He’s definitely leaving, says the agent! In Sparta, another transfer is about to take place

The goalkeeper’s agent Bogdan Apostu told the as.ro server that Nita would leave Sparta in the summer. It is said that there are a lot of people interested. “Florin Nita will definitely leave Sparta and make an important transfer. It remains to be seen where he will go, we act on many levels. Florin will … Read more

The Eye of the Sahara: what is this mysterious place that only astronauts can see

The latest studies led the experts to assume that it would be a symmetrical formation of an anticline dome, created by the effect of erosion over millions of years. This mysterious site is called andRichat’s structure, although it is popularly known as Eye of the Sahara or Eye of the bull or ox. It is … Read more

Basketball zone with Kuzminskas: about the return for Latvians and the competition for a place in the national team

Delfi Broadcast –Basketball area“. In it, a conversation with the striker Mindaugas Kuzminskas, who is watching the game of the Lithuanian national team from the side so far. The hosts of the program are journalist Gediminas Inčiūra and commentator Vaidas Čeponis. The interviewer is basketball player Mindaugas Kuzminskas. Starts on Monday at 2 p.m.

Mangrove Plants Become a Place to Live for Giant Bacteria

Jakarta – In a swampy mangrove forest in the French Caribbean, a strange creature hides among the fallen leaves. Apparently this creature is bacteria biggest ever. This bacterium, which has the scientific name Thiomargarita magnifica, has a length of 1-2cm, making it a “giant” compared to other microbes. Because of its size, Thiomargarita magnifica is … Read more

Active construction works continue on state roads; they take place in more than 80 stages

VSIA Latvijas Valsts ceļi informs that construction works on the highway Jelgava-Iecava (P93) near Garoza are starting in Zemgale, in Kurzeme – on the road Līga-Kandava-Veģi (P130) in the section from Līgai to the turn to Pūce (V1474) and from Sabile to Veģi. Restrictions on repair stages have been renewed since Monday, where they were … Read more

An Italian journalist gives good news to the Nazarenes: The Ospina deal has already taken place

The objections of the Saudi victory fans came to the Egyptian Muhammad Abu Jabal deal; The goalkeeper of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, with its fruits, and the global summer Mercato will start with a high-caliber deal. The summer transfer market in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League is scheduled to start on … Read more

Soccer hockey place. Ovechkin played for Dynamo Moscow and with a goal helped to win

“The dream came true. Of course I dreamed of scoring a goal. I had one more chance, but I tried to find Smolov with a pass,” said Ovechkin, who wore the Dynamo Moscow hockey jersey before leaving for the NHL. The 36-year-old three-time world champion scored a goal after receiving a pass with a heel … Read more

Lagzdins wins second place in the U-23 European Canoeing Championship

Lagzdiņš lost to the Italian Gabrielem Kazade only in the final, finishing after three minutes and 55,280 seconds, 4,117 seconds behind the champion. The third place was taken by the Czech Jirži Minariks, who lagged behind Lagzdiņš by 0.224 seconds. In the preliminaries, Lagzdins achieved the result in four minutes and 17,256 seconds, which was … Read more

Henry said goodbye to Fenerbach and will seek a place in the NBA

Last year he moved from Vitoria Baskonia to Istanbul’s Fenerbahce Pierria Henry Did not stay in Turkey. The 29-year-old 193-cm-long American shared a long message on his Instagram account thanking the fans and the club and saying he would not return to Fenerbach next season. The Athletic has announced that Henry will attend the Wizards … Read more

Sobchak put in place presumptuous Baskov

Nikolai Baskov, despite his “golden voice”, will never replace the late Iosif Kobzon. And there is one reason for that, says Ksenia Sobchak. The “natural blond” has absolutely no chance of taking the place of the singer, Sobchak believes. And the point here is not even a lack of talent or regalia – everything is … Read more