The head of the Pentagon: Ukraine has a good chance of success in the spring offensive

28 mark 2023, 18:40 You can read this text in 1 minute Ukraine has a good chance that its spring offensive will be successful, said Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin on Tuesday in the Senate. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, argued that the effectiveness of American military aid to Ukraine … Read more

Cleans Agatha Christie classics of offensive words: – Rambling madness

DISTANCE: Author Anne B. Ragde has little to spare for the changes in Agatha Christie’s novels. Here from an interview with VG Helg in 2020. Photo: Terje Bringedal / VG Agatha Christie’s books have been altered and reviewed by sensitivity readers, according to the Telegraph. Author Anne B. Ragde reaches out against “violation hysteria”. Published: … Read more

Teleperformance maintains its activity of moderating the most offensive content

PARIS (Agefi-Dow Jones)–Call center manager Teleperformance announced Wednesday that it will finally maintain its full content moderation service offering, including the most offensive segment. Following an exhaustive review, the group said it was “now convinced […] to offer a complete content moderation solution, without excluding any segment of this activity, [était] in the best interest … Read more

Russia’s war with Ukraine. Spring Offensive in Crimea. Ukrainian staff: The aim of the attack on the railroad in Dzhankoy in Crimea was to destroy Russian supply routes

Yesterday’s attack on the railway line in Dzhankoy, Crimea, was aimed at complete or at least partial destruction of the enemy’s supply routes towards the occupied territories of southern Ukraine, said the representative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Serhiy Baranov. For a long time, there has been information about … Read more

Dacia promises an offensive in the C-segment, the Bigster and the new Duster will be produced in Romania

The automaker is developing its industrial plan, the goal of which is an offensive in the C segment and support of the product portfolio. Dacia, part of the Renault group, today boasted a new press release highlighting the development of its industrial plan and increasing emphasis on its strategy aimed at an offensive in the … Read more

The Wagner boss asks Russia’s defense minister to avert a Ukrainian offensive

World The photo will show Wagner soldiers near Bakhmut in Ukraine. The seas Lock NTB 20. mars 2023 17:39 – Updated March 20, 2023 5:49 p.m The leader of the Russian mercenary group Wagner warns Russia’s defense minister about an imminent Ukrainian offensive against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. In an open letter to Russian … Read more

Big update for Global Offensive coming soon

One of the biggest names in the gaming world Valvesoon Counter-Strike: Global Offensive big update for will make.

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big offensive in May to defeat Putin and win the war in Ukraine –

Of Joseph Sarcina The United States is explicitly aiming for the military defeat of the Kremlin: peace negotiations will only open after that. But the initiative full of pitfalls and risks The phase of waiting and also of uncertainties is about to end. Joe Biden has decided to attempt the shoulder to defeat Putin’s army … Read more

Over $400,000 For A Counter-Strike Skin: This Is The Weapon That Has Broken A New Valve In-Game Record – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A CS:GO skin is for sale, and at the very least, you have to offer $385,000 for the seller to listen to your offer. March 15, 2023, 22:02 – Updated March 16, 2023, 09:10 Some players from Counter-Strike are willing to pay more than 400,000 dollars for the skin of a weapon. That’s the amount … Read more

Laceration, fire, offensive gestures: the MR wants to protect the Belgian flag from any “humiliation”

Article reserved for subscribers By Laurence Wauters Published on 03/14/2023 at 17:56Reading time: 2 mins En March of last year, Jeroen Bergers became, at the age of 21, the president of the Young N-VA. This law student had not hidden anything, during his campaign for this post, of his ambitions: “Together, we are going towards … Read more