A great achievement by the Polish national team. There are only three such teams at M¦ National Team of Poland

In the first two matches of the World Cup, the Poles played well in defense and did not concede a goal. They first drew 0-0 with Mexico before beating Saudi Arabia 2-0. Apart from the white and red team, only two of the 32 teams that play at the World Cup in Qatar have not … Read more

The victory of Polish football players slows down the Saudi Arabian national team. Highlights / Article

November 26, 2:50 p.m Added November 26, 5:03 p.m Piotrs Zelinskis scored the winning goal for the Poles, while Roberts Lewandowskis stood out for the first time in his career with an effective shot in the final tournament of the World Cup. The Saudi Arabian national team did not take advantage of their opportunities and … Read more

“The World Cup is passing me by.” Polish representative disappointed with his situation

Szymon Żurkowski hardly plays for Fiorentina this season, which is why he lost his place in the Polish national team. The midfielder admitted during Monday’s press conference that he felt a missed opportunity. The 25-year-old has managed just 78 minutes for the club this season. Nevertheless, Czesław Michniewicz called him to the World Cup, but … Read more

I.Šimonytė to the Polish media: “Yes, we pay more for everything, but not with human lives”

Talking to “Virtual Poland” journalist Tatiana Kolesnychenko I.Šimonytė not only remembered her Polish rootsbut he also spoke about other recent events important to both Lithuania and Poland. No need for another fence One of them is about possible threats if a new wave of illegal migrants flows from the Kaliningrad region. Poland is afraid of … Read more

Affair! An absurd attack on “Lewy” and the Polish team. “God will punish them for this”

That’s how we got to the final of the play-offs, in which we faced Swedenand the 2:0 win allowed us to enjoy advancing to the next World Cup. Qatar 2022. The Polish national team attacked by the former goalkeeper of the USSR People related to Russia – as you can see – still can’t get … Read more

VIDEO. The goalkeeper of the Polish national team ended the interview with the words “Glory to Ukraine”

Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny in an interview after the 2022 World Cup match with Saudi Arabia, he supported Ukraine. When the questions from the journalists were exhausted, the Pole said as parting words: “Glory to Ukraine!”. Note that the match of the 2nd round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in group C between the … Read more

The Polish volleyball player is in great shape again. He remembered what he was famous for

The Cuban-born host has had a difficult time this season. After a fatal fall in the Italian Super Cup, when after hitting his head on the pitch he lost consciousness for a moment, volleyball Italy and Poland held their breath. After this incident, Leon needed a moment to rest, but he is again one of … Read more

Polish jumpers broke the bank in Ruka! I can’t believe how much they earned

What a weekend it was for Polish ski jumpers. Thomas Thurnbichler’s charges started the competition in Ruka from nnot the best jumps in Friday training serieshowever, the “Biało-Czerwoni” did much better during the Saturday and Sunday individual competition. On Saturday Piotr Żyła stood on the podium for the twentieth time, Dawid Kubacki brushed against the … Read more

High victory of Polish women in the qualifying rounds of the European Championships

In the last February window (9-12) Difficult duels await Poland – with the leader of the group, undefeated Turkey as the host and away with Slovenia. With the latter rivals, the Polish women lost three days ago in Gniezno 71:78. The Polish women played – compared to the match in Gniezno – without experienced peripheral … Read more