the students of the Kourtrajmé film school in Ladj Ly, at work

Published on : 21/01/2022 – 07:48 In Senegal, the Kourtrajmé school in Dakar was inaugurated in the middle of the week. A free film school, with no qualifications. It is the first in Africa, and the third of its kind, after those launched by the collective in Montfermeil and Clichy-sous-bois-, in the Paris region-, and … Read more

‘Hellbound’ Named Best Horror Series of 2021

“Hellbound,” the Netflix original series created by South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho, has been voted best horror series of 2021 by film review site Rotten Tomatoes, the streaming service said. With a rating of 97%, the dystopian series placed first in the horror series category at the Golden Tomato Awards. “Solicited by the devilish imagination … Read more

Filmmaker Jean-Claude Lord has passed away

The filmmaker Jean-Claude Lord, in particular a great craftsman of the series “Lance et compte” and of the tale for all “The frog and the whale”, died Saturday evening at the age of 78 following a stroke. “It is with infinite sadness that we announce that at 10:33 p.m. on January 15, 2022, Jean-Claude Lord … Read more

24 years after her death, Diana is reborn as Kristen Stewart

Funny, whimsical and fragile: American actress Kristen Stewart succeeds in her perilous bet to play Princess Diana, who died 24 years ago, in “Spencer”, a film by Pablo Larrain posted online Monday for French customers of Amazon. Does this icon, dissected in many documentaries, series and movies, still have something to reveal? In almost two … Read more

police still not in possession of the actor’s phone

American police investigating the death of a filmmaker on the set of “Rust” were still waiting on Thursday for Alec Baldwin, who handled the revolver involved in the accident, to hand over his cell phone to them as they asked him almost a month ago. At the time of the tragedy, October 21 on a … Read more

The Golden Globes 2022, a ceremony without stars or red carpet

Published on : 12/01/2022 – 16:52 The 79th Golden Globes ceremony was held behind closed doors on Sunday. Traditionally, the whole of Hollywood flocked to the first red carpet of awards season, hoping to be crowned by representatives of the Los Angeles-based foreign press. However, the association has been mired since last year in accusations … Read more

A new genre of post-covid cinema is expected

We saw her recently in the movie “Redemption Day” by Hicham Hajji. Sonia Okacha shone in the role of Dina Mansouri, in charge of the security of the famous American archaeologist (Serinda Swan). The Franco-Moroccan actress tells us about her participation in this feature film, the roles she dreams of playing and her projects. You … Read more

Rita Moreno, two West Side Stories and possibly a second Oscar at 90

The Puerto Rican actress, already Oscar winner in 1962 for her role of Anita in the film by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, is strongly approached to receive again the supreme Hollywood award. Spontaneously Rita Moreno confessed to her daughter, “qwhat a sacred life I have had!», When she saw for the first time, the … Read more

With more than 1.5 million spectators at the cinema, the Bodin’s are definitely a

If the Parisians remain indifferent to Bodins – in spectacle as in the cinema – the latter have nevertheless dethroned the Eiffel Tower! Bodins in Thailand are the fifth most viewed French film in 2021, with 1,540,000 spectators as of December 31, just ahead of the film Eiffel, with Romain Duris. Two other comedies are … Read more

A deputy and a union denounce the “stigmatization” of pupils in difficulty in a film co-produced by Hanouna

The chairman of the “education” committee in the Assembly and a teachers’ union said Thursday they feared “a filthy and distressing stigma” and a “class contempt” on the occasion of the upcoming release of a film co-produced by Cyril Hanouna dedicated to the students of Segpa. On the basis of a short two-minute trailer broadcast … Read more