She bound her brother and tore his body with 11 stab wounds. A woman who slaughtered his brother was arrested

10:31 p.m Monday, November 28, 2022 Luxor – Mohamed Mahrous: The security services in Luxor governorate arrested a woman who killed her brother with special needs, after tying his hands and feet, and then inflicting several stab wounds in the chest and abdomen, killing him.The Luxor Security Directorate received a report from the residents of … Read more

16-year-old teenager confesses to murder in video on Instagram | Abroad

Officers in Bensalem, Pennsylvania received a call Friday from a concerned mother. She had heard from her daughter that she had received a rather sinister video call. “During the video chat, the 16-year-old stated that he had just killed someone,” the police said in a statement, according to the American news channel. “He then reversed … Read more

Here’s the story of the murder incident that occurred in Kampung Kruni Stabat Langkat

WahanaNews-Langkat | An argument between Fendi (HKI Zone II employee) and Indra Mahendra in front of Eka Maulina’s house, Indra Mahendra’s ex-wife and a murder took place on Jalan. Ahmad Yani Kp. Kwala Bingei Urban Village, Stabat District. Monday (28/11/2022) 10.00 WIB Here’s the story at that time, Fend (47), an HKI Seacion II employee, … Read more

The killer from the Colorado gay bar does not please the father. He feels non-binary

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, burst into gay Club Q in Colorado Springs Saturday night with a gun and started shooting, according to police. Before two brave guests could pacify him, he shot and killed five people and wounded 25 others. Thanks to the presence of mind of Club Q patrons, the police eventually caught the … Read more

Flying Cross-Country for a Date, This Woman Is Even Killed and Her Organs Taken

loading… Willing to travel 3,000 miles to meet his girlfriend in cyberspace, Blanca Arellano (51) ends tragically. Photo/Independent MEXICO CITY – A tragic fate had to be experienced by a woman of origin Mexico who is willing to fly 3,000 miles to meet his girlfriend in cyberspace at Peru . A date that should be … Read more

Algeria sentences 49 to death for vigilante murder

news agency BBC reports that the courts of Algeria There was a verdict on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2022, givingexecution49 defendants after they were found guilty ofset up a vigilante Killed a young man falsely accused of starting the last year’s major wildfire. However, the penalty for these defendants is expected to be reduced to life … Read more

Patient who stabbed clinic employee Balkbrug to death was murder suspect in Nigeria | inland

The patient who stabbed an employee of the Veldzicht clinic in Balkbrug to death and injured two others on November 5 was a murder suspect in Nigeria. Before the stabbing, the man had been unstable for days, reports The Telegraph Thursday based on conversations with several employees from the clinic and sources surrounding the investigation … Read more

Mystery in Idaho: Four students were murdered at home and there is not a single suspect – World

Four students at the University of Idaho, in the United States of America, were brutally murdered in the early hours of Sunday, November 13th. According to reports in the US press, so far there are no suspects, the murder weapon has not been found and it is not known what motivated the attack. The case … Read more

The suspect of the murder in Černý Most was arrested at the pump, the police published a video

The police are investigating the case as a murder, in which they suspect a 25-year-old man. The dead man was found on the road, the suspect was found by detectives in three hours. He was caught at a gas station in a car. “Further criminal proceedings are ongoing in the case. “The 25-year-old man is … Read more