Democratic Republic of the Congo.. Arrest of suspects in connection with the murder of the Italian ambassador

Goma – Reuters Police in a region in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo said on Tuesday that police in the region had arrested members of a group accused of links to last year’s killing of the Italian ambassador, as well as recent kidnappings of NGO workers.Ambassador Luca Atanasio, his bodyguard Vittorio Iakovacci, and their driver, … Read more

Parents accused of killing diabetic daughter by taking her medication so she could be cured by God – World

The parents of an eight-year-old diabetic girl are being accused of their daughter’s murder after they allegedly took her insulin medication with the aim of having the disease healed by God. The body of Elisabeth Rose Sruhs was found on January 11 at the family home – which also functioned as a church – in … Read more

She gave her son to look after her friends, and a week later they found his body

After the man stopped communicating with her, she wished for only one. “I hope he restores my son in good health. I don’t care what he does next. “I just want him back home,” the mother told the Flemish daily Nieuwsblad. But she didn’t see her son alive. Four-year-old Dean Verberckmoese has been missing for … Read more

“This must end.” Another murder of a young woman shook the British Isles

Sadness, shock, anger. Thus, the Irish and British media describe the mood in Irish society after the murder of 23-year-old teacher Ashling Murphy. The woman was strangled by a still unknown assailant on the banks of the Grand Canal near the town of Tullamore in central Ireland. Irish police detained a man shortly after the … Read more

Ireland said goodbye to the murdered teacher. The police already have a suspect

Less than a week has passed since a still-unknown man attacked and murdered 23-year-old teacher Ashling Murphy in Offaly County when she went for a run in the evening. The case, which angered locals, divided the island of Ireland and the United Kingdom, but on Tuesday marked a major turning point, with police detaining a … Read more

more than 1,600 signatures for the employee who filmed the attempted murder of the metro

More than 1,600 Stib workers have signed an online petition calling on the management of the transport company to show leniency to the employee who filmed the CCTV footage showing the attempted murder that took place on Friday evening in the Brussels metro. Stib spokeswoman Françoise Ledune explained on Tuesday that the situation is being … Read more

PGJE captures a person for the murder of former deputy Omar Milton López – El Sol de Tlaxcala

The State General Attorney of Justice (PGJE) captured a person for the murder of the ex-deputy Omar Milton Lopez Avendaño, It happened on December 24. elements of the Investigation police they served an arrest warrant yesterday afternoon by the Second Judge of Control and Oral Trial assigned to the Judicial District of Guridi and Alcocer … Read more

Murder Robert Kennedy, the murderer remains in prison after 53 years of imprisonment: “He lacks judgment, he could do the same thing”

The governor of the California, Gavin Newsom, denied the probation a Sirhan Sirhan, the man who the June 6, 1968 killed Robert Kennedy a The Angels during the electoral campaign for the primaries of Democratic party. The reports it Cnn, specifying that Bob Kennedy’s killer remains in jail despite being the California Parole Board and … Read more

Lee Sang-ho confirmed not guilty of defamation of Seo Hae-soon in ‘Kim Gwang-seok murder’

Reporter Lee Sang-ho. Photo ㅣ Yonhap News Reporter Lee Sang-ho, who was handed over to trial for defaming the late singer Kim Gwang-seok’s wife, Seo Hae-soon, was acquitted by the Supreme Court. It has been four years and two months since he was handed over to trial on charges of defaming Seo by raising suspicions … Read more

Unexpected breakthrough in Ireland in enigmatic disappearance and murder of Giedrė Raguckaitė

In Ireland, Giedrė Raguckaitė disappeared without knowledge in 2018. in May, her searched both Irish and Kaunas County Police. The body of the young woman has not been found so far, but the considerable amount of various data collected allowed the researchers to conclude that the last Lithuanian citizen seen alive in the settlement of … Read more