The price of a 50-gram gold bar collapsed today, Thursday, December 8, at the end of trading Loss of 3450 pounds

The end of the day’s dealings witnessed a great shock to many investors, as the price of gold bullion declined significantly during the end of today’s trading, Thursday, December 8, so that the 50-gram gold ingot lost approximately 3450 pounds, compared to the prices of the beginning of today’s trading, which witnessed a rise in … Read more

For 114 million pounds.. Does Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo betray?

Updated Thursday 12/8/2022 02:31 AM Abu Dhabi time Since Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United with the start of the 2022 World Cup, talk has increased about a possible alternative to strengthen the English team’s attacking line. During the 2022 World Cup, the opportunity was ripe for a number of Portuguese stars to appear, led … Read more

After the dollar exchange rate reached 36 pounds in the parallel market, is the Central Bank of Egypt heading for a third flotation?

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Expectations of a rise in the price of the dollar during the current month, in addition to its reaching unprecedented numbers of its exchange rate in the Egyptian parallel market, have raised many questions and question marks and imposed speculations among social media activists. Observers expected that the coming days would witness a … Read more

The best covers for air conditioning and fans, starting at 24 pounds

10:00 p.m Monday 05 December 2022 With the advent of winter and low temperatures, you do not need an electric fan or air conditioning at all, but how can we protect them from dust for a long time? A fan or air conditioner cover may be a great helper for you to solve this problem, … Read more

You can buy a net for 5,000 pounds.. Solutions are revealed by a merchant, despite the high gold prices

with approaching New Year 2023Citizens are increasingly coming to goldsmiths’ stores to buy gold And gold artifacts, and attest gold prices In the current period, there is a significant increase in the local market, and there is a state of questioning among young people, especially those about to get married, about buying the network at … Read more

Jobs devoid of manpower, with salaries of up to 8,500 pounds

Directorate announced Man power in Beni Suef Governorate vacant jobs In the field of marketing solar energy and water treatment in the “Jet EG” company, with good salaries. The Directorate indicated that it has started accepting applications for those wishing to work on the vacant jobs With a monthly salary of up to 8,500 pounds, … Read more

More than 5 pounds… Banks explain the fact that cash withdrawal fees from ATMs increased at the end of December

All banks are waiting for a decision central bank Allow to raise Cash withdrawal fees from ATM machines By the end of December, for more than 5 pounds to non-customers, especially after the high cost of operating this service. Increase in cash withdrawal fees from ATMs The recent increase in ATM cash withdrawal fees More … Read more

Gold is rising again.. and 21 karat records 1595 pounds

Gold prices witnessed a big jump at the end of this week’s trading, to record new historical levels, and the price of a gram of 24 karat gold, which is the carat of gold bullion, which is now in high demand in Egypt, reached 1823 pounds per gram, a price that the market has not … Read more

Increases of up to 20,000 pounds… Official car prices in December

registered cars prices In Egypt, the official price increases, reaching about 20 thousand pounds. Below is a review of “Al-Masry Al-Youm” Official car prices Announced in the December price lists in a number of companies. Nissan sunny price Has risen Nissan sunny priceThe M/T category recorded a value of 310.4 thousand pounds, the price of … Read more

[Today to HOT]Zhou Zhuohua’s case was sentenced on 1.18, “helpless and incomprehensible” was charged with the underworld; American research reveals the potato-free diet method to lose 13 pounds in 8 weeks- Hong Kong Economic Daily- Instant News Channel- Instant Finance- Hot Talk

Hot Talk 22:19 2022/12/01 ▲ 【Today to HOT】U.S. study reveals 1 method of eating potatoes, blood sugar does not rise, and 8 weeks of continuous eating loses 13 pounds; Hong Kong men mention 3 reasons, according to buying a property, do not choose the Northwest 【ET Caizhi Talk】Analysis of asset allocation Honghu Lu Tinglong’s perspective … Read more