8 Pages – The infection is increasing in China

The authorities in China close parts of society as the infection begins to spread. Photo: AP/TT The last weeksmore have become illof the corona virus in China.Spreadingof the virus hasincreased rapidly in China. Now the country has more people infectedthan ever before.In comparison to how manywho live in China isstill not that many are infected. … Read more

Maguire Fortifies England like Maldini, “It’s Coming Home” Echoes Again Pages all

KOMPAS.com – Harry Maguire presents a different level of appearance when defending the national team English from World Cup 2022. Singing “football is coming home” echoed again. England made a solid start at the 2022 World Cup by beating Iran 6-2 at the Khalifa International Stadium, Qatar, Monday (21/11/2022). Harry Maguire became one of the … Read more

3 Recommendations for Drinks that Can Reduce High Diabetes, Effective – All Pages

High blood sugar levels are closely related to the deadly disease diabetes. Diabetes is a serious threat for many parties, especially after knowing high blood sugar. Blood sugar levels that are too high, above 7mmol/l before eating and more than 8.5 mmol/l two hours after eating, are risky for people with diabetes. According to Diabetes … Read more

The story of a former pizza delivery man joining the French squad at the 2022 World Cup Pages all

KOMPAS.com – Story about the squad French from World Cup 2022 it’s not just about injuries. There is an interesting story about Youssouf Fofana who has a background as a pizza delivery man. Youssouf Fofana’s name appears in the French squad list for the 2022 World Cup compiled by Didier Deschamps. The presence of Youssouf … Read more

8 Pages – No medals for Sweden

Sweden’s ladies wonthe match in the European Championship in handballagainst Croatia.Sweden won 31-27. But the team will not cometo take some medalsin the EC in handball anyway. To get to play semi-finalsSweden needed help.Both Norway and Slovenianeeded to win their matches,while Sweden won theirs. But Norway and Sloveniadidn’t win.Denmark won over Norway.Hungary won over Slovenia. … Read more

8 Pages – A day about diabetes

A person with diabetes takes a syringe of insulin. Photo: TT November 14 is the dayto diabetes.The organization has itUnited Nations, UN, definitely. Many millions of people in the worldhave the disease diabetes.500 thousand people in Swedenhave diabetes.Both children and adultscan get diabetes. The disease diabetes causes the bodycannot make the substance insulinas it should.These … Read more

8 Pages – Vaccine against influenza

Now some people can get vaccinated against the flu. The picture is old. Photo: TT This year’s vaccine is now availableagainst influenza.The vaccine is supposed to protect peoplefrom becoming seriously illin influenza. This year’s flu canget serious, say the experts.Therefore they thinkthat it is extra importantthat people take the vaccine. Right now, those who are … Read more

The Footsteps of the Boss of MNC Group Hary Tanoe: Protests on Digital TV Broadcasts, Has Sued YouTube and Netflix Etc. All Pages

KOMPAS.com – Bos MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo alias Harry Tanoe file a protest with the migration policy TV digital to analog TV or also known as Analog Switch Off (ASO). The transfer of analog TV broadcasts to digital is a mandate of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation Article 78 Number 3 of … Read more

Unsold in League 1, Three Alumni of the U-19 National Team Evan Dimas Struggle to Take Coach License Course – All Pages

PSSI.ORG The Indonesian U-19 National Team celebrates the 2013 AFF U-19 Cup title in the hands of coach Indra Sjafri. <!– –> <!– –> BOLANAS.COM – Three alumni national team Indonesia U-19 taking C license trainer course, not so lucky Evan Dimas or Hansamu Yama who is still circulating in League 1. national team Indonesia … Read more

First pages November 4: Inter, Lukaku how much do you cost me? Renewals for Dzeko and Giroud. EuroZaniolo, the eyes of Juve | First page

Serie A animates the front pages of sports newspapers. Inter reflects: Lukaku, how much does it cost me. So far I have spent € 46,875 per minute for 2 goals. The company comes to terms with the fragile champion, who is in Belgium to be treated. Dzeko in the smell of renewal. Juve: Vlahovic and … Read more