clusters increase in companies

Evidence of a more active circulation of the virus, the number of clusters reported to Public Health France increased: 192 outbreaks of contamination were reported between August 17 and 23, against 140 the previous week. The upward trend observed since July is accentuating. As of August 24, 352 outbreaks (some of which were previously reported) … Read more

After more than two years in detention, the Chavista regime released opposition deputy Juan Requesens

Deputy Juan Requesens was detained for more than two yearsThe rumors began to circulate Friday afternoon. Among the relatives there was nervousness, anxiety, but above all the hope of returning to meet again with Juan Requesens, who was finally released after 752 days of being kidnapped by the Nicolás Maduro regime. Requesens was arrested and … Read more

Tikhanovskaya, Navalny poisoning a warning to all – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 28 – What happened to the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny “is disgusting for me. Any form of violence is for me. It was such a low thing, whoever did it. investigated, but everyone says he’s been poisoned, and I think it’s a warning to others. As if to say: don’t be … Read more

Putin named the conditions for intervention in the crisis in Belarus. What is important to know :: Politics :: RBC

If the protests in Belarus escalate into the seizure of buildings by extremists, Russia will use the reserve of law enforcement officers created at the request of Lukashenka. What are the grounds for its creation and how was it reacted in Minsk, RBC understood Photo: Miša Fridman / Getty Images What Putin said about the … Read more

Does Jan Jambon (N-VA) still have a future as Flemish Prime Minister? This is what parties from majority and opposition say

In other words: if it depends on the CD&V member, Jambon can just remain as prime minister. “Unless it turns out that he lied, then there is a serious problem, of course. But I can’t believe that when you see those images, you would want to keep something like that as a politician.” Whether that … Read more

Photo: Opposition protests disperse in Minsk

Belarus capitals Minsk In the center of Independence Square on Wednesday evening, security forces dispersed the protesters of opposition supporters, reported the Belarusian media and eyewitnesses. Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to the portal “”, the police dispersed the participants of the action, and some people were blocked in the Red Church … Read more

Belarusian court rejects opposition complaints over elections, two members of the Coordinating Council received ten days in prison – ČT24 – Czech Television

The Supreme Court rejected Cichanouska’s complaint about the election, as well as complaints from other candidates, Andrei Dmitriev and Hanna Kanapacka. “As the Central Electoral Commission did not take a decision on the invalidity of the election, Cichanouská’s complaint about the invalidity of the election is not subject to court decision, as similar requirements do … Read more

Belarus receives two members of opposition Coordinating Council arrested for ten days – Abroad – News

Both members of the opposition have been found guilty of violating the rules of the mass events by holding a rally at the Minsk Tractor Plant to protest against the falsification of the results of the presidential election. Dilevsky is the leader of the strike committee of the Minsk tractor plant, while Kovalkov represents Svetlana … Read more

Two members of the opposition Coordination Board – ČT24 – Czech Television detained in Minsk

OMON detained Volga Kavalkova, a fellow of opposition presidential candidate Sviatlana Cichanouska, and Sjarhey Dyleusky, a member of the MTZ factory’s racing strike committee. It happened in front of the MTZ factory. The portal was informed about this by the employees of the factory and representatives of the NGO for the protection of human … Read more

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny arrived in Germany

How difficult the departure was, says correspondent Geert Groot Koerkamp from Moscow in “The morning” on Radio 1 (see audio below). “Everything that happened in Omsk over the past day only raises questions. Why was that hospital in Omsk forgiven by police and strange plainclothes men who prevented Navalny’s wife from talking to the German … Read more