Jarosław Gowin and his political path. The story was repeated three times

In August, Jarosław Gowin lost his function in the government for the third time in his political career. The government spokesman informed about it, and the leader of the Covenant was told about the prime minister’s decision from the media Even during the reign of Donald Tusk in 2013, Gowin was dismissed from the function … Read more

Din Syamsuddin Ready to Go Down to the Path of Opponents Who Dare to Disband MUI

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Former Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MULTI-FUNCTION), Din Syamsuddin admitted that he was ready to go down to the ground to face the parties who wanted to dissolve the MUI. He said this in response to the hashtag #BubarkanMUI which was crowded on social media after member of the MUI … Read more

the tightening of the student success path adopted by the committee

The Higher Education Commission of the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation approved Tuesday afternoon the draft decree reforming the path to success for higher education students. The new rules will apply from the next academic year already. Supported by the Minister of Higher Education, Valérie Glatigny (MR), the reform – strongly denounced by the Federation … Read more

The direct path to death. Transport F from Brno took people to Minsk, 13 out of a thousand survived

“Hand in your apartment keys, food stamps, leftover money, securities, leave insurance, passbooks, jewelry and property declarations. Sign that you leave all your property here for the benefit of the Fund.” Roughly such sentences were heard by the Jewish inhabitants of Brno, who began coming to the building of the Brno school in Merhautova Street … Read more

The photos of the communion of the daughter of Natalie Weber and Mauro Zárate: “It is exciting to see you grow on the path of faith”

After the strong rumors of relationship crisis and after that Cinthia Fernandez will reveal that they have already smoothed out rough spots, Natalie Weber shared the most beautiful photos of the communion of mine, its daughter with Mauro Zárate. While he is playing soccer in Brazil, she remains in Buenos Aires very attentive that her … Read more

After the visit to the White House – the return of the champions to the path of victory

The Milwaukee Bucks (5/6) broke a series of two losses to the National Basketball Association (NBA). Playing Bucks at Home 118:109 (30:39, 31:19, 30:35, 27:16) broke the Philadelphia 76ers (8/4) basketball players. It was only the second NBA champions victory in the last 7 matches. The break came in the middle of the fourth quarter, … Read more

# dziedundejo2021 song and dance path «Saulesvija. Riga, Pieriga, diaspora, epilogue »/ Article

If it has been customary for delegations of all Latvian municipalities with their collectives, municipal leadership, flags and pennants to go through the center of Riga through the center of Riga, they are encouraged and greeted by spectators, as well as special greeters, who later greeted and greeted all the participants somewhere, this time it … Read more

Explore the path of art and technology integration (sound from the scene)-Entertainment Daguan-Market Information Network

Explore the path of fusion of art and technology (sound from the scene) Market Information Network 2021-11-04 11:52:14 Source: People’s Daily Online Comment: This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. At this great historical … Read more

Richie Clear ordered Got Itthipat to remove tattoos, telling the path of love that was tied up with fists.

That I got my tattoo removed. Seriously, did we tell him to remove it?It’s not about me. Well, I never thought he should be. he is anything but tattoo removal Maybe it was his idea that he had planned for a long time. as if he had erased one side And now the other side … Read more