National Reconstruction Plan and money from the Reconstruction Fund. The Polish side claims that there is an agreement. The European Commission does not confirm and talks about the conditions. What’s the deal with KPO?

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki claims that the National Reconstruction Plan has already been approved. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, does not confirm this and talks about the conditions that Poland still has to meet in order for the money from the Reconstruction Fund to go to Warsaw. Who is right … Read more

The longest suspension bridge in the world has been opened right on the Polish border

The extraordinary bridge stretches from Slamnka Tourist Lodge at the top of Slamnik, near the Tako in the Clouds, across the valley of the Mlynsky Potok River to the slope of Chlum Mountain. Its official name is: Sky Bridge 721. In terms of dimensions, it has surpassed the world’s longest 516-meter suspension bridge in the … Read more

A comic counterattack of the Polish youth national team. Experts without mercy. “Pathetic Show” [WIDEO]

The Polish U17 team lost to their peers from France by 1: 6. The summary of the performance of “Biało-Czerwonych” was a comic counterattack, which ended in complete failure. The Polish U17 team is competing at the Youth European Championships. Unfortunately, the first match turned out to be a very painful verification of “Biało-Czerwonych”. The … Read more

Disturbing movements of Lukashenka’s troops near the Polish border. Interview reveals

Belarus will deploy additional soldiers along the border with Ukraine, but also with Poland, according to the findings of British intelligence. At the same time, the London secret services note that Alexander Lukashenka is trying to avoid direct participation in the war in Ukraine.

Polish Order. Taxes. Joint accounts with the child – changes in regulations

The settlement of single parents with children will not be as beneficial as before – points out in the Monday issue of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. The newspaper writes that the parent will settle accounts “with half of the child”. Only parents bringing up a disabled child will be accounted for as before the entry into … Read more

Servant of the Nation Polish version of the TV series Polsat Volodymyr Zelenski

“Servant of the Nation” is a 2015 Ukrainian series produced by Studio Kwartał 95, which was broadcast on 1 + 1. The current president of Ukraine plays the main role of the political comedy Volodymyr Zelenskywho plays the role of a teacher Wasyl Petrowicz Gołoborodko in the production. A man becomes president of the country … Read more

Please Fix the Road, or repair Polish roads. The developer will make available a pirated version

The Polish game will make its debut in June Please Fix the Road. Its author, Ariel Jurkowski, came up with an unusual idea. The developer ensures that on the day of the premiere it will also be available a pirated version of the game that will be playable. Please Fix the Road appears as a … Read more

Polsat with the rights to the Polish version of the series with Zelensky

Information on the acquisition of the rights was provided by, a service belonging to Polsat Plus Group. “Presserwis” managed to unofficially confirm these reports. According to, the project is at the initial stage of work, and the station has not yet carried out castings for role models in the series, nor has it … Read more

A new message from the Polish visionary. The fans respond!

Until a few weeks ago Aida Kosojan-Przybysz she focused mainly on motivating her followers, whom she encouraged to take a deep, spiritual wandering out of their comfort zone. A visionary she regularly posted posts on self-development, in which she motivated to fulfill her dreams and look to the future with confidence. However, everything changed after … Read more