PAN Praises Erick Thohir whose electability has increased, fix vice presidential candidate?

Jakarta – PAN praise the Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir whose electability rose in the latest cawapres survey. Will PAN, which has been eyeing Erick in the 2024 presidential election, immediately determine its support as vice presidential candidate? Praise for Erick came from DPR Commission VI member Intan Fauzi F-PAN who is also Erick Thohir’s … Read more

Megawati Meets Jokowi, Anies-JK Bukber Together with the Coalition

CNN Indonesia Monday, 27 Mar 2023 10:23 WIB 1. Politics for a Week: Megawati Meets Jokowi, Anies-JK Bukber Together with the Coalition 2. Head of BIN Assesses Some of Jokowi’s Aura Moves to Prabowo PDIP Ketum Megawati Soekarnoputri held a meeting with President Jokowi for 3 hours at the Palace. Archives of the PDI Perjuangan … Read more

Survey “Kompas”: Top Prize, Prabowo and Anies Still Fluctuating

In the midst of this phenomenon, there are a number of factors that can change the electability constellation, namely the certainty of nomination tickets, the figure of the vice presidential candidate being partnered with, and the clash of ideas among the prospective candidates. R&D survey results Compass in January 2023 showed that the electability of … Read more

PKB Strives for Cak Imin as a Presidential Candidate, Alluding to the Trust of the Muktamar

Jakarta – National Awakening Party (PKB) insisted on nominating Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar or who is familiarly called Cak Imin as the presidential candidate 2024 presidential election future. PKB said this was a mandate from the 2019 Bali congress. “Don’t ask that question (Cak Imin will accompany Prabowo to become vice presidential candidate). Until now, PKB … Read more

Ganjar’s Response If Not Supported by PDIP Goes Forward in the 2024 Presidential Election – The Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Ganjar Pranowo responded to the potential of not being supported by the PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) to run for the upcoming 2024 presidential election (pilpres). According to him, this matter was fully handed over to PDIP Chairperson (Ketum) Megawati Soekarnoputri. “Yes, that’s PDI Perjuangan business, Bu Mega … Read more

PPP Touches Sentilan Mega, PSI Explains Reasons for Supporting the Presidential Candidate Ganjar

Jakarta – Waketum PPP Arsul Sani ridiculed the party that was bullied by the Ketum PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri for promoting a figure as a presidential candidate. PSI responded and said that the promotion of Ganjar as a presidential candidate was the wish of the supporters PSInot on the PSI elite. “Support for Mr. Ganjar was … Read more

Majority of voters want Nation Alliance to announce presidential candidate immediately

MetroPOLL research company conducted a poll on the presidential candidacy in December of 2022. MetroPOLL’s founder, Özer Sencar, shared the results of the survey on his social media account, saying, “The majority of voters want the opposition candidate to be announced immediately.” used his statements. According to the survey, 48.3 percent of the respondents answered … Read more

Mardani Refuses Gerindra’s Issue to Seize PKS to Fail Anies: Ruhut Halu!

Jakarta – Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) DPP chairman Mardani Ali Sera dismissed allegations that Gerindra wanted to win over his party to thwart Anies Baswedan’s presidential nomination. Mardani said the issue thrower, Ruhut Sitompul, is hallucinating. “Ruhut halu, it’s normal. PKS has good relations with many parties,” said Mardani when asked about the potential for … Read more

When Gerindra and PKS were compact, Tepis Ruhut about Anies’ trip

Jakarta – PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) politician Ruhut Sitompul accused the Gerindra Party of wanting to seize PKS from the Change Coalition discourse initiated by the NasDem Party and the Democratic Party. Gerinda Party and PKS compactly dismissed Ruhut Sitompul’s accusations. Ruhut Sitompul accused Gerindra of wanting to take PKS away from the NasDem and Democrats. … Read more

Claimed to be Entering PAN, Ridwan Kamil Says This

Jakarta – Deputy Chairman (Waketum) of PAN Yandri Susanto said Ridwan Kamil will join their party. The Governor of West Java also opened his voice regarding this news. “Later you will be notified, don’t worry,” said RK when met at the DKI Jakarta City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (20/12/2022). RK is … Read more