The Foundation won the competition of the family ministry, but someone else got PLN 1.2 million. Court: This is a violation of the law

At the end of October 2018, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy announced a competition for the development and implementation of an educational package for teachers on the social economy. The funds for the implementation came from the European Social Fund. Two submitted projects received a positive assessment – one prepared by the … Read more

Poland lost PLN 31 billion on cash

Finance minister Tadeusz Kościński at the Cashless Congress said that cashless transactions limit the shadow economy and increase state revenues. In 2018, according to EY, lost tax revenues from the shadow economy, which can be limited by non-cash payments, amount to nearly PLN 31 billion. Picture Tadeusz Kościński, Minister of Finance of the Republic of … Read more

You can enjoy free electricity tokens for September 2020, here’s how

JAKARTA, – Electrical stimulus in the form of free tokens for Household customers with a power of 450 VA, subsidized 900 VA, and Social and Small Businesses of 450 VA for the period September 2020 it can be claimed. PT PLN (Persero) ensures that there is no change in the method or scheme to … Read more

[POPULER TREN] How To Get Free Electricity Tokens September | Terms and Mechanism of IDR 500,000 Cash Social Assistance Page all – A number of newsletters adorn the Trends page throughout Tuesday (1/9/2020). Information about how to get free electricity tokens from PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara ( PLN) dominate public attention. The electricity subsidy from PLN is provided for 450 VA and 900 VA users. Apart from the question of free electricity tokens, information about … Read more

2021 minimum wage will be frozen? “Already an increase to PLN 2,600 is a challenge” [stawki – 31.08]

The minimum wage in 2020 is PLN 2,600. This is PLN 350 more compared to 2019 and the government’s announcements show that this is not the end of the increases. The minimum wage in 2021 would increase again – to PLN 2,800. How much will the national lowest be in 2021? Should the minimum wage … Read more

Mulan Jameela ‘Pinches’ the PLN Boss about Debt of Rp 694 T

Jakarta – The financial condition of PT PLN (Persero), especially regarding the debt of large state-owned electricity companies, received the spotlight from the members of Commission VII DPR RI, Gerindra Faction Mulan Jameela |. He revealed, referring to the financial statements for the first quarter of 2020, PLN has long-term debt of IDR 537 trillion … Read more

Flats are getting more expensive, but not by them. For 70 thousand. PLN you can have your own square

Own apartment is a problem for many Poles. There has long been talk of a real estate bubble, and the situation is not improving at all. That is why it is worth getting interested in the auctions of the Military Property Agency. Living with the Military Property Agency can be a real opportunity Flat from … Read more