The opposition has pushed for a referendum on the Chinese university, Orbán has Trump and Putin • RESPECT

In Hungary, all politicians are trying their best: the parliamentary elections will take place on April 3, and the campaign is in full swing. The united opposition can rest. She has passed the first test she has taken, and she can still speak of herself as a promising challenger to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and … Read more

In France there is a new record of cases (464 thousand), but the Minister of Education works from Ibiza: controversy of trade unions and opposition

While the France makes another impressive record record of daily infections, with over 464,000 people testing positive for the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, the controversy against the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, which as a scoop of Mediapart announced the new health protocol in schools, contested by teachers’ unions, with an interview with … Read more

A year after Navalny’s arrest, there is no opposition left in Russia

Human rights organization Amnesty International Calls on “world leaders, international organizations and people around the world to make their voices heard, not only calling for Aleksei Navalny’s immediate release, but also for an end to the brutal reprisals against his supporters.” According to Amnesty, Russians deserve “to be able to make their voices heard without … Read more

Gergő Kovács on Márki-Zay: It is sad that this has reached the opposition

The president of the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party “would not say today” that the opposition “did well with Péter Márki-Zay”. He did an interview Telex, the president of the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP), discussed the situation of the opposition and Péter Márki-Zay, among others. Gergő Kovács first recalled the period when Márki-Zay campaigned against … Read more

The opposition jointly announced where the signature collection for the Fudan referendum would take place

A press conference and a street forum were held on Friday morning at 9 a.m. in Zsigmond Móricz Square, where the opposition is a joint candidate for prime minister. Péter Márki-Zay also spoke. The event focused on the issue of Fudan University and the extension of the jobseeker’s allowance. referendum initiative he also talked about … Read more

“It’s incredible”, “Few concrete things”: the opposition criticizes the inaction of Minister Verlinden following the July floods

“The apprenticeship commission you announced has still not been set up. It’s incredible, I don’t understand why it’s taking so long,” criticized Yngvild Ingels (N-VA). “What is your plan for preventing this kind of disaster?” added Nabil Boukili (PTB). Annelies Verlinden disputed these reproaches. “A first analysis of the operation of the emergency services has … Read more

The opposition wanted to call on the Austrian to remove the Austrian from the government. According to him, STAN will return donations that would be problematic

“What appeared on the Seznam server – that one of the people who was supposed to be a gift for the STAN movement is being prosecuted – was new information for us. (…) We verify this particular gift. If anyone is found guilty, we will automatically and quickly return the gift at that moment, “said … Read more

“We are not going to lend ourselves to a tongo”: they suspend a special session on lithium after the withdrawal of the opposition from the Chamber

During the afternoon of this Wednesday, a special session that was scheduled in the Chamber of Deputies to discuss the lithium tender had to be suspended. This after the opposition deputies decided to withdraw from the Chamber because of the delay of the biminister Juan Carlos Jobet in attending the instance and because today it … Read more

I want to go to Poland, you can’t live here. Belarusian female runners pay extra to support the opposition

Belarusian cross-country skiers Svetlana Andryjuk and Darya Dolidovich told Reuters that domestic officials had prevented them from competing because they allegedly supported the political opposition. According to Andryjuk, she therefore lost the opportunity to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The female runners said that the Belarusian Ski Union deactivated their FIS code in December, … Read more

Index – Domestic – The End of the Tricky Communication? The opposition is closing

In recent months, coordination of communications has proven to be one of the biggest shortcomings of opposition coalition. Prior to the pre-election, the six-party opposition provided information on its decisions, announcements and political resolutions in pre-agreed joint statements and press conferences. After Péter Márki-Zay gained the confidence of the electorate to lead the six-party opposition … Read more