Mars Opposition Meets Full Moon Thursday, Its Glare Outperforms All Stars

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Planet Mars will be in the opposite position to the full moon or opposition on December 8, 2022. Here’s how to watch celestial phenomenon tonight. This phenomenon is a configuration when the Sun-Earth-Mars are in a straight line. Mars is on the opposite side of the Sun, so it is known as … Read more

The opposition does not like changing the choice of the president

According to the opposition, the clarification of the law may not solve anything. “Different interpretations of the law on the election of the president may raise questions, which, however, can now be resolved only by the Supreme Administrative Court,” said the Austrian. “After the presidential elections in January, I plan to meet with my deputy … Read more

Belarusian opposition leader Kolesnikova is said to have gotten better in the hospital / Article

Otrdien the news brokethat 40-year-old Kolesnikova, who has been in prison for more than two years, has been placed in the intensive care unit of the Gomel hospital. According to doctors, she is now getting better, said a statement issued by the press service of another opposition representative, Viktor Babariko, citing Kolesnikova’s father. Kolesnikova has … Read more

The Venezuelan opposition reverses Maduro’s priorities and calls for elections with guarantees to lift sanctions | International

The delegations of the Government and the Venezuelan opposition, meeting in Mexico last weekend.National Assembly of Venezuela (EFE) The Venezuelan opposition has cautiously taken Nicolás Maduro’s equation on holding elections with guarantees. The president conditioned on Wednesday the call for free and verified elections, the central objective of the dialogue table that was installed in … Read more

Venezuela, the humanitarian agreement between Maduro and the opposition. And Chevron starts drilling for oil again

The government of the president Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan political opposition have reached a humanitarian agreementduring the bilateral talks a Mexico City with the mediation of Norway, in education, health, food safety, disaster prevention and energy management. The delegates of the parties agreed on the need “to obtain the release of Venezuelan funds frozen … Read more

Kolesnikova, one of the leaders of the opposition, is in intensive care / Article

Kolesnikova has been sentenced to 11 years in prison by Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, and earlier this year she was placed in a women’s prison in Gomel. The fact that the 40-year-old Kolesnikova is in intensive care was announced on Tuesday by another leader of the Belarusian opposition Viktors Babariko, referring to the information provided by … Read more

Belarusian opposition leader Kolesnikova has undergone an operation in the hospital, the father does not reveal his daughter’s diagnosis

Imprisoned Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova, who was hospitalized this week, has gotten better, her associates said Thursday. According to doctors, she is getting better, said a statement issued by the press service of another opposition representative, Viktor Babariko, citing Kolesnikova’s father. Kolesnikova has been transferred from the intensive care unit to the ward, and … Read more

Rajevsky: creation of new positions – the success of the opposition – BNN

When discussing the creation of new positions in the government, the opposition successfully drew the public’s attention to the question: are they necessary at all? This is how political scientist, public relations specialist Filips Rajevskis assessed the session of the Saeima on Thursday, December 1. On Thursday, the Saeima adopted amendments to the Law on … Read more

Belarusian opposition politician transferred to intensive care unit

AFP NOS News•Tuesday, 19:11 Belarusian opposition politician Maria Kolesnikova, who is serving a long prison sentence, has been admitted to intensive care. The Belarusian opposition reports this via Telegram. Kolesnikova was reportedly taken to a hospital in the southeastern town of Gomel. Why she was taken to intensive care is unknown. According to the Telegram … Read more

Opposition accuses “slowness” at the security table and the Government hopes to unlock an agreement in December | National

The Executive led three meetings within the framework of the “transversal commitment to security”, however, from the opposition they questioned the “slowness” of the process. The Government led three meetings in the framework of the “transversal commitment to safety“, and ratified his intention to seal an agreement “as soon as possible”. There is already a … Read more