Viral Compilation of PPKM Meme Level 4 Eating in Place for 20 Minutes, Public: Damn Hyung! – Announcement of renewal PPKM level 4 has been delivered directly by President Joko Widodo until August 2 next. However, there is a policy of leniency in implementing this extension. Some of them that are in the spotlight are food stalls, street vendors, hawker stalls and the like that have their place of business … Read more

At the parade of the Navy in St. Petersburg, an Iranian sailor publicly scratched an intimate place – video

An Iranian sailor who took part in the military parade in St. Petersburg on the Day of the Russian Navy was embarrassed in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin. About it writes Fontanka. As you know, on July 25 in St. Petersburg on the occasion of the 325th anniversary of the creation of the Russian … Read more

The person who took the first place in the July Trot Singer Brand Reputation by defeating even Park Gun and Young Tak is…

The results of analysis of ‘Trot singer brand reputation’ were released in July. Singer Young-woong Lim / News 1 below The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute released the rankings of ‘July Trot Singer Brand Reputation’ on the 25th. The ranking is the result of analyzing the trot singer brand big data from the 25th of … Read more

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, cycling: Kopecky in tears after his 4th place: “I deserved this podium”

The Belgian cyclist Lotte Kopecky took fourth place, narrowly missing a medal, in the Tokyo Olympic road race on Sunday. “I think I deserved this podium“, she reacted under the influence of emotion. The women’s road race turned out to be a very special race, at the end of which the Austrian cyclist Anna Kiesenhofer … Read more

Kubová finished in 27th place in the heat on the 100 markers

Swimmer Simona Kubová did not advance from Monday’s 100-meter mark to Monday’s semifinals at the Tokyo Olympics. The 29-year-old native of Chomutov, who started in London under five laps and in Rio de Janeiro under the maiden name Baumrtová, finished in 27th place with a time of 1: 01.35. She was 1.31 seconds behind the … Read more

Mars crater – a special find in clay sediments: found a place where life could have existed

A new NASA study has shown that traces of past life on Mars could have been destroyed in some parts of the planet. Surprising discovery does not reduce the likelihood that scientists on the Red Planet will be able to detect life manifestations, the portal writes NASA’s Curiosity, a Martian spacecraft, has made a … Read more

From total lunar eclipses to ‘supermoon, bloodmoon, and bluemoon’…where is the best place to watch?

Total lunar eclipse/Photo = Yonhap News [한국스포츠경제 이성봉] A partial lunar eclipse begins at 8:48 p.m. on the 31st, and a total lunar eclipse begins at 9:51 p.m. when the moon is completely covered by the Earth. The phenomenon of the moon being obscured by the earth’s shadow will continue until 1:10 a.m. on the … Read more

Covid: Spain, a new squeeze takes place in Navarre and Galicia – Europe

(ANSA) – MADRID, JUL 23 – The competent judicial bodies for the Spanish regions of Navarre and Galicia (located in the north of the country) have authorized their respective governments to apply new restrictions to curb covid infections. It is learned from the Iberian media. Thus, in Navarre a curfew will be applied between one … Read more

J. Butkutė’s mega-show near Kaunas Castle will not take place: why was the permit not granted?

Planned a big concert “I am very, very angry, and if I am very light, I am so furious that even the smoke from my ears smokes. I feel as if a big, precious and brutally good piece of art has been boldly taken away from us in the middle of the white day, stolen. … Read more