A model of a black hole was created in the plasma laboratory – physicists were interested in the process of its nutrition

Read full version 20.05.2023 08:16, Gennady Detinich Black holes beckon with their fantastic mystery – they are colossal sources of energy and even tunnels for interstellar flights. This needs to be studied in detail and modeling for this is the right approach. Researchers at Imperial College London set up an experiment on modeling the accretion … Read more

New hardware for old classics: the glorious madness of neo-retro technology

I like retro technology and I like new things. But there is one special category of things that somehow doesn’t belong in either group, or more precisely, it belongs in both: Neoretro. New implementations of old technologies! And I find them both amazing – and a little crazy. Personally, I have to say that I … Read more

What is a plasma waterfall and how does it happen? and affect the world or not

astronomer Captured stunning, beautifully detailed images of the sun. which appears in the details of a huge plasma or plasma cascade Eduardo Chaberger Pupo, astronomer Lives in the city of Raphael. Argentina Recorded the image of the sun on March 9 from the recorded image. He saw plasma gushing from the Sun’s surface, looking like … Read more

Toyota GR Supra Special Edition “Plasma Orange 100 Edition” Limited to 100 units, lottery acceptance from May 8th to June 4th

Limited to 100 GR Supra special edition “Plasma Orange 100 Edition” TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) announced on April 28 that the cumulative production volume of the customer motor sports vehicle “GR Supra GT4” has reached 100 units. To commemorate this, a limited edition of 100 units of the GR Supra special edition “Plasma Orange 100 … Read more

The Council of Ministers approves 7 decisions during its weekly meeting.. Get to know them

Written by Hind Mukhtar – Photography by Suleiman Al-Atifi Wednesday, April 12, 2023 01:04 PM During its meeting today, chaired by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, the Council of Ministers approved a number of decisions, namely: The Council of Ministers approved, in principle, a draft Presidential Decree amending Presidential Decree No. 448 of 1988 regarding the establishment … Read more

The free-to-create robot sandbox engineering game “Plasma” starts Steam Early Access- Hong Kong mobile game network GameApps.hk

“Plasma” is a high-degree-of-freedom sandbox game that allows players to freely create robots, vehicles, workshops, etc. after 5 years of development. You can build any device you can imagine, create your own world and share it with the community. Others share. Players can even use visual programming tools to control the behavior and logic of … Read more

A Solar Tornado 14 Earth Times High Throws Plasma Clouds Into Space

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory watches as a tornado appears over the sun’s north pole. Image: NASA/SDO/composite by Steve Spaleta SPACE — NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory took this image of a major event identified as the ‘highest tornado’ in the solar system. Early plasma swirled across the sun’s north pole during the event. Twisting filaments of … Read more

The polar regions of the Earth were covered with clouds of “dark plasma” from the ejection of the coronal mass of the Sun

Read full version 16.03.2023 13:22, Gennady Detinich U.S. National Weather Service Space Weather Prediction Center reportedthat on March 15, the polar regions of the Earth were covered with clouds of “dark plasma”. Unlike light radiation and the flow of charged particles, matter from the Sun’s corona or coronal mass ejection does not always land on … Read more

Soft-modified Steam Deck becomes the king of handhelds: play thousands of games on the emulator #EmuDeck (188024) – Cool3c

In addition to being the king of handheld consoles in 2022, Steam Deck has unexpectedly become the king of very powerful emulator handhelds because of its high-performance hardware, good scalability, and Linux-based operating system. We have also written before how to greatly increase the storage space by modifying the machine. It can even be larger … Read more