Bobotoh Praises Persib Bandung Defender’s Action, Approaches Supporters After Defeated by Borneo FC: Respect!

TRIBUNJABAR.ID – Bek Persib Bandung this is the only player that comes close booboh after being defeated Borneo FC in the third match week Liga 1 season 2022/2023. Squad Persib Bandung lost and must accept excellence Borneo FC with a score of 4-1 when they travel to Segiri StadiumSamarinda, on Sunday (7/8/2022). The only player who … Read more

Persib Bandung Battered in the Initial Three Matches, Ridwan Kamil: Poék, Like a Dark Night Reporter, Muhamad Syarif Abdussalam TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil comment on current conditions Persib Bandung who consistently achieve bad results in Liga 1 2022/2023. Ridwan Kamil said that his favorite team’s performance was less than optimal in every match he witnessed. “Dark, like a dark night. I watched 3-1, didn’t watch 4-1, there … Read more

Liga 1 standings results: Persib Nahas, PSM’s Fate Compared to RANS and PSIS, Marc Klok Shame

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM – Here are the results and standings Liga 1 2022 third week. Results PSM Makassar, RANS Nusantara until PSIS Semarang. Match of the third week Liga 1 2022/2023 starts on Thursday (4/8/2023). Unlucky results achieved Persib Bandung, make Marc Klok feel embarrassed. D Liga 1 2022 , RANS Nusantara FC only narrowly lost 2-3 from Bali United. Despite being a … Read more

League 1 Results and Third Week Top Score, Turbulent Standing Position, Persib Bandung Enters the Red Zone

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Here’s a recap of the results and standings Liga 1 2022-2023 until the top score after the game third week on August 7, 2022. Madura United unbeaten, Persib Bandung failed to steal points from Borneo FC and defeat Persebaya Surabaya against Bhayangkara FC and Persis Solo’s bad record, which lost the first 3 matches in … Read more

League Transfer Exchange 1: Mike Ott Cancels to Persib, Titus Bonai to PSIS, Persis Solo Changes Striker

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – Ahead of the closing of the 2022 Liga 1 season transfer market, several teams have shown buying and selling their players to improve performance. Some teams that once looked passive are now even hotter looking for players to fill positions and improve the line-up of players in Liga 1 for the 2022/2023 … Read more

Paul Munster Gives Signal to Persib Bandung, Will the League 1 Team Come Back? Robert Alberts Threatened

. TRIBUN-BALI.COM – No Paul Munster frequently associated with Persib Bandungsince the coach seat Robert Alberts rocked by Bobotoh. Persib Bandung can’t give a win in two games Liga 1. In fact Persib Bandung had to lose at home to Madura United 1-3. The defeat of Persib Bandung was also watched live by thousands of Bobotoh. Read also: … Read more

Ciro Alves Forced to Play? This is the explanation of Persib Doctor

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – The long wait to see Ciro Alves’ action with Persib in an official match, has finally been fulfilled, after the Brazilian striker appeared in the match against Madura United in the second week of Liga 1 2022/2023. Ciro Alves came on in the 87th minute to replace Robi Darwis in the … Read more

It’s not about Persib Bandung, Marc Klok’s return is in the spotlight, leaving Cacharel Klok in Bali

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Escape from defeat Persib Bandung from Madura United 1-3 in the second week Liga 1, Marc Klok chose to visit his wife and children. Wife Marc KlokCacharel Klok dan Sage his daughter is known to live in Bali. Marc Klok had time to share his days with Cacharel Klok and his daughter on the … Read more

Esteban Vizcarra’s Action Makes Bobotoh Angry, Many Unfollow and Lose Respect

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – Madura United winger, Esteban Vizcarra is in the spotlight because of his celebration when celebrating Laskar Sape Kerrab’s second goal against Persib. Vizcarra’s celebration after Pedro Henrique broke into Persib’s goal in the second week of the 2022/2023 Liga 1 match at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, Bandung City, Saturday … Read more

Tonight’s Live Football Schedule: Persib, Arema FC, Liverpool vs Man City and Live Indosiar

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Tonight’s live football broadcast schedule will be presented from several events, starting from the BRI event Liga 1 2022, Emirates Cup as well Community ShieldSaturday (30/7/2022). Match fun Persib vs Madura United and Arema FC vs PSIS Semarang match Liga 1 you can watch live Indosiar or stream Moving to the pre-season … Read more