Air system probably did play a role in the Promen Gouda corona outbreak

Thursday, 27 August 2020, 20:57 GOUDA – Promen, the former sheltered workshop in Gouda, makes a strong link with the ventilation system and the corona outbreak in the company. In July, 21 employees were tested positive for the virus. All infections were diagnosed in people working in a food packaging department. Promen no longer uses … Read more

GGD: Three possible causes of outbreak in Maassluis, ventilation not excluded | NOW

There are three possible causes of the corona outbreak in a nursing home in Maassluis last June: contact between residents, employees who did not adhere to the 1.5 meter rule during breaks, and the ventilation system. Contact is seen as the most obvious cause, but the fact that ventilation played a role cannot be ruled … Read more

LIVE | Corona outbreak among Maastricht students after introduction | Inland

At least eleven students in Maastricht have been diagnosed with the corona virus. According to the GGD Zuid-Limburg, the students became infected during private parties around the introduction week. The health service assumes that the number of infections will increase even further. The GGD conducts source and contact research to find out exactly how the … Read more

Milly Carlucci, also Daniele Scardina – Ultima Ora in Dancing positive

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 27 – “We have the result of the swabs, we are all negative except Daniele Scardina”. Milly Carlucci, in a video posted on Instagram, updates her audience on the situation within the cast of Dancing with the Stars, after the positive covid-19 already ascertained for the dancer Samuel Peron. The boxer, … Read more

third infectious outbreak in Lot-et-Garonne

Since Tuesday, August 25, the department has a new epidemic focus: theisaccommodation establishment for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) in Lamontjoie. As early as last week, a first case was detected, which resulted, as the procedure requires, systematic screening. In total, five people, both staff and residents, were affected. “These establishments are particularly followed and supported”, … Read more

GGD final report: role of ventilation in nursing home outbreak remains unclear

How could 17 residents of the Tweemaster care institution in Maassluis be infected with the corona virus? According to the GGD, this probably happened by an infected resident and employees. There were questions about the role that the ventilation system played, but research by the GGD shows that both things may have played a role. … Read more

Thousands of Peruvian doctors will go on strike for 48 hours amid coronavirus outbreak | International

Thousands of Peruvian doctors will start a 48-hour strike on Wednesday to demand more resources to face the coronavirus, in the midst of an outbreak in the country, confirmed a union leader on Tuesday, who clarified that care for those infected will continue. “We do not have any communication from the Ministry (of Health) even … Read more

Germany’s Recent Corona Study Reveals How the Outbreak Spreads – According to recent research, most of the infections Covid-19 of German occurs in family environments with the second high prevalence in nursing homes. Meanwhile, the risk of transmission in offices and schools appears to be lower. Private parties, family gatherings and nursing homes are responsible for most of the infections corona virus in … Read more

Indonesian marine products have the potential to penetrate Canada during an outbreak, but … Page all

JAKARTA, – Multiple products Indonesia, one of which is seafood, has the potential to penetrate the market Canada in the midst of a pandemic Covid-19. The Indonesian Consul General in Toronto, Canada Leonard F Hutabarat said that this potential arose because exporting countries such as Thailand and Vietnam experienced supply constraints due to the … Read more