8 Foods that Must Be Consumed to Maintain Lung Health according to Dr. Ema

BANTEN NEWS – The lungs have an important role to help inhale oxygen and distribute it throughout the body so that lung health needs to be maintained. If lung health has problems such as pneumonia, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), asthma and even lung cancer, it can cause health problems in the body. To improve … Read more

Guntur Soekarno Chooses Ganjar over Puan: The President Doesn’t Have to Be Trah Soekarno

thunder soekarnoputra. ©2023 Merdeka.com/liputan6 Merdeka.com – Soekarno’s first son, Guntur Soekarnoputra, emphasized his choice of Ganjar Pranomo over Puan Maharani. In his opinion, the Indonesian president does not have to be of the Soekarno family. This was revealed by Guntur alias Mas To during a special interview with Liputan6 at his home, quoted by merdeka.com, … Read more

Linn Svahn is nobbed in the Swedish WC squad – the national team’s clear demands for the blue-and-yellow star skater: “She must…”

PHOTO: Bildbyrån During Tuesday, seven skaters who have already been selected for the WC squad for Planica were presented.Linn Svahn is not included – but the national team keeps a place open for the 23-year-old.– She has to perform in the World Cup to settle in, says national team manager Anders Byström to SVT Sport. … Read more

Meloni, Italy is not the only port of disembarkation for migrants – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, DECEMBER 13 – “It is a fact that goes beyond the theme of immigration: it is necessary to recognize that everyone must be placed in the same conditions. Italy cannot be the only port of disembarkation”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reiterates, in the reply after the communications to the Chamber in view … Read more

What Happened If Dinosaurs Didn’t Go Extinct? Scientists Have the Picture

Merdeka.com – About 66 million years ago, the Earth, which was ruled by various species of dinosaurs, had to undergo major changes. The change occurred when an asteroid as large as 10 kilometers with a force of 10 billion atomic bombs hit Earth. The blow caused earthquake earth, tsunami, to the death of 90 percent … Read more

Gabby, can I take a passport photo like this? Unconditional ‘laughing passport photo’ best 3!

[스포츠조선 이정혁 기자]I will be in the top 3 of the laughing passport photos. Dancer Gabi released a passport photo that made her burst into laughter. In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Battle Trip 2’, which was first broadcast on the 15th, Aiki and Gabi’s Vietnam trip and Akabi tour were drawn. Aiki said, “I … Read more

Friends of Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne were authorized to leave the country, but each must pay 2 million pesos

This was ruled by the Buenos Aires Justice. The British are accused of assaulting a photographer when he tried to photograph them in Buenos Aires. Jac Rhys Hopkins y Josey McNamarafriends of Margot Robbie y Cara Delevingne accused of having assaulted the photographer Pedro “Peter” Orquera on Sunday in a restaurant in La Boca, were … Read more

Respiratory Tract Infections Are Vulnerable to Occurring During Transitions, Here Are The Causes

Merdeka.com – During the transition period, weather changes occur erratically and suddenly. This condition can be prone to causing various health problems in a person. “Acute respiratory tract infections (ARI) must be watched out for in the midst of changing seasons that also affect the body’s immunity,” said the Head of the Epidemiology and Immunization … Read more

who and when should wear them?

Countdown to the arrival in Spain of the new coronavirus vaccines. So has confirmed it this Monday the Minister of Health, Caroline Darias, which has ensured that throughout September a total of 10 million doses of the vaccines adapted to Ómicron, both from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. The first bivalent vaccines arrive this week. At the … Read more

5 Food Prohibitions for Diabetics, Need to Be Careful

Merdeka.com – Dietary restrictions for diabetics need to be considered. Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. There are a number of foods that are thought to trigger blood sugar to rise and should be avoided by people who have diabetes. Launching from Healthline, diabetes is a condition in which glucose … Read more