I demand President Ghada Aoun to move, and I will then report.

The head of the Tawheed Party, former minister, Wiam Wahhab, tweeted on his account via “Twitter”, writing, “The Lebanese University cost the state $250 million, and a contractor named Muhammad Danish was given maintenance.” And he added, “How do you know what a dinch is who has received many times what he deserves and does … Read more

Xi Jinping’s zero corona policy that turned the health crisis into a political crisis China’s failure to deal with corona, a major threat to the president and the Communist Party (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

China’s Covid-19 Failure, Big Threat to President and Communist Party (December 3, 2022 issue of The Economist, UK) China’s new leadership announced on Oct. 23, photo: Reuters/Aflo ◆ Special release ◆ This article is a special article for premium members, but it is specially published for a limited time. (On this occasion, you can read … Read more

Bart Somers, “Best mayor in the world” and political heavyweight: “The biggest mistake Flanders could do is to separate”

For twenty years on the front of the stage in the north of the country, he is one of the most emblematic figures of Flemish politics. However, his appearances in French-speaking Belgium are rare. Bart Somers (Open VLD) has a CV matched only by a handful of… This article is for subscribers only Take advantage … Read more

Ivory Coast: what are the political stakes of the return of Charles Blé Goudé? | TV5MONDE

Charles Blé Goudé, a former minister and party leader, is officially back in Côte d’Ivoire. Accused of crimes against humanity, convicted by the International Criminal Court, he was finally acquitted. After a decade spent away from his family, how will his installation in Côte d’Ivoire go? Does he have a political future? Elements of answers … Read more

Political groups on World AIDS Day: ‘How can Leiden become sexually healthier?’

(Image: Freepik.com). The parties of GroenLinks, D66, PvdA and SVL want the city council to investigate what is needed to improve the sexual health of Leiden residents. The four parties ask this on Thursday, on World AIDS Day, in a letter to the Board. The questioners want to know what challenges and possibilities there are … Read more

Charles Blé Goudé ex-leader of Ivorian youth, back in his country for a new political start – Agence Afrique

the Ivorian leader, Charles Blé Goudé, former leader of the ”young patriots”, nicknamed in the 2000s the “street general” for his ability to mobilize supporters of the former Ivorian president, Laurent Gbagbo, has returned last Saturday in Abidjan, after being acquitted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), which was prosecuting him as a former mentor … Read more

Clear signal!China’s “epidemic prevention tsar” held consecutive symposiums to mention the weakening of the virus’s pathogenicity | Anue tycoon-Mainland Political Economy

China’s “anti-epidemic tsar” and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan held a symposium for the second consecutive day, mentioning twice that the pathogenicity of the Omicron new crown variant virus has weakened, and asked officials to create conditions for further improvement of prevention and control measures, releasing the official prevention and control position Soften the latest signal. … Read more

What is the reason for the rush of merchants to the port of Beirut?

On the eve of the entry into force of the decision to raise the customs dollar to 15,000 pounds, merchants are rushing to the port to clear goods before Thursday. Knowing that many economic experts revealed that prices have already risen and there will be no significant increase in the overall sense of the word, … Read more

Newspaper secrets, November 30, 2022

day The son, deputies, and close associates of the head of a political movement, a former deputy, and a prominent candidate for the presidency, refrain from going into details of the contacts about the presidential election, and some of them hold meetings away from the limelight. It was reported that a political reference was behind … Read more