“March for Life” | On the road with opponents of abortion – from Donald Trump’s ranks

They’ve been marching through Washington for nearly 50 years. But this year the abortion opponents of the “March for Life” could achieve their goal. Tens of thousands have come to Washington. Just a few hundred meters from the White House, a man admonishes his tens of thousands of listeners: “Observe the rules of the Commander-in-Chief!” … Read more

End of thermal vehicles: Carlos Tavares denounces a purely political choice

Posted on January 22, 2022 – A + Carlos Tavares don’t give up. For the boss of Stellantis, an automotive group formed a year ago by the merger between PSA and Chrysler Fiat, the public authorities have rushed into “all electric” and they are now imposing it on us at full speed without the question … Read more

Report Gibran-Kaesang, Ubedilah Hasto Accused of Affiliated to Political Parties: I Have Educated PDI-P Cadres

Reporter Tribunnews.com, Reza Deni TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Political Observer, Jakarta State University, Ubedlah Badrun, responding to a number of accusations that he is close to PKS. This was after Ubedilah reported two of President Jokowi’s children to the KPK regarding allegations of corruption, collusion and nepotism. According to him, the accusation is strange, it’s only … Read more

Can Cause Blindness, This Doctor Researches How To Detect Glaucoma Early To Prevent Severity

Friday, January 21, 2022 | 08:21 WIB <!– dimatikan sementara untuk jumlah view | 75 views–> Eye surgery. [shutterstock] KlikBabel.com – Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) states that glaucoma is the third leading cause of blindness globally, after refractive errors and cataracts. Globally, glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. The number … Read more

practical and political guide to the post-Mattarella vote. Podcast- Corriere.it

And in short, here we are. The first vote will be held on Monday 24 January for elect the new President of the Republic, who will take the place of Sergio Mattarella. Speaking at the plenum of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the current head of state greeted the members of the CSM by … Read more

4 Characteristics of Diabetes, More Thirsty than Usual to Frequent Urination

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 | 07:46 WIB <!– dimatikan sementara untuk jumlah view | 77 views–> Image illustration (freepik) KlikBabel.com – You may have diabetes and not know it. This chronic disease is a condition in which blood sugar rises because the pancreas does not make enough insulin or does not make insulin at all. … Read more

“Here we work as a team, regardless of the political party”: Vila Dosal

Convinced of the importance of working as a team, putting aside differences due to parties, the governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, reaches its third government report with positive numbers in employment, investment and security, this despite the Covid-19 pandemic, which it considers will be the “great challenge for all rulers”. In interview with THE … Read more