Óscar Del Portal takes Argentine journalist ‘little bit’: “And now? You left your face, Varsky” | Oscar Del Portal | Juan Pablo Varsky | Varsky | Sporting Cristal | Libertadores Cup | Hurricane | News | SHOWS

Óscar Del Portal responded to the Argentine journalist Juan Pablo Varsky, who a few days ago had stated that Huracán would go to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, instead of Sporting Cristal. The Peruvian affirmed that you have to tell him the truth when they are wrong. MIRA: With Paolo Guerrero, Unión vs … Read more

Successful launch of 40 Space X and OneWeb communication satellites Completion of the first generation network is near | sorae Portal site to space

On March 9th local time, SpaceX successfully launched 40 communications satellites (hereinafter “OneWeb satellites”) of the US communications company “OneWeb”. OneWeb is proceeding with the construction of a communication satellite constellation, and it is expected that the “first generation network” will be completed with one remaining launch. [▲ Falcon 9 rocket launched from Space Force … Read more

Hirohisa Ota talks about salary difference between husband and wife | au Web portal entertainment news

[Model press = 2023/03/17]Hirohisa Ota of the comedy trio Jungle Pocket will appear on TV Tokyo’s “Fortune-telling Nante Believe” broadcast on the 16th (every Thursday from 1:30 am). He talked about the difference in salary with his wife, model Chihiro Kondo, and episodes when he was angry. (Photo: Chihiro Kondo, Hirohisa Ota (C) Model Press) … Read more

Watch… Miley Cyrus is in a new relationship, and this is his identity

You are now following the news about Shahid .. Miley Cyrus in a new relationship, and this is his identity, and we leave you now with the most important details Sana’a – Abdul Jalil Fares – International superstar Miley Cyrus appeared with her new lover, drummer Max Morando, during the recent Versace fashion show, shortly … Read more

Watch .. Nadine Njeim on the bed without clothes and reveals her background in a scandalous video

Thank you for your interest in the news about Nadine Njeim on the bed without clothes and revealing her background in a scandalous video .. (Look now) on the Gulf website now Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Through her account on Instagram, the Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim published a shocking video clip of her … Read more

Former ski jumper, record holder and native of Frýdlan Antonín Hájek died Sports | Liberec Gossip

Former excellent ski jumper, representative and coach Antonín Hájek died. The Skiers’ Union of the Czech Republic informed about the unexpected death of the almost thirty-six-year-old native of Frýdlant, whose youth was associated with the Mecca of ski jumping Harrachov. Hájek started ski jumping at the age of five. During his racing career, he collected … Read more

The doll, Fifi Abdo, dubbed the youth of the coast, the compass of my country’s dance, and the air, doing the forbidden with her dress .. Watch now

Yemen- Yasmine El-Tohamy- The show artist, Fifi Abdo, was exposed to an embarrassing situation while she was dancing in the street in the North Coast region, as the air lifted her exposed pink dress from the chest area and revealed a black nightgown. Fifi Abdo published a new video of her on her official account … Read more

Leaked pictures of Saad Lamjarred’s prison in France.. You will not believe how he lives.. Watch

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 11:42 pm – Some Arab media outlets published pictures of the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred’s imprisonment in France, after he was sentenced to 6 years in prison in the case of rape of a girl. Saad is serving his sentence in L’Antiye prison in the French capital, Paris, which was built … Read more

Morocco is positioning itself as an essential interlocutor and essential partner of Europe, according to a European portal

Morocco is of paramount importance for European leaders, due to its geographical and political position, located at the junction of the Atlantic, the southern Mediterranean and North Africa, this is what the portal says. European “neglobal.eu”. The site reports that the Kingdom is a key interlocutor for European Union officials wishing to advance the Union’s … Read more