‘The Glory’ Jung Seong-il “I love Ha Do-young and Park Yeon-jin very much”… The reason is?

Money Today Reporter Park Hyo-joo | 2023.03.19 08:34 /Photo = Netflix capture Actor Jung Sung-il explained about Ha Do-young’s feelings for Park Yeon-jin in the Netflix drama ‘The Glory’. On the 17th, in the ‘Netflix Debate’, which was released through the YouTube channel ‘Netflix Korea’, Jeong Seong-il interpreted, “Ha Do-young (Jeong Seong-il) loved Park Yeon-jin … Read more

the police launched in a crazy chase, the two suspects are two teenagers… 14 and 16 years old! (video)

The Dutch police in the Zeeland-West Brabant area had a lot to do this Saturday evening. As they explain on Twitter, the police embarked on a mad chase with a stolen vehicle registered in France. The car then sped on the A16 and the A27 near Breda, and this at more than 220 km/h! The … Read more

Rika Matsumoto, who plays Satoshi in “Pokémon”, first appeared in “THE FIRST TAKE”! “Thank you so much…!” for the spectacular performance | Game*Spark

YouTube channel “THE FIRST TAKE” that clearly captures the performance of one shot. In the 301st issue, Rika Matsumoto, who voices the main character Satoshi in the TV anime “Pocket Monsters” series, appeared for the first time. ◆ Rika Matsumoto first appeared in “THE FIRST TAKE”! “THE FIRST TAKE” is gaining popularity with the phrase, … Read more

“I love the ball so much…” A monster 165km light speed ball that even a veteran catcher missed, Ohtani was also surprised

[OSEN=오키나와(일본), 이선호 기자] “It was such a great ball”. Rocky Sasaki (21. Chiba Lotte Marines), a monster pitcher of the Japanese WBC national team, garnered attention by throwing hot fastballs that catchers could not catch. On the 4th, he started in the evaluation match against Chunichi Dragons held at Vantelin Dome in Nagoya, Japan, and … Read more

Franco Cervi returned to the Estádio da Luz: “I miss you so much…”

O Argentine Franco Cervi, a former Benfica player, was this Monday at the Estádio da Luz, where he watched the victory of the club from Luz over Benfica. At halftime in the match for the 21st round of the I Liga, the Argentine international admitted that he missed the club from Luz. “I felt a … Read more

American LNG is sailing away from Europe

U.S. spot LNG supplies are beginning to shift from Europe to Asia in January as declining gas prices in the EU make shipments less profitable. The trend could strengthen if the EU’s demand for gas to fill its storage facilities this winter turns out to be much less than expected. While the US has become … Read more

How often do you have to get up and how much to walk if you spend a lot of time sitting down, according to a study

The overweight, obesity and diabetes, among other non-communicable diseases, are on a worrying rise. Poor nutrition is one of the factors driving this progress, but it is not the only one: the physical inactivity also plays a central role. The causes of the problem are clear: the world population eats worse and moves less. On … Read more

Seonwoo Eun-suk “Yoo Young-jae drinks too much… I have to catch it in the beginning”

MBN’s entertainment show ‘Dongchimi’ Actress Seonwoo Eun-suk expressed dissatisfaction with her husband Yoo Young-jae’s frequent drinking parties. On the 31st, MBN’s entertainment show ‘Dongchimi’ featured Han Young, who married singer Park Goon, and talked about their newlywed life. Han Young said Park likes to drink a lot, and said, “I’m worried about my health because … Read more

a police car involved in a totally crazy scene on our roads (video)

As Het Laatste Nieuws and TV Limburg explain, it all started when a patrol from the LRH police area received a call reporting a theft at an Aldi store in Hasselt. The thief had fled. Quickly, the police went looking for him and saw a young man on a scooter that matched the description. When … Read more

David Lynch’s composer Angelo Badalamanti dies at 85

David Lynch’s composer Angelo Badalamanti dies at 85 Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch’s composer, dies at 85 Angelo Badalamenti time network newsAngelo Badalamanti, who composed music for David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”, “Mulholland Drive” and “Blue Velvet”, died on December 11 at the age of 85. . On December 13, the agent issued a statement saying: “The … Read more