Additional sentence of 35 years for the man who filmed the murder of Arbery – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

On 23 February 2020, 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was jogging in his neighborhood outside the coastal town of Brunswick in Georgia in the USA. Arbery, who was African-American, was stopped by two white men, Gregory McMichael (66) and Travis McMichael (36), who shot and killed Arbery. Filmed the murder William “Roddie” Bryan (52), who was the … Read more

The Riddle of the Murder of Brigadier Joshua

Writer : Anas Surya KOMPASTV – One month after the shooting at the official residence of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, another aide, Brigadier Ricky, was named a suspect in the alleged shooting of Brigadier Joshua. Meanwhile, the wife of Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, Putri Candrawathi, visited her husband who was stationed by the special police … Read more

Life sentence for murder of black jogger in US: ‘You hate black people’ | Abroad

The 36-year-old white man was one of the three suspects. He had already been convicted in February of the murder of Arbery by a Georgia judge, along with his also white co-defendants, his 66-year-old father Gregory McMichael and their 52-year-old neighbor William Bryan. The three suspects unsuccessfully invoked self-defense and have appealed the verdict. During … Read more

Surprise in the accident of the murder of a girl in Kafr al-Dawwar.. Her fiancé was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by the accused (details)

she decided Kafr El Dawar Center Prosecution In Beheira Governorate, the accused and the fiancé of the victim were imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations The accident of the killing of a girl in Kafr al-Dawwar The accused is charged with murder, and the victim’s fiancé is charged with kidnapping and indecent assault. Investigations by … Read more

Another life sentence in murder case for black jogger Ahmaud Arbery

AFP NOS News•Monday, 17:50•Amended Monday, 22:17 Two of the three convicted in the Ahmaud Arbery case, the black man who was shot while jogging in the US state of Georgia, have received another life sentence. It is about a father and son, who chased Arbery in 2020. The neighbor of the pair, who filmed the … Read more

Strépy-Bracquegnies drama: reclassification of the facts as murder for a victim, his family reacts

On Friday, the Tournai Council Chamber reclassified the facts as murder for one of the victims of the Strépy-Bracquegnies drama. Result : Paolo Falzone, the driver of the car that mowed down the Gilles and their companions, today risks a heavier sentence and a trial at the assizes. We were able to collect the reaction … Read more

Murder of Silvana Arena, beaten to death by her husband Giovenale Aragno | Via Sandre in Venaria Reale

A discussion on the support of the 47-year-old daughter (the elder of the two they had) who lives in the community in Terni, considered too small by the woman, could have sparked the murderous fury by Giovenale Aragno, 73 years old who yesterday morning, Sunday 7 August 2022, beaten his 74-year-old wife Silvana Arena in … Read more

Pasha’s Story Becomes India’s Most Wanted Fugitive, Allegedly Involved in Murder 30 Years Ago… Pages all

NEW DELHI, – Om Prakash otherwise known as Pasha is the police “most wanted fugitive” in Haryana State, India north because it is related to cases of alleged robbery and murder. For 30 years, the former Indian soldier has been hiding in public in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. There, he lived his … Read more

Tragic couple in Mamasa found dead covered in blood, their child is in critical condition

Damp – A couple named Porepadang (54) and Sabriani (50) in DampWest Sulawesi (Sulbar) was found dead covered in blood in his house. The victim’s child named Marvel (14) was also found injured and is currently in critical condition in hospital. This unfortunate incident occurred in Aralle Village, Aralla District, Mamasa, at around 07.00 WITA, … Read more

German diplomat suspected of murder of Belgian husband in Brazil | Abroad

A German diplomat has been arrested in Brazil on suspicion of killing his Belgian husband. Walter Biot (53) suddenly became ill on Friday evening and allegedly fell in their apartment in Rio de Janeiro, German consul Uwe Herbert H. (62) said. However, the police do not believe his story when traces of violence were found … Read more