Ukraine: Scholz, the war could last a long time – Politics

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz he does not expect the war in Ukraine to end soon and reiterates that peace is impossible without the withdrawal of Russian troops. “We have to be prepared for the fact that this (war, ed.) could take a long time,” Scholz said at an event organized by the Rheinische Post yesterday. … Read more

The passenger asked to change seats, but the flight attendant got into an argument

Jakarta – SkyWest Airlines conducted an investigation because of a fight between fellow flight attendants and it went viral. The argument started when passengers wanted to change seats. reported NBC News, Saturday (18/3/2023) the bickering dragged on and caused the take off to be delayed. The fight also made one of the flight attendants cry … Read more

A woman rides the subway and clamors “Men must stand”… Punches and hits the head of the male passenger.

A woman in mainland China allegedly had a dispute with a young man on Line 4 of the Guangzhou Metro over giving up his seat. The woman even punched the man in the head. (Picture/Review of Jimu News) A woman in mainland China allegedly had an argument with a young man about giving up his … Read more

Truly, a disabled passenger was yelled at by the Singapore Airlines crew

Jakarta – Unusual experience experienced by a tourist while flying Singapore Airlines. He had the impression of being looked down upon by airline flight attendants because of the condition of his only one hand. It is normal for airlines to record passengers under certain conditions. For example, pregnant, carrying a toddler, to those with special … Read more

The flight was delayed for 1 hour and the passenger asked to “drive faster” and the ending was revealed…Arrived 20 minutes earlier | International | CTWANT

Some people in China want the plane to go faster because of the flight delay. (Picture / flip from Weibo) this is okay too? There is a man surnamed Zhao in China. Recently, he took a Shandong Airlines flight and wanted to transfer to Jinan. Because the flight was delayed for one hour, he was … Read more

Dragged to the ground by the passenger of a BMW at Spa, Michaël seeks to identify his attacker

******** ************** ** ****** ** *** ************ ** ******* ********** **** ******* **************** ****** ***** *** ******* ** ******* **** ******* ****************** **** ** ********* ** ** ***** ** ********** ************* *** ****** ************ *** **** ************ ******** ********* Read also The Carrefour Express in Spa, devastated by a fire, will remain closed for several … Read more

A passenger throws a garbage bag out of the window in Mīlgravja’s ‘Audi’ channel

On Tuesday morning, March 7, around 8:15 a.m., on the stretch of road near the Mīlgrāvja canal, eyewitness Pēteris noticed an “Audi A6 Avant” car driving strangely in front of it, which suddenly reduced its speed and approached the road barrier as much as possible. As it turned out, the driver acted this way so … Read more