US Condemns Indian Power Party Office for Insulting Prophet Muhammad

loading… Nupur Sharma, an official of India’s ruling party, whose remarks were deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad. Photo/Twitter @NupurSharmaBJP WASHINGTON – The government of the United States (US) has also condemned statements by ruling party officials in India which are considered insulting Nabi Muhammad SAW and his wife. The politician’s remarks have angered the … Read more

Before he was fired as minister, Muhammad Lutfi bought a luxury car

Thursday, June 16 2022 – 12:06 WIB VIVA – Muhammad Lutfi removed from his position as Minister of Commerce, before his term of office ends. President Jokowi finally entrusted Zulkifli Hasan as the Minister of Trade for the next two years. It is known that the cabinet reshuffle was carried out in order to get … Read more

4 Movies That Insult the Prophet Muhammad, Cause Much Controversy

loading… Afghans during a demonstration protest the film Innocence of Muslim which insults the Prophet Muhammad. Photo/REUTERS JAKARTA – Nabi Muhammad SAW is a figure that is highly respected by Muslims around the world. If any action is considered as an insult to him, it will trigger great anger from the Muslim community. For Muslims, … Read more

They asked Muhammad Fouad: (Why do you hate Mai Ezz El-Din and don’t like it) .. He answered without shame and revealed what is hidden!

The pioneers of social networking sites republished a video of the artist, Mohamed Fouad, in one of the television interviews with the program, “100 Questions”, presented by the Lebanese media, Raghda Shalhoub. During the episode, Fouad revealed many of his secrets, revealing “Fosh”, as his fans call him, that he loves women’s intelligence, indicating that … Read more

India is very tense, 400 Muslims arrested in protest insulting Prophet Muhammad

loading… Security forces are deployed to confront demonstrators protesting insults to the Prophet Muhammad in Howrah, India. Photo/REUTERS NEW DELHI – More than 400 Muslims have been arrested since Friday (10/6/2022) in various Indian states after thousands of Muslims across the country protested against insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims were outraged by the “burning” comments … Read more

Muhammad Al-Shaqanqiri: I never married anyone but my wife, “neither official nor customary.”

artist out Muhammad Al-Shaqqiri About his silence about the crisis of the supermodel Raheel Zikra, which was circulated on social media pages, in order to clarify the matter, as Al-Shaqqiri refused to comment on the matter for not responding to what was said about him about putting his name in those matters that the judiciary … Read more

Shock after revealing the true and hidden religion of the superstar Shah Rukh Khan.. What he said about the Prophet Muhammad surprised everyone and no one believed it!!

2022/06/12 It’s 05:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Shah Rukh Khan is considered one of the best Bollywood stars after Amitabh Bachchan, as he was able to represent all roles well. He was able to embody the evil roles well, and most of his films had international fame and achieved huge revenues locally and … Read more

Indian government throws young spokesman after Muhammad comment – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Around 20 countries have brought home their ambassadors from India. Now they demand a public apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both in India and other countries with large Muslim populations, there have been violent demonstrations. The protesters have set fire to buildings, dolls and flags. On Friday, two people were shot and killed by … Read more

She crossed the limits of literature.. Shock because of what Solaf Fawakherji said about Ruqayyah, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.. And the audience is attacking: You don’t have any blood at all!

Syrian actress Sulafa Fawakherji continues to raise waves of controversy from time to time, because of her recent television statements, especially those centered on religious beliefs. Fawakherji spoke a few days ago on the “Book of Fame” program, shown by the Lebanese “Al-Jadeed” channel, about several topics related to her ideas and beliefs, as well … Read more

They asked Muhammad Mukhtar (Who of your wives was more happy with her, Rania Youssef or Nadia Al-Jundi?) .. He answered with boldness and without hesitation.!

The pioneers of social networking sites repeated the statements of producer Mohamed Mokhtar, which sparked a lot of controversy. And he had spoken earlier, during his sojourn on the “Bilkhat Al-Arid” program, with the media, Iman Abu Talib, about his favorite wife, with whom he was more happy. The announcer had asked Muhammad Mukhtar, during … Read more