Sicily, Easter effect and a boom in variations: this is why one municipality out of 4 is in the red zone

In “orange” Sicily, one out of four municipalities is in the red zone: the lockdown has been triggered in 109 of the 391 centers. The province of Palermo is particularly affected, with its 82 municipalities that are now “red” (the capital has already been red since 7 April) by order of the President of the … Read more

for the Municipality data from the red zone, for the Region no

Chaos in the numbers of the municipal statistics office and the emergency commissioner. Alarm in many municipalities PALERMO – Region and Municipality of Palermo give different numbers sul Covid infection in Palermo. Chaos is inevitable and has been going on for days. And in the meantime, an alarming square emerges in many high cities in … Read more

Piratagate: Comptroller’s Office orders summaries in the Municipality of Coquimbo and reinstatement of bonuses | National

The Comptroller General of the Republic confirmed a deficit of more than 25 billion pesos in the Municipality of Coquimbo and ordered various administrative summaries for another series of irregularities, as reported by this media on March 16. According to the final report of the supervisory body, the building house will face a judgment of … Read more

Badr Al-Janoub municipality inspects flood risk prevention projects in the governorate

Najran / The Municipal Council of Badr Al-Janoub Governorate in Najran Region, yesterday, conducted a field tour, on projects to ward off torrential dangers and drain rain in the governorate and the main roads, and to follow up on the activation of the municipality’s emergency plan and to ensure its readiness. The head of the … Read more

“We have the doses, why not vaccinate the people who want it? », Defends the municipality on RMC

Cannes wants to get ahead. The mayor of the city of Alpes-Maritimes announced that he would open vaccination to people over 50 years old even without co-morbidities. An announcement that has no more to Olivier Véran, while the vaccination for over 70s must open this Saturday: “I will not qualify the decision of the mayor … Read more

After leading the trend due to the declaration of “Rest at Al-Malban” .. Sumaya Al-Khashab: The municipality delegates

For suggestions of places to go out The artist Sumaya El Khashab continues filming her latest series, Musa, which is starring the artist Mohamed Ramadan, and the work will be shown next Ramadan. Sumaya al-Khashab published a photo from the scenes of the work, through her personal account on the short video site “Instagram”, and … Read more

Kharayeb Municipality, after monitoring a new case of Corona: the situation …

The Health and Environment Committee in Al Kharayeb Municipality issued a statement indicating that “a new case of Corona has been detected in the town during the past 24 hours, and it is an unknown source belonging to the citizen M.D., and it has no connection with the first case.” The statement affirmed, “The commitment … Read more

Central – Municipality declares a state of emergency due to “Corona”!

Central – The municipality of Haret Saida and its crisis cell declared a state of health emergency after recording 1,230 cases of corona, 12 deaths and 100 positive cases that are being followed up. In cooperation with some health and scouting agencies, the municipality proceeded to sterilize the homes and entrances of the injured, provide … Read more