Public transport drivers plan to strike in Vilnius :: Dienas Bizness

In Latvia, it is necessary to work on restoring the prestige of the driver profession in order to solve the shortage of workers in this profession, Andis Pikāns, chairman of the board of car transporter “Kurbads”, said in an interview. When asked whether the only solution to the lack of drivers could be the import … Read more

Reflecting on Wanaartha, OJK reviews Saving Plan Insurance Products

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) will review the product saving plan owned by the insurance industry. The goal is to avoid customer losses due to companies that have the potential to do things that are not responsible. The Chief Executive of the Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervision of the Financial Services Authority … Read more

From car parks to tram lines, ok in Palermo for the three-year public works plan

The green light from the Palermo City Council for the three-year public works plan unlocks a series of tenders for the construction of long-awaited works. There are also two interventions for 11 and a half million with Pnrr funds – one for 4 million and 600 thousand euros and another for 6 million and 900 … Read more

«A Mattei plan for Africa and European repatriation management»-

from Monica Guerzoni The premier: we cannot act alone on the flows, we need more EU on the southern front. Tajani will go to Libya Plus the area of ​​the Mediterranean will be stable, the more l‘Europe will be safe. And viceversa. It is around this difficult to refute concept that the two-day event revolved … Read more

Spain lost on purpose, it was Enrique’s plan, Sánchez has no doubts. Portugal was inspired

Source: Depositphotos Spain and Portugal made a lot of enemies at the championship by dropping the final duels in the group. Real Madrid legend Hugo Sánchez has now joined the selection of coach Luis Enrique, who thinks it was a premeditated move. Spain entered their final group match at the Qatar Championship on Thursday, with … Read more

Russian preparations for evacuation from Kakhovka, withdrawal from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, another plan to capture Kyiv. What’s Happening on the Front Line

British Ministry of Defense notesthat after the retreat from the right bank of the Dnieper, the Russian troops began to have serious problems with logistics. The Russians are pushing strongholds and supply centers further and further from the line of contact to the south and east. Road transport is vulnerable to the artillery of the … Read more

Deployment in Miami: Sun Express stops wet lease plan in the USA

The Turkish-German holiday airline planned to lease four Boeing 737s to the USA in winter. But now Sun Express’s deal with Iaero Airways has fallen through. These are numbers that bosses like to present. Sun Express was already able to overcome the pandemic in terms of capacity last year. In the current year, the Turkish-German … Read more

Fired? Fired? Can you stay on the corporate health plan?

Several employees benefit from the health plan offered by the employer. However, they question whether they can keep the benefit if they are dismissed. There are cases where the answer is yes. Shall we see together? Under the terms of Federal Law 9656/98 (Health Plans Law), in the case of collective plans of companies, admitted … Read more