Rofrane Bambara (Large Families) explains why her plan to move to Morocco did not take place

Tweeter Share on Facebook After the broadcast of the episode of Large families: life in XXL this Tuesday, December 6, Rofrane Bambara received many questions regarding their move to Morocco. The mother of quadruplets explained why it was not done. The continuation under this advertisement Since this Monday, November 28, the docu-reality signed TF1, Large … Read more

In the future, you will not discuss raising the hood of your neighbor’s car: they have found another place for the engines

Such a change was told at the first conference dedicated to automotive technology, innovation and industry “Plug-in 2022” Vidas Žuraulis, professor of the Department of Automotive Engineering at Vilnius TECH University, brought about a changed car architecture inspired by the development of electric cars. The latter, the expert said, brought a number of challenges that … Read more

IK Uppsala is offered a place in the women’s league

On Monday, the Swedish Football Association’s licensing committee announced that Eskilstuna United DFF not granted elite license for 2023. This means that the club will be forcibly relegated to the top flight next season. This creates a vacancy in the women’s league that must be filled before next season. In the competition regulations, it appears … Read more

Flu, worrying diffusion: Marche in sixth place in Italy

Incidence of new cases of flu-like syndrome in the various Italian regions. The last colored column (47) corresponds to the week from 21 to 27 November (Source: Istituto Superiore di Sanità) It was reported here in Cronache Maceratesi by colleagues Romano Mari and Pierfrancesco Gentilucci the worrying spread of flu-like syndromes in the Macerata area, … Read more

Castellón will give the double flu-covid vaccine without an appointment: Place, day and time

The health department of Castellon will inoculate the double vaccination of the fourth covid dose and that of the flu with out PRIVIOUSE appointment. The objective is Expand vaccination coverage in risk groupsespecially older people now that there is a higher incidence of respiratory viruses. Thus, the Ministry of healthcare take one more stepas already … Read more

Third place in Lillehammer: ÖSV ace Pinkelnig continues the podium series

Despite this, Pinkelnig successfully defended her lead in the overall World Cup and will now be wearing the yellow jersey at the next competitions in Titisee-Neustadt next week. For 23-year-old Opseth it was the second win of the season after the one in Wisla. Ström must continue to wait for her premiere success. Fourth was … Read more

Canada – Morocco 1:2, CUT: Moroccans in euphoria! After the win over Canada, they are celebrating a sensational promotion from first place

The Moroccans followed up their surprise win over Belgium to top the group unbeaten with seven points. In their sixth participation in the world championship, they went through to the knockout stages for only the second time, where they had only been in 1986. They will challenge the second team from Group E in the … Read more

David Serero: “Morocco will have its place in the world of opera!”

PARIS: Chocolate factory, ephemeral restaurants, cafes and even, perhaps, a hotel: the world’s leading luxury brand Louis Vuitton, which aims to be “more than a fashion brand, a brand of culture”, is accelerating its diversification for the better ” expand its territory. Louis Vuitton, “it’s much more than a fashion brand, it’s a brand of … Read more

“Russian forces in Crimea may be cut off.” Reserve colonel G. Bagdonas predicts how the war will take place in the winter

intervened we have Bachmut’s attack Further directions of Ukraine’s counterattack Effect of winter weather conditions on battles Russian war crimes The reluctance of the West to supply tanks, fighters and ATACMS missiles Map of Ukraine – Having withdrawn their forces from the west bank of the Dnieper River, the Russians now concentrated more forces in … Read more

He abandons a cat in a box at a gas station with a note: ‘Jackie would prefer a quiet place’

Luckily someone noticed that box abandoned at a petrol station in Edinburgh, Scotland. In fact, inside there was a litter box and above all a cat, without a microchip and a leash. Attached to the box, a note read: “this apartment cat is called Jackie and would prefer a quiet place”. The person who found … Read more