Legambiente: “Fecal bacteria at the mouth of the Marta and in two points of Lake Bolsena”

Salute – The association presents the results of the monitoring Goletta verde and Goletta dei Laghi – On Lake Vico “critical situation due to excessive intake of nutrients from agricultural sectors” Legambiente – Green schooner Legambiente – Gulet samplings from the lakes Roma – Fecal bacteria “at the mouth of the Marta in Tarquinia” and … Read more

Vaccination against monkeypox begins in Zendal with hardly any promotion: “I found out through word of mouth” | Madrid

After the mass vaccination against covid-19, the Isabel Zendal Nursing Hospital has reopened its doors to immunizations, this time against monkeypox. It is the second point enabled for the puncture, since from this Tuesday it is added to the Community vaccination center at number 15 of General Oraá street, where The health workers already began … Read more

Goletta Verde promotes Emilia Romagna: “Only a river mouth is polluted”

Porto Garibaldi, 7 August 2022 – Today in Porto Garibaldi (Ferrara) the press conference was held to present the results of the microbiological analyzes carried out by Goletta Verde along the coasts of Emilia Romagna. There are eleven points sampled by the volunteers along the coasts of Emilia Romagna, of which eight mouths of rivers … Read more

“The assortment is smaller, the space is less wide and the whole thing not pleasant for a penny, but…”

****** ****** ** ****** *********** **** ***** ** ***** ** ******* ********* ******* ******** ** ******* *** ** ******** ******* ** ***** **** ******* ** **** **** **** ******** **** ******* ** ******* **** ******* ** ** ** ******** ** *** ****** **** ** ***** ** ****** *** ************ ** **** ************ ** *********** ******* … Read more

Sores Appears on Fingers, Face, and Mouth

Jakarta – A man in England, Lake Javan, shared his bitter experience of being exposed to monkeypox. He had injuries to his fingers and face. Through his Twitter account with more than 27 thousand followers, he reminded people that monkeypox really exists and is not just a joke. “If I had the chance to get … Read more

Love Oral Sex But Afraid of Mouth Cancer? This is the Oncology Doctor’s Advice

Jakarta – Oral sex is often associated with the risk of oral cancer. This concern is justified, but don’t worry. The doctor said there is still a way to prevent it. As one of the most popular variations of sex, oral sex is not free from the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. Quoted from … Read more

Árpád Schilling takes out his penis and wants to put it in a girl’s mouth because he plays László Marton

There is a rather peculiar movie on Netflix. It’s called “Peace Time”, the film features the married couple who “refugeed” to France, the left-wing provocateur and former theater director, Árpád Schilling, as well as his amateur actress wife, Lilla Sárosdi. In one of the scenes of the film, Schilling’s heroic deed is recalled, when he … Read more

What are the new covid symptoms? The coronavirus has mutated: What is the Omicron BA variant?

NEW COVID SYMPTOMS The symptoms of the disease also change gradually. While Covid is mainly associated with symptoms such as fever, cough and loss of smell, symptoms also vary in cases fueled by the new Omicron variants. According to the news of Express, the new symptom of Kovid may appear “in your mouth”. New sub-variants … Read more

Australia finds traces of foot and mouth virus in imported meat

Australia has stepped up measures at international airports to protect the country against the introduction of foot-and-mouth disease following the major outbreak of the disease in Indonesia. Travelers arriving in Australia from Indonesia will now be asked to walk on disinfectant mats. The additional measure comes after viral fragments of foot-and-mouth disease were found in … Read more

Those who have migraine, do not put these foods in your mouth! Here are the two foods that cause headaches

Hot weather can turn into a complete hell for patients with migraine from time to time. Many migraine patients experience severe headaches due to the heat and can go into great trouble. Although migraine attacks cannot be prevented yet, they can be overcome in a milder way with some precautions. It is stated that those … Read more