The competency selection for the 2021 Teacher PPPK phase 2 is taking place, this is the passing grade to pass

ILLUSTRATION. The competency selection for the 2021 Teacher PPPK phase 2 is taking place, this is the passing grade to pass Source: | Editor: Adi Wikanto KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. The selection of Government Employee competencies with the 2021 Teacher Work Agreement (PPPK) second phase is still taking place today, Wednesday 8 December 2021. In … Read more

Index – Domestic – Austrians caught smugglers, passing more than 700 immigrants to Hungary

Fifteen suspected smugglers have been apprehended in Austria in recent days, who have recently been able to smuggle more than seven hundred migrants to Austria illegally, police in the province of Lower Austria said. The smugglers smuggled illegal immigrants into Austria, crossing the Serbian-Hungarian border and passing through Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Authorities also … Read more

Spain: Enrique insists on passing control + no front line finishing ability is a problem_World Cup

Original title: Spain: Enrique insists on passing control + the ability to end without front is a problem After the 1-0 lore against Sweden, Spain came from behind in this group, pressing Sweden to advance to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar as the group leader. It has to be said that Spain’s road to … Read more

Stablize!Beijing’s twin towers combined to score 32+15+5, no one passing the ball for the inside is a hidden danger_fan Ziming

Original title: Stable!Beijing Twin Towers combined to score 32+15+5, no one passing the ball for the inside is a hidden danger On November 14, Beijing time, the 13th round of the CBA regular season of the 2021-2022 season, ushered in the second round of the focus game “Beijing-Canton War”, the Beijing Men’s Basketball Team faced … Read more

‘Tri Chainarong’ handsome chaiboon Passing on love, keeping smiles with 4 foundations

Saturday, November 6, 2021, 6:00 a.m. In addition to promoting the single “Pon Pon ON Star”, the first dance song in the life of the artist’s favorite fan club “Tri Chainarong” that many people who watch the MV and appreciate another talent of Tri. The role of the godfather of drama is a successful show … Read more

NASA Surprised Asteroid Passing Near Earth, Undetected

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was surprised by a asteroid passing very close to Earth and undetected. Even though NASA always observes all asteroids that have the potential to hit Earth. But on Sunday (24/10) an asteroid that passed close enough to Earth escaped NASA’s scrutiny, and shocked the … Read more

3 of them replace 1 slice of bread! Chestnut heals those who are weak and tired.

Specialist from Medipol Mega University Hospital. Dietitian Canel Öner Sayar said, “Chestnut, a source of vitamins B1 and B2, is a quality food source for people with gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy and celiac disease. Chestnut, which has a calming feature, is also good for depression and stress. Chestnut, which prevents premature aging and allows the … Read more

Passing Dark Souls 3 with a single button? A streamer achieves the feat using Morse code

Rudeism has a habit of completing games using the most particular “controls”. Any game in the Souls franchise has the peculiarity of being devilishly difficult. For some players, this is perceived as a challenge to overcome. But others see it as a challenge that could be even more extreme. Following this line, Rudeism is a … Read more

If we care about our dog’s health, it is better to avoid passing him food under the counter which could be harmful

For many of us, two are the keywords of the weekend: relaxation and good food. This is in fact the moment of the week when we can take a break from work stress and relaxation, as you know, also passes through culinary pampering. After a week of quick lunches and sad salads, we look forward … Read more