Not so! One of the best dancers in the world, originally from Ukraine, has three heads of Putin tattooed on his body

He is one of the best dancers in the world. People may know him, for example, from the popular clip for the song Take Me To Church, in 2016 he was even a guest on Jan Krause’s popular talk show. Sergej Polunin was born in Kherson, Ukraine, but he does not express solidarity with his … Read more

Mass Effect 3 originally had a different ending that could have led to ME4

© Mass Effect 3 originally had a different ending that would have lined up the fourth game in the main space RPG series, explains one former BioWare writer. I warn you right away, this story contains spoilers for the entire Mass Effect series. The traffic light ending offered Shepard three options: destroy the Reapers, as … Read more

One of the most iconic bosses of the Elden Ring would have been originally intended for Dark Souls 3

The community continues to dig into FromSoftware’s game with a theory about Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Elden Ring He seems willing to never stop surprising us. The titles of FromSoftware They usually have numerous secrets and curiosities that we discover little by little after the launch, and in the case of their most … Read more

Four artists, you will not believe that they are originally men with their female body .. The names will make you shocked and you will not be able to guess or predict them!

2022/06/28 It’s 07:10 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Can you imagine that your favorite star might actually be a man? This is exactly what happened with a number of art stars who achieved wide fame, but their audience did not know that in the past they were male. Many transformations took place in the … Read more

The first-generation “Pokémon” interview revealed that he originally wanted to randomly generate more than 60,000 game versions and only distinguish them by color #Game Freak (178606) – Cool3c

The “Pokémon” series developed by Game Freak has always been one of Nintendo’s most representative brands. It has a history of more than 25 years, extending countless animations, card games, movies and peripherals. Commodities, and the “Pokémon Red/Green” version of the pioneering work of the entire series is a classic in the minds of many … Read more

The Ministry of Finance proposes an EZ dividend for 2021 of 48 K per share. Originally, there were only 44 K in full. The outside is designed to help the socially weak

Ministerstvo financ coby majority share the EU suggests that NO paid off this year dividend for year 2021 micro 48 K in action. In accordance with the Company ‘s Articles of Association, the Ministry of Finance underwent a counter – proposal to the Board of Directors’ original proposal for dividend 44 K per share, which … Read more

BMW has introduced a state-of-the-art factory. It was originally supposed to stand with us – Magazine – Auto

BMW is building the world’s first CO2-free car plant in Debrecen, Hungary. Serial production of the fully electric Neue Klasse vehicles will begin in 2025. Photo: BMW The factory in Debrecen will be one of the most modern car factories in the world. BMW is investing more than 1 billion euros in it. There is … Read more

The Belgian, who won the poker, originally welcomed the scoring machine to Manchester

In the 33rd round of the English Premier League „Wolverhampton“ even 1: 5 (1: 3) went down to Man City at home. Pepo Guardiola’s students have a three-point lead over the two rounds before the end of the season. „Liverpool“. After the third accurate shot, K. de Bruyne stylishly celebrated the well-deserved goal by copying … Read more

Gold-plated Nintendo Wii auction originally intended as a gift to the Queen – Hong Kong

A gold-plated Nintendo Wii console originally intended for Queen Elizabeth II will be auctioned off recently. This one-of-a-kind game machine has a rough life. It was originally developed by game developer THQ in 2009 to promote a part of the game “Big Family Games”, but because it could not pass Buckingham Palace’s strict rules on … Read more

Johnny Depp originally planned to star in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” with a salary of $22.5 million – Movie – cnBeta.COM

Johnny Depp’s agent confirmed Amber Heard’s 2018 editorial (op-ed) documenting his experience as a survivor of domestic violence was a ‘disaster’ for Depp’s career Sex” influence. Jack Whigham represented Depp at Range Media Partners and previously represented Depp at CAA. He said in a remote testimony Monday that he “made a deal” for Depp to … Read more