Izabela Janachowska like the “8th wonder of the world” in a swimsuit for PLN 579. Incredibly emphasizes the tan

Are you interested in celebrity styling? You can read more similar articles on the home page Gazeta.pl One-piece swimwear is also a popular option in summer. Properly cut, they are perfect for sunbathing and sunbathing. See the model chosen by Izabela Janachowska. Watch the video Izabela Janachowska’s husband is a millionaire. She would “go crazy … Read more

PLN will increase electricity tariffs as of July 1, 2022, the following groups are subject to tariff adjustments

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – PLN will increase electricity tariffs as of July 1, 2022. This tariff increase only applies to households with power above 3,500 Volt Ampere (VA) and the ruling class. Quoted from Kompas.com, details increase this rate is for household groups R2 and R3. Quantity increase that group is 17.63 percent. Baca: Residents are often … Read more

Mohito sells beautiful midi skirts for only 39.99 PLN! Side buttons add elegance

Midi skirts up to PLN 50 from well-known chain stores Calf-length skirts are extremely fashionable this season and are perfect for any occasion. It is worth having such a model in your wardrobe. In well-known chain stores you can hunt down something for yourself for pennies! A midi skirt for less than PLN 50? This … Read more

Hot sale at RTV Euro AGD! FIFA 22 from PLN 49, Gran Turismo 7 for PLN 149, PS5 headphones for PLN 399

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> There is a hot sale at RTV Euro AGD! On, oh, lots of discounted products, including a lot for players. Check it out for yourself! The material was created in cooperation with RTV Euro AGD. Various consoles in different sets, a lot of games (including EA and Switch productions), lots of accessories. In addition, … Read more

Far Cry 6 on sale. Ubisoft game for just PLN 99

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> In October last year, another sandbox from the French producer and publisher debuted on the market. The adventure of Dani Rojas has been included in a large promotion, thanks to which you can buy it in the version for various platforms for only PLN 99. This offer is noteworthy especially for players who prefer … Read more

PLN officers ticketed, police posts suddenly went out

Friday, June 17 2022 – 14:16 WIB VIVA – Every motorized vehicle user must comply with traffic rules when crossing the road. These regulations apply in all countries, including India. One of the violations that often occurs in this country is that motorcyclists do not wear helmets. In fact, protective equipment has a vital role … Read more

This foundation is a celebrity favorite. It costs less than PLN 30 and is a replacement for the iconic fluid

What cosmetic are we talking about? About Eveline Wonder Match! It is available in as many as 12 colors that blend perfectly with the skin and match its shade and structure. No wonder many stars have it in their cosmetic bag. It has a non-greasy, light texture that will hide all imperfections, but without the … Read more

500 plus new. This week, parents will receive PLN 590 million

June 1 this year began new benefit period “Rodzina 500 plus”, the first one operated exclusively by ZUS. – From the very beginning, we have been efficiently implementing the “Family 500 plus” program and this week we are paying out more funds, which are so important for many families. It will be PLN 591 million. … Read more

What phone up to PLN 1,500 to buy in 2022? GsmManiaK.pl ranking

What phone up to PLN 1,500 is worth buying in 2022? For this money, we’ll get a phone with impressive technical specifications: with strong processors, a good camera, a beautiful screen and fast charging. In the list of 10 recommended smartphones for about PLN 1,500 you will find only the best models. I have recently … Read more