect a large transfer fee, it must turn into a seller this summer. First of all, Tottenham chairman Daniel … Read more

What happens in our mouth when we eat chocolate?

Source : Sciencesetavenir.fr 16/01/2023 16:20 Scientists at the University of Leeds in the UK have decoded the physical process that takes place in the mouth when eating a piece of chocolate. It’s all about friction and lubrication. When it comes to chocolate, there’s no doubt, it’s a hit with the French. With an average consumption … Read more

Melts in your mouth. Bridal Veil apple pie recipe

This delicious pie is made in France and is definitely worth making. Apple pie “Bridal Veil” is also called Gascon apple pie, or apple crustad. It perfectly combines fragrant apple filling on a thin layer of dough and crispy dough on top, sprinkled with powdered sugar. The main thing in the pie is filo dough. … Read more

Frog in mouth, tomato with legs cut off; Mimi is done with makeup magic

ComeWhen we hear the word frog, we will think that this is it. Mimi Choi’s handiwork of make-up artist Mimi Choi is amazing even when you hear it, starting with not only a frog, but also an eight-legged, crayfish, strange shapes, many eyes, and not just a mouth. The specialty of their make-up is ‘three-dimensional … Read more

Ahn Young-mi is 13 weeks pregnant and says you have to be careful with your mouth until the 3rd month… Looks like America [두데]

[마이데일리 = 양유진 기자] Comedian Ahn Young-mi directly reported the news of her pregnancy. On the MBC FM4U radio program ‘2 O’Clock Date Muse, Ahn Young-mi,’ which aired on the 5th, Ahn Young-mi said, “The day when I say this with my mouth is really coming. You must have seen it in many articles.” I … Read more

Harmful effects of e-cigarettes on the mouth – a study warns: Infecting the gums b

Some smokers accept to drink electronic cigarettes, thinking that they are less harmful than regular cigarettes to dental health, and this is not true, but it has been proven that the two have almost the same damages. Also read: Yellowing of the teeth is not the only harm – how does smoking affect oral health? … Read more

The Head of Ukrainian Intelligence Opens His Mouth, His Troops Are Scattered on the Eastern Front

Friday, 30 December 2022 – 14:15 WIB VIVA – Devastating battles between units military Russia supported by its allies, with troops from the Armed Forces Ukraine (ZSU) continues in the city of Bakhmut (Artyomovsk), Donetsk People’s Republic (Parliament). Ukrainian troops received a crushing defeat, in the last month. Russia is trying to seize control of … Read more

Ancelotti: It will not come out of my mouth that Messi is the best ever

“Before the start, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and above all a happy 2023,” the coach himself began. [RMTV] The team returns to official competition after a 50-day break. How does he approach the match against Valladolid? What were those training days like?We come in good shape and with great excitement resulting from the … Read more