Kharkiv and Zhytomyr are struggling with power outages after the Russian attack

“All day I receive reports about the restoration of the operation of our energy facilities and networks after the attack of Russian terrorists,” said Zelenskyy, who praised the work of the repair crews on this occasion. According to Zelensky, in the second largest Ukrainian city, Kharkiv, many customers are still disconnected from the network as … Read more

Power outages in Cartagena and Bolívar from March 6 to 8 | THE UNIVERSAL

Afinia continues working on the strengthening and modernization of the electrical infrastructure of Cartagena and Bolívar. For this reason, it will interrupt the electric power service to carry out work in different sectors of the city and the department. We recommend: The power goes out! Power outages from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 March El … Read more

Unusual winter weather leads to power outages and a lot of inconvenience in parts of the US

AFPA snowplow at work in Mount Baldy, California NOS News•yesterday, 04:30•Amended yesterday, 09:17 Heavy rain and snowfall in parts of the United States causes a lot of inconvenience. Days of wintry conditions left a million homes and businesses with power outages last week, major roads were closed and hundreds of flights cancelled. At least three … Read more

Deaths and power outages due to winter weather in Central Europe NOS News•Saturday, 22:30 Heavy snowfall has led to problems in large parts of Europe. In the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany, the wintry weather killed people and the strong wind and snow caused life-threatening situations. For example, in the Czech Republic in the municipality of Hertvikovice, a driver of a car was killed when … Read more

Ukraine war ticker: Biden approves more billions for Ukraine Nationwide power outages after Russian missile attack

Yesterday, 05:18 In an unusually apolitical video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to his citizens for humanity and compassion. The Russian side launched several waves of so-called kamikaze drones at various targets in Ukraine on Wednesday evening. Selenski’s appeal to humanity “No matter what happens and what’s on your mind, support each other, absolutely,” … Read more

Austria prepares for power outages – UNIAN

The risk of a widespread power outage has increased because of the war in Ukraine, she said. Austrian residents are told what to do in case of power outages / In Austria the government is intensively preparing for a possible blackout. Defense Minister Claudia Tanner spoke about this in an interview. Welt. The likelihood … Read more

A powerful storm causes power outages in 23 states in America

Twilight — A powerful winter storm has battered much of the United States, causing power outages in more than 20 states, canceling 6,000 flights nationwide, closing schools and public offices, disrupting road traffic and threatening package delays this holiday season. Bloomberg News quoted the US National Weather Service as saying that since Friday morning, more … Read more

Russian missile strikes Ukraine, power outages across the country

Ukrainian officials said that Russia launched an attack on the capital Kyiv and other cities on Friday, causing power outages across the country. The chief of staff of the army said that the Russian army fired 76 missiles, 60 of which were shot down by Ukraine; the energy minister said that at least 9 power … Read more

Yasno appealed to the residents of Kyiv about the schedules for power outages

Yasno, an energy supplier, has addressed residents of the Ukrainian capital about new schedules for stabilizing power outages Yasno, an energy supply company, has approached residents of the Ukrainian capital about new schedules for stabilizing power outages. This became known from a statement by Yasno CEO Sergei Kovalenko. According to him, the new schedules are … Read more

Switzerland is considering a ban on driving electric cars during power outages

Switzerland could be the first country to ban electric cars in an emergency to ensure energy security. Local media refer to the draft regulation on the restriction and prohibition of the use of electricity. According to Die Weltwoche, the proposal specifically states: “Private use of electric cars is only allowed for absolutely necessary trips, such … Read more