Maravilla Martínez took 90 seconds to knock out the Colombian Teheran at Luna Park and wants his world chance

For the first time in Argentina since he took back the gloves, the Quilmes boxer who lives in Madrid gave no options to an opponent who had no reaction before a crowd in the Cathedral. Ten years after his last fight in Argentina and for the first time at the legendary Luna Park stadium, Sergio … Read more

ChatGPT has written the script for a new South Park episode about ChatGPT – The Knife

Creators of South Park used ChatGPT to create a new episode called Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence is listed in the credits as a co-writer of the script. In a new series, South Park students discover they can use a neural network to do their homework. With her help, they write essays, as well as romantic … Read more

The president behind entertainment “Sister-in-law’s goosebumps counterattack… Park Soo-hong, the reason why the billions collapse.” Who is the third person?

Sports Chosun = Reporter Park Ah-ram yunhap news Circumstances in which Park Soo-hong and his brother-in-law, who are in legal dispute, started a counterattack were captured. On the 20th, a video titled ‘Sister-in-law’s creepy counterattack… the reason Park Soo-hong collapsed’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘President Lee Jin-ho behind entertainment’. In the video, Lee … Read more

‘Woongnam’ Park Seong-gwang “With Kang Joo-eun, the filming with Choi Min-soo can proceed smoothly” [인터뷰M]

I met Park Seong-gwang, who challenged himself as a commercial film director for the first time with the film ‘Woongnam’, a film with a novel setting about twin bears who became human after eating mugwort and garlic for 100 days based on the Dangun myth. Park Seong-gwang, who achieved success as a comedian, majored in … Read more

From Monday, those who park overnight without a public permit will be fined HUF 10,000 in the IX. in some parts of the district

Between 6pm and 7am, only Ferencváros residents can park in exclusive residential parking spaces. From Monday, the Ferencváros Public Areas Authority will fine those motorists who leave their cars in exclusive public parking spaces between 6pm and 7am without a public permit. in the district, the Ferencváros Municipality informed MTI. They wrote that the exclusive … Read more

Honam University student Park Ji-hyun, Mr. Trot 2 ‘Sun’

Park Ji-hyun from Honam University. Photo = Provided by Honam University. Park Ji-hyeon (28), a senior in the Department of Chinese at Honam University, announced the birth of a new hero in the K-Trot world by placing second in the final of TV Chosun’s ‘Mr. According to Honam University on the 19th, Park Ji-hyun sang … Read more

‘The Glory’ Jung Seong-il “I love Ha Do-young and Park Yeon-jin very much”… The reason is?

Money Today Reporter Park Hyo-joo | 2023.03.19 08:34 /Photo = Netflix capture Actor Jung Sung-il explained about Ha Do-young’s feelings for Park Yeon-jin in the Netflix drama ‘The Glory’. On the 17th, in the ‘Netflix Debate’, which was released through the YouTube channel ‘Netflix Korea’, Jeong Seong-il interpreted, “Ha Do-young (Jeong Seong-il) loved Park Yeon-jin … Read more

Sam Neill: what type of cancer is the actor of “Jurassic Park” suffering from

Writing* BBC News World March 18, 2023 image source, Universal Pictures Caption, Sam Neill played paleontologist Alan Grant in “Jurassic Park” (1993). When actor Sam Neill was told what he had, he recalls first thinking, “I’m sick, I’m going to die,” but then taking it easy. The protagonist of the hit movie “Jurassic Park”, now … Read more

The 2023 Fall/Winter Diesel Collection attended by Brand Ambassador Jay Park.

This browser does not support sharing function.Address copied. The beauty of Fashion Week is seeing the collection invitations delivered to your hotel room before the fashion show begins. During the Milan Fashion Week last February, there was an even more special invitation. The bright red diesel show invite. I was excited to open it and … Read more

Královédvorský Safari Park has already sent over a hundred animals to Africa

The most significant transfers were the gradual transport of nine critically endangered eastern two-horned rhinos to Tanzania and Rwanda. This was said by Jan Stejskal, the head of international projects at the court zoo. Rhinos are returning to Africa from Dvor Králové after five generations of captive breeding. Their ancestors came to the court zoo … Read more