30 years of “socialist market economy”: China’s path to economic power

Status: 03/29/2023 11:24 am 30 years ago, China enshrined the “socialist market economy” in the constitution and officially ended the planned economy. But the Communist Party has not withdrawn from the economy – on the contrary. Von Ruth Kirchner, ARD-Studio Peking, zzt. Berlin Market and socialism – what Chinese state television announced 30 years ago … Read more

“I felt on the side of the dead, I had to rebuild a path to the living…”

She spoke of her physical recovery, after being burned on her face and hands, of her psychological recovery afterwards, thanks to the help of many people and in particular of what she calls “the group of little friends”, who together with four other women survivors of the explosion in Maelbeek. Finally, she spoke of her … Read more

ONE Lumpini HEROES | Life Path of Thepthaksin Sor Sornsingh

Program ONE Lumpini HEROES March 28, 2023 The life path of “Thep Thaksin Sorn Sing”, which has difficulty coming from a distant land, used to quit boxing, but came back to fight His goal is ONE LUMPINEE and his goal is even further, ONE CHAMPIONSHIP. Follow ONE Championship and ONE Lumpinee at : https://www.ch7.com/one-championship

A martial artist delayed by basketball! James Johnson’s basketball path from versatile lineman to tough guard- NBA – Basketball

Generally speaking, in addition to the star players who dominate the court, there are also some players called Enforcers. These players come out when their players are targeted. Someone more “strength” than James Johnson for this role… Generally speaking, in addition to the star players who dominate the court, there are also many blue-collar workers … Read more

a pedestrian lost his life after being hit head-on by a train

The pedestrian was traveling at the height of the railway bridge spanning the railway at the level of the chaussée de Waterloo, when the tragedy occurred. The victim, who was along the rails, was hit head-on by a train traveling from Gembloux to Namur. According to information from L’Avenir, firefighters from the NAGE area went … Read more

“Cyberpunk 2077” will enable path tracing technology, and the new patch will be released on April 11 | XFastest News

CD Projekt Red announced at the GDC 2023 conference that “Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk 2077)” will be updated on April 11, when path tracking technology will be added and RT Overdrive mode will be provided. “Cyberpunk 2077” is also the fourth game to receive real-time path tracking technology after “Quake 2: RTX”, “Minecraft” and “Portal”. game. … Read more

Aras Vēberis is not surprised by the further behavior of his former “Night Persons” colleague Alan Chošnau: he chose the path of a traitor

Some time ago, a conflict broke out between Aro Vėberis and Alan Chošnau, members of the “Naktinės personos” group. “He dared to lie to my face, to hide behind my back even for a couple of years, he simply betrayed me by seizing the rights to all the songs of “Persons”, A. Vēberis said in … Read more

The Path of the Prima Party to Be a Participant in the 2024 Election, which is Increasingly Open…

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The opportunity for the Adil Makmur People’s Party (Prima) to become a participant in the 2024 Election is increasingly open following Prima’s lawsuit against the General Election Commission (KPU) by the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) in a dispute decision hearing, Monday (20/3/2023). Bawaslu chairman Rahmat Bagja assessed that the KPU was proven … Read more

Reveals new career path: – After I turned 60, I just say “yes”

Author Anne B. Ragde (65) and comedian Sandra Spjelkavik (32) met under psychologically stressful circumstances during the recording of the TV 2 program “Forræder” last year. Paranoia is replaced by roars of laughter when they take the comedy stage together later this year. – On “Forræder” I loved Anne from the moment she opened her … Read more

Construction of a concrete beach path has started despite the destruction procedure: “Anyone who still does not see that this is not a concrete road has sand in their eyes” | The Panne

The installation of the removable concrete pad on the beach in De Panne has started. The western side must be ready before Easter leave, followed by the east. In total, the path will be one and a half kilometers long. But what about the destruction procedure initiated by vzw Protect Trees and Nature? Authorized alderman … Read more