This BUMN Opens Job Vacancies, Open for “Fresh Graduates” Pages all

JAKARTA, – For those of you who are Diploma (D3) graduates and want to work in a state-owned company, aka BUMN, check out this one vacancy. PT RNI opens vacancies for D3 graduates from various majors who will be placed in positions in the Legal, Consumer Sales & Institutional Marketing sections. This vacancy is … Read more

Wow! Lose 5 Kg in Just Days, Here’s The 17 Day Diet Method That’s In The Spotlight – All Pages Diet Lose 5 Kg In Just A Matter Of Days –Ways to lose weight are already widely circulated. Some artists also often provide effective and safe diet tips that can be followed. In fact, losing weight is one of the easiest things to do. The end result is dependent on the consistency of … Read more

Good grief! Don’t try hard on a diet that ends in disaster, this is the best way to lose weight according to experts – All Pages Have a healthy diet according to experts – Having an ideal body weight is everyone’s dream. Besides being more pleasing to the eye, ideal body weight can also prevent us from various dangerous diseases. As is known, being overweight can lead to serious diseases such as heart disease and stroke. To gain the … Read more

The Story of Kristin, a Trader Who Complains about Blower Sounds When Gibran Visits Legi Market, Has Been Selling Since 1980 All Pages

SOLO, – A trader Pasar Legi Solo, Kristin (39), admitted that she was very disturbed by the sound of the blower above her kiosk. According to him, the sound of the blower made it difficult for him to communicate with other traders. In fact, Kristin didn’t even hear her cell phone ringing, there was … Read more

Smartphone Trend Prediction in 2022 version of Infinix, HP 5G or HP Gaming? – All Pages

Nextren reporter, Fahmi Bagas . report – Technological advances in smartphones today are no longer in doubt. Starting from higher specifications, to more futuristic designs, a series of smartphone vendors have presented their latest devices. And for 2022, it seems that technological advances in the industry will continue to be presented to make it … Read more

It’s a loss if you don’t try, soak the cucumber and lime overnight and then drink it tomorrow morning, don’t be surprised you can avoid this dangerous disease – All Pages

Compass Benefits of lime juice and cucumber. – Benefits of lime and cucumber for culinary and health is not a secret anymore. There are many people who regularly consume both of them every day because they are sure of the benefits. Scientifically, drinking lime juice mixed with cucumber has also been proven to be … Read more

So great! I’m sorry I just found out, it’s fun to eat sweet potatoes every day, the effect on the body makes you gawk – All Pages – Where Sweet potato is a food that is easily found in various parts of Indonesia. Sweet potatoes have a sweet and legit taste, making this food popular with many people. In addition, sweet potatoes are very easy to process into various types of food. Starting from just fried to become compote. Tubers that … Read more

100 Years So A Mystery To Confuse Scientists, Actually What Is This Creature Measuring 6 Meters With Its Own Neck Length Of 3 Meters – All Pages

Dinosaurs – Pictures and Facts (Illustration) Tanystropheus hydroides – Since it was discovered more than 100 years ago, researchers have been quite satisfied with being dizzy. It took a long time to find out what it really was creature this one. Because, fossil what was found had a strange and unusual shape. The most … Read more

There is an AI site that can make fake nude photos, what is the etiquette? – All Pages – If you’ve seen the site deepfake, where you can make a photo move, usually used to treat a longing for a deceased relative to make it look alive again. However, technological developments deepfake instead gave birth to an internet site—which we can’t name for the sake of convenience on the internet—which is able … Read more

PT LIB Stubbornness Doesn’t Want to Change Match Hours, Andik Vermansyah: Sleeping After Subuh – All Pages

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Bhayangkara FC’s right winger, Andik Vermansah, plays in the fifth week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Madya Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, September 29, 2021. <!– –> <!– –> BOLANAS.COM – Andik Vermansyah admits to sometimes sleeping after dawn, PT LIB still don’t want to change the game time in … Read more