New Kia Niro, the hybrid or electric of desire: photos and technical data

The second generation of the Korean SUV will arrive in June 2022: renewed style, fully electrified range and high-tech instrumentation From America to South Korea there is the Pacific in the middle but it is clear that the new Niro is inspired by the HabaNiro concept, unveiled at the New York Motor Show in 2019: … Read more

Cayenne will no longer be the biggest. Porsche is preparing an even larger SUV

Porsche has significantly expanded its range in recent years. And the expansion is still planned, again another SUV is looming. Arrival the first generation of the Cayenne caused a huge uproar in 2002 among orthodox Porsche fans. How can a summer sports car manufacturer offer large SUVs? But in Zuffenhausen they knew what they were … Read more

The new Kia Niro is starting to be revealed. It really reveals what not to see

Kia confirms that the second generation of the Niro model is inspired by the Habaniro concept from 2019. It continues to offer different types of drive with different degrees of electrification. The Kia Niro has been on sale since 2016, and so the arrival of a successor is slowly approaching. And he’s really out the … Read more

Macron received a hybrid SUV with armor protection

They extended the car by 20 centimeters. video // PARIS. French president Emmanuel Macron will be driven in a new car that meets current trends. It is a hybrid SUV of the domestic brand, for sure it is also armored with bulletproof glass. Limousines from French brands such as Renault, Talbot, Simca, Citroen and Peugeot … Read more

The French president has a new car. It is a custom-built armored SUV with 300 horses

French President Emmanuel Macron will ride in a specially modified DS 7 Crossback Elysée. The Presidential Special has an extended armored body and a hybrid drive. The highest representatives of selected countries tend to have tailor-made cars. US President Joe Biden rides in “Beast”, a limousine built traditionally by Cadillac, Russian President Vladimir Putin turned … Read more

The new Kia Sportage is already manufactured in Žilina. It was created for the first time directly for Europe

Kia has launched European production of the new generation Sportage model. For the first time in history, there is a specification specially adapted for Europe. The Žilina factory of the Kia carmaker is already mass-producing a new, already the fifth generation of the compact SUV Sportage. For the first time in history, the car will … Read more

Long-term test Kia Ceed SW 1.6 GDI PHEV – So many normal things remain!

The white Kia Ceed SW station wagon running on petrol and electricity from the socket is approaching the number of 30,000 kilometers driven. How do we live in it? Low consumption, comfortable travel and not insignificant benefits provided by the registration mark with the letters EL. In addition to free motorways, mainly the fact that … Read more

Video: How fast is the fast charging of the plug-in hybrid Mercedes?

We have plug-in hybrid cars associated with slower charging during the day at work or at home overnight. Mercedes is an exception in this regard. Silver Arrows approach their plug-in hybrids differently than the vast majority of the competition. In addition to the petrol engine, cars also form a socket in combination with a diesel … Read more

Electric car sales are growing rapidly, accounting for almost a tenth of the EU market. Like plug-in hybrids

The market share of battery-powered electric cars rose to 9.8 percent in the EU, while the share of plug-in hybrids rose to 9.1 percent. Almost one in five cars sold in the European Union in the third quarter was an electric car. This is either a battery-powered car or a so-called plug-in hybrid. The share … Read more

The new Mercedes-AMG SL is really around the corner. He will perform next week

This time, the AMG division is in charge of developing the latest generation of the famous SL roadster. At the same time, it is clear in advance that the car is facing an extensive intergenerational transformation. The Roadster SL has been a traditional part of the Mercedes range for several years. Around the corner is … Read more