Did Natalie Pérez regret joining “Mastercheff celebrity”?

The Polish He tested positive for coronavirus and, despite the fact that he was doing very well in “Masterchef celebrity”, the production decided to replace him since he cannot attend the recordings and they cannot stop the cycle. For his replacement they called Natalie Perez and the actress accepted the challenge … although now she … Read more

Polish Cup: 1/16 final – draw

Although the previous round, due to the risk of coronavirus, had some problems, all outstanding matches were played and Pogoń Szczecin, Górnik Łęczna and Pogoń Siedlce joined the group of teams that advanced to the 1/16 finals of the Polish Cup. There will be some very interesting matches in the 1/16 final. The fans will … Read more

Advertisers are leaving the Polish Radio. Million dollar losses

As we read, according to unofficial estimates of people associated with the marketing of Polskie Radio SA, who were reached by Rzeczpospolita, only from the end of May, i.e. from the scandal with the Three Hits List and Kazik’s song, the lost advertising revenues of the entire institution may amount to PLN 5-6 million per … Read more

Rapid growth, 96 percent of sales are exports. Polish “national good”

In 2019, revenues from computer games in Poland amounted to over PLN 2.1 billion – according to a report on the industry. There are over 440 producers on our market. Poland is currently the 20th largest gaming market in the world. As the authors of “The game industry of Poland” emphasized, the Polish game industry … Read more

Polish drinker cheated after a sensational win. “Nothing different from Hitler”

Rafał Jackiewicz (52-26-2, 22 KO) defeated German Rico Mueller (25-4-1, 17 KO) at the gala in Braunlage on Saturday with a split decision. On Monday it turned out that the loser’s staff appealed. On Friday it became known that the German boxing commission BDB was going to change the outcome of the fight. The duel … Read more

One can be congratulated on Brzęcz. “This is the next step in the career” Polish national team

Advising the likely match lineup, we paid attention to it, although it might as well have seemed that Jerzy Brzęczek was preparing Kamil Jóźwiak for a meeting with Bosnia and Herzegovina, or he was preparing only for 20 minutes in Amsterdam. However, from the very beginning of the grouping he had a plan to put … Read more

A surprise in the second match of the Polish group of the League of Nations. Italians detained Polish national team

The League of Nations games have started. The teams from the Netherlands compete in group 1, Polish, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the match played in Florence, the hosts drew 1-1 with the Bosniaks. Unexpectedly, the guests took the lead in this meeting. In the 57th minute, Dynamo Moscow player Toni Sunjic passed to … Read more

Iga Świątek’s game in the US Open was interrupted and postponed. Many missed opportunities. The Polish woman is losing

Yesterday Iga Świątek waited to start her match. It was planned for court No. 11, but there, two long men’s meetings forced the organizers to look for another place for him. Unfortunately – at least for now – it is not happy for Igo. Turns and obstacles In a duel with a short, only 163 … Read more

Coronavirus. The European Commission criticizes the Polish flight ban

The European Commission criticizes Poland’s flight bans for certain countries due to the coronavirus pandemic. “There are other measures that are more appropriate to contain the spread of the disease,” said EC spokesman Christian Wigand. Picture the European Commission /EMMANUEL DUNAND /AFP On Wednesday, September 2, after midnight, the regulation of the Council of Ministers … Read more

Tesco disappears from Poland? We explain why. Acquisition of Polish business by Netto

The purchase of the Tesco business in Poland by the owner of the Netto chain is the largest transaction in trade on the Vistula River since the takeover of Real hypermarkets by Auchan. Its value is PLN 900 million. The fate of the entire transaction is now in the hands of the antitrust authorities. The … Read more