Football, the Municipality has chosen the Pelligra group to represent Catania in the Serie D championship

The acting mayor, Roberto Bonaccorsi, in agreement with the Councilor Sergio Parisi, assisted by the managers and officials of the Sports and Community Policies Directorate, at the end of a careful comparison between the five candidate projects to represent the City of Catania in a championship of the LND, has decided to identify, among the … Read more

A penalty kick ignites the match between Baghdad Municipality and Al-Diwaniyah in the Iraqi League

Iraqi fans watched a funny scene (Karim Suhaib/Getty) team succeeded Diwaniyahin seizing the three points, from the match that brought him together with Amanat Baghdad, within the 37th week of Iraqi League Premier League football, with a goal scored by Anas Malik Ali in the 91st minute, of the confrontation with a penalty kick, sparked … Read more

Bologna loses the case: the Municipality forecloses her salary – Chronicle

Bologna, 21 June 2022 – He was walking with his dog in via CodivillaWhen tripped over the pavement curb tile, buried by a layer of dry leaves, which gave way under its weight. It was January 2018 and the woman, forty, in the fall broke tibia and fibula. He received a prognosis of six months, … Read more

Vroomshoop welcomes 225 refugees from Ter Apel: ‘We are a hospitable municipality’ | Twenterand

VROOMSHOOP – Het Punt activity center in Vroomshoop will serve as temporary shelter for 225 asylum seekers. This concerns refugees who cannot be helped in the overcrowded application center Ter Apel and who are even forced to live on the street. “Het Punt is now free, there are no activities, which is why we raised … Read more

Football mourns the death of a young player from the municipality of Vagos

JN June 15, 2022 at 2:27 pm Football is mourning the death of Afonso Cardoso, 14 years old, athlete of CRAC, a club in the municipality of Vagos, in the district of Aveiro. Young man was drowned. “We live a tragedy. We cry infinite tears. There are no words of comfort”, wrote the club, in … Read more

Speed ​​cameras, streets as ATMs: this is how the municipality collects the “tax” of passage

The most “summery” is the “zero” which can be read in the 2021 receipts from fines other than those for speeding in places such as Roseto Capo Spulico (Cosenza) and Melpignano (Lecce). As it happens, their territory is crossed respectively by the 106 Jonica and 16 Adriatica state roads, with modern dual carriageway and little … Read more

Theater performance Dementia Friendly Municipality Schijndel

MEIERIJSTAD – The theater performance Strepen op het Raam was actually planned last November, but was canceled due to corona. The performance is an interactive way to get acquainted with dementia. The evening of Dementia Friendly Municipality (DVG) Schijndel is Tuesday 21 June from 7:30 am in ‘t Spectrum. After the penetrating play Strepen op … Read more

Hacker attack on the Municipality of Palermo, the expert: “Modalities not yet clear”

A malicious email for the spread of a “virus” opened by a computer of the Municipality, a password stolen from an employee of the administration who perhaps uses the same credentials to enter other platforms in the private sector, a flaw in the IT infrastructure of the Palazzo delle Aquile exploited to sneak into the … Read more

Remarkable weather phenomenon startles residents of Limburg municipality (Houthalen-Helchteren)

Hasselt – The inhabitants of Houthalen-Helchteren were startled this afternoon by a striking weather phenomenon: a so-called funnel moved over the community. “Only when such a storm hits the bottom do you get a storm or tornado”, writes weatherman Ruben Weytjens. Thursday 9 June 2022 at 17:30 The so-called funnel or tuba developed around 3.45 … Read more