Stroke: New approach using antibodies via the nose

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9 Ways to Overcome Stuffy Nose Naturally, Quickly and Effectively

CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – A stuffy nose can make it hard to breathe. Usually the cause of nasal congestion is triggered by dirty surrounding air, allergies, sinuses or symptoms of the coming flu. Here’s 9 how to overcome stuffy nose precisely and effectively so that it is safe to apply. 1. Using Eucalyptus Oil How to … Read more

After playing powerfully, J. Valančiūnas did not wrinkle his nose: “This is not the time to show your ego”

New Orleans Pelicans beat Detroit Pistons 116-110 at homeconsolidating their third position in the NBA Western Conference. By the way, this is only the third victory for the Pelicans in the last eight games. After the match, J. Valančiūnas spoke about the need to forget his ego and come to the playoffs by demonstrating team … Read more

The Kraken Effect: Runny nose and gastrointestinal symptoms

Cold and runny nose, sore throat and cough, in some cases fever and even vomiting and diarrhea, which is confused with the flu and some gastrointestinal viruses. These are the symptoms of Kraken, the latest subvariant of Omicron, detected in over 30 countries, descendant of Hippogryph, which in turn derives from Gryphon, the recombinant note … Read more

bemused! Look at the latest perfect beauty, Tui Tui Puttachat after getting a new nose job.

Running in the entertainment industry for a long time “Tui Tui-Putthachat Pongsuchart” where we will see the performance. Her wide range of works and earlier on the side of “Pui Pimonwan” revealed the beauty of Tui Tui after a new nose correction After Tui had to secretly be stressed for more than 20 years and … Read more

Cough or runny nose? ‘Doing a combi self-test before the party can slow down the flu epidemic’

What do RSV, influenza virus A and B and the coronavirus have in common? They can wreak havoc in the airways. But also: you can easily detect them with a self-test, even one and the same test. Why isn’t it more successful? “It depends on how much people still care.” ‘Covid may have become a … Read more

Open a great picture. Nong Nuea shows a hot, spicy, provocative nose.

Another daughter of a famous star in the Thai entertainment industry. “Nong Nuea Disraya” Mother’s beautiful daughter Kob Paphatsara and father Ae Pornthep Techapaiboon, we will constantly see the movement of Nong Nuea through Instagram @nurdesoraya, we will see Nong Nuea’s lifestyle as a young woman. Wear a bikini to show off your sexy make … Read more

Agnieszka Kaczorowska wipes her nose with her sleeve on her way to the jeweler in Mokotowska (PHOTOS)

In recent days Agnieszka Kaczorowska again managed to ignite the Polish Internet to red. This time, network users tried to convince her that she had no right to celebrate Christmas because she did not feel connected to the Church and her children were not baptized. The celebrity did not listen to the Instagram screamers and … Read more

The size of a man’s nose indicates how long his penis is, according to a study | Science

In ancient Roman society, the size of a man’s nose was linked to the size of his penis, a correlation that obviously lacked scientific support. However, what was considered one more myth about this sexual organ — like the comparison with the size of the hands and feet — could have a lot of truth, … Read more