The Most Cursed Place in Japan or Portal to Hell: Himuro Mansion – World

AT dense forest, somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo, hides an abandoned house. Impressive with its beauty and size, it has been empty for decades. Her sinister past protects her from prying eyes and the raids of thieves. This is the Himuro mansion. Known as the most cursed place in Japan. One of the most … Read more

Video/ Elderly woman was rescued from death after her son buried her for 3 days

Beijing / Gulf 365 A 79-year-old woman has escaped certain death after her son buried her alive in an abandoned tomb for three days in a province in China. In the video, horrific footage appears of the moment when the police recorded the woman named Wang from the hole. The police detained The woman’s son, … Read more

The Veterinary Administration revealed a breeding facility in Šumperska. The breeder didn’t even know how many dogs he had Crime stories | Olomouc Gossip

At least 36 dogs lived in completely unsuitable conditions in Rapotín in Šumpersko, where inspectors of the State Veterinary Administration from the Olomouc region discovered a breeding facility. All animals should be taken from their owners, many of them suffer from health problems. Due to suspicion of animal cruelty, the State Veterinary Administration also reported … Read more

A drunk priest was saying mass. The archbishop has already punished him [OŚWIADCZENIE KURII]

On Monday, local media reported that one of the priests in Białystok was celebrating mass completely drunk. The consequences have already been drawn against him. Fot: J. Fiedoruk The media in Białystok received information that last Sunday in the parish of St. Jadwiga Królowej Mass was celebrated by the local vicar, who was under the … Read more

Home appliance industry welcomes favorable policies to promote green upgrade of home appliance consumption_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

Recently, the home appliance industry has welcomed favorable policies again, and a series of support measures have been introduced one after another, which further stimulates the release of user demand and promotes the upgrading of home appliance consumption. The State Council executive meeting pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the release of the … Read more

Website SEO analysis – why is it needed, how often to do it?

In terms of optimization, there is no such thing as a perfect website. Unfortunately, but it is true. Each element can be optimized and improved almost non-stop, since the business environment is constantly changing, new competitors, new products appear, consumer interests change, etc. It helps to know if your business and your website are making … Read more

The portal “” – Es – Cilvēks was created to support Ukrainian refugees

The “” portal gives landlords the opportunity to post free ads and reach Ukrainian refugees directly with housing offers, providing opportunities for safe communication between potential tenants and landlords. Also available on the portal is information on available financial assistance for both tenants and people who offer housing for free, general information on housing rent, … Read more

The portal “” was created to support Ukrainian refugees / Diena

On the portal, residents are invited to apply for housing that is available to Ukrainians for rent or free of charge. The portal also provides practical information on housing rental issues. All materials are prepared in Latvian and Ukrainian languages. The “” portal gives landlords the opportunity to post free ads and reach Ukrainian refugees … Read more