Is Total planning to start drilling in Block 9?

Source: Republic Writer: Antoine Farah Antoine Farah wrote in El Gomhouria: Official and popular Lebanon is waiting for the Israeli response to show whether the maritime border delimitation file will actually be completed, and open the door to starting re-excavation to extract gas and oil. Will the return to excavation be quick if the demarcation … Read more

Registration is officially closed, 40 political parties register to be contestants in the 2024 election to the KPU Page all

JAKARTA, – A total of 40 political parties have officially registered themselves as candidates for the 2024 General Election to the KPU RI for 2 weeks, registration is open from Monday (1/8/2022) to Sunday (14/8/2022) at 23:59. 23:59, all commissioners including KPU chairman Hasyim Asy’ari held a registration closing ceremony. “Today, August 14, 2022, … Read more

Elections 2022, political polls: center-right ahead by 15 points

A little over 40 days from Political Elections 2022the Center Right, driven by the Brothers of Italy, increases its advantage over the Center Left. Today’s gap between the 2 coalitions is now about 15 points: a figure that weighs significantly on the allocation of seats in the single-member quota, provided for by the current electoral … Read more

Tomorrow, 2,800 hectares of land will be allocated to former combatants, political prisoners/napols, and victims of conflict

* At the Commemoration of the 17th Aceh Day of Peace BANDA ACEH – Peace in Aceh on Monday (15/8/2022) will be 17 years old tomorrow. The Aceh Reintegration Agency (BRA) has designed a number of agendas to celebrate this historic day for the people of Aceh, the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), and the Government … Read more

All Troubled Political Parties, Wrong Votes in 2024 Will Go to Jail

Solo – General Chairman of Projo Budi Arie Setiadi said that all the existing political parties had problems. If they miscalculated in the 2024 presidential election, it could be fatal for them. Wrong choice and lose the 2024 political battle, will go to jail. “2024 is me the truth is close all forces including political … Read more

(Not) reduce VAT? Tax rates are a decision based more on political than economic logic / Article

The main purposes for which a reduced VAT rate is applied to a category of goods or services are to stimulate the consumption of certain goods or services and to increase their availability. Namely, it is assumed that by reducing the tax rate, products will become cheaper and more accessible to a wider range of … Read more

CNE will seek to legally expand female representation in political awnings

CARACAS- The rector Enrique Márquez, vice president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), recognized the need to legalize gender parity in popular representation bodies and to expand the measure in all political groups so that women have equal representation . She announced that the CNE will work to be discretionary and will begin meetings to … Read more

FBI raid on Trump villa creates political firestorm

Photo: AFP/Scanpix/LETA Valdis Bērziņš, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read Today, a heat wave begins in Latvia. Predict how many days it will last Dota green light for support in the energy price crisis: partial compensation for heating, pension supplements, wider housing benefit “That is the most terrible weapon currently used by Russia.” Slide … Read more

The dem Michela Di Biase says enough: «It is unfair to eclipse my political activity by calling myself” Lady Franceschini “. I was voted on, not nominated “

After it vent from Elisabetta Piccolotticoordinator of the national secretariat of Italian leftafter days of unfounded allegations that she was one of the candidates in the red-ecological front only because she was the secretary’s wife Nicola Fratoiannialso the regional councilor in Lazio for the Democratic Party, Michela Di Biasedecides to silence the rumors about his … Read more

A political scientist comments on the meaning of Kariņš’s expression: “It looks like Latvia will have enough gas”

What does Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš’s expression mean: “It looks like Latvia will have enough gas”? Political scientist, co-founder of public relations agency “Mediju tilts” Filips Rajevskis comments in TV24’s “Press Club” program. Most read The weather will change significantly next week. What do forecasters predict? “It is the most terrible weapon that Russia has … Read more