Park Gun “♥Han Young and 2nd generation are trying… it doesn’t work” Cause of lack of sleep? (‘Ras’)

[마이데일리 = 임유리 기자] Singer Park Gun revealed that he and his wife Han Young are planning to have a second child. In the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on the night of the 29th, So Yu-jin, Park Gun, Kim Da-hyun, and Seo Dong-ju appeared as a special feature on ‘My Newborn’. On that … Read more

Tourist Boat Sinks in the Waters of Komodo National Park Labuan Bajo

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A sightseeing boat reported to have drowned in deep waters Komodo National ParkLabuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, Tuesday (28/6) morning. “Currently an evacuation is being carried out,” said Head of Class III Labuan Bajo Harbor Authority and Port Authority (KSOP) Office Hasan Sadili as quoted from Between. Based on … Read more

Komodo National Park Entrance Ticket Price IDR 3.75 Million as of 1 August – Starting August 1, 2022, the Regional Government of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and Komodo National Park Hall (BTNK) plans to assign fees to conservation areas Komodo National Park (TNK), to Rp 3.75 million per person for a period of one year. “Taking into account the cost of conservation, (the cost) is IDR 3.75 … Read more

Government Restricts Tourists to Komodo National Park, Tickets IDR 3.75 Million

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The government will limit the number of tourists visiting Komodo National ParkEast Nusa Tenggara (NTT) to 200 thousand per year starting August 1, 2022. Tourists are also required to book tickets online online. According to the results of the Ecosystem-Based Carrying Capacity Study in Komodo National Park (TNK) which has been … Read more

Rumored to help Shin Tae-yong in the Indonesian national team as of 2023, this is Park Hang-seo’s firm answer: Okezone Bola

ISSUED bantu Shin Tae-yong from Indonesian National team as of 2023, this is the clear answer of the Vietnam national team coach, Park Hang-seo. He admitted that he wanted to extend his contract with the Vietnam national team, instead of starting a new adventure in another team. Park Hang-seo’s contract with the Vietnam national team … Read more

Meskie Granie 2022 in Poznań. There has been no such event for a long time! Crowds in the park of the Citadel [ZDJĘCIA]

This year’s Men’s Playing has started in Poznań. For this day, fans of pop and rock waited with longing. On Friday, June 24, there was no shortage of emotions. The artists played spontaneous concerts. Performed by: Mitch & Mitch Con Il Loro Gruppo Etereofonico, Wojtek Mazolewski, Karaś / Rogucki, Daria Zawiałow and Dawid Podsiadło. On … Read more

Flowering Castelluccio Norcia 2022: when to go, where to park, the shuttles. The guide

Perugia, 24 June 2022 – A spectacle of nature. This is simply the flowering in Castelluccio di Norcia 2022which returns again this year to give the many visitors the wonder of lentils in fiore. When to go, where to parkhow the service works shuttle bus are just some of the questions many people are asking … Read more

Park Byeong-eun, who is suspected of having an affair, brings evidence that Seo Ye-ji has a warning woman.

‘Eve’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) Yoo Seon-i warned Seo Ye-ji about Park Byung-eun’s affair. In the tvN drama ‘Eve’ broadcast on the 22nd, Irael (Seo Ye-ji) talked to Han So-ra (Yoo Seon) about Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byeong-eun)’s female problem. On this day, Irael told Han So-ra that it was her intuition as a woman, … Read more

Marilina Bertoldi presented her new album at Luna Park where she gave closure and “death” to the Prudish

Prudent reveals and reflects a crucial moment in Bertoldi’s life where she faces her fears, decides to stop repressing her desires and unleashes a much freer life where she accepts her sexuality (Gustavo Gavotti) Covered with a long cape, metallic shoulder pads and even with a medieval helmet in hand, Bertoldi came out on stage … Read more

[성지순례] A low threshold arcade, Busan Gwangbok Lotte Cinema Game Park

Hello, Game Mecca readers. Greetings from Ryunan of the pilgrimage. As social distancing was lifted on May 1st, the game center will continue to operate normally as before, with no restrictions on business hours or number of visitors. Let’s go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the hope that the arcade game industry, … Read more