Macron, I’m not ruling out a new lockdown – Last Hour

(ANSA) – PARIS, AUG 28 – “I would not have learned enough from what we have been experiencing for a few months if I told you that I totally exclude a new lockdown”: said the French president, Emmanuel Macron, answering a question about possibility of a new total closure of the country in the face … Read more

Public recall / product warning: Lareiner Almkäse 45% FiT with the batch numbers 06/07/2020 up to and including 06/12/2020

Tyrol (OTS) – The product Lareiner Almkäse 45% FiT with the batch numbers 07.06.2020 up to and including 12.06.2020 is due to microbial contamination not suitable for consuming! A microbial contamination was found in the Lareiner Alkäse 45% FiT from the manufacturer Agrargemeinschaft Alpe Larein. The product is not suitable for consumption and can be … Read more

Happy Birthday, Sean Connery! – The ORF congratulates with four classics on the 90th birthday

Three times “James Bond” and “The Rock – Rock of Decision” from August 21 on ORF 1 Vienna (OTS) – He is considered to be the personified character in Ian Fleming’s “James Bond 007”. With a total of seven film adaptations as “Agent Licensed to Kill”, he became an integral part of film history and … Read more

“The Great World Theater” in Salzburg: Presentation of Beate Thalberg’s ORF anniversary documentary over 100 years of festival history

A filmic journey through time with Florian Teichtmeister as a servant of a special table company – TV premiere on August 1st in ORF 2 Vienna (OTS) – To kick off the 100th Salzburg Festival, to which ORF is dedicating more than 130 hours of TV and radio programming (details at, ORF 2 will … Read more

New ORF-TVthek-App for Huawei and optimization of the Apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV

Vienna (OTS) – Recently a new ORF-TVthek-App, which is available in a Huawei Store. In addition, have been improved in the context of Updates of the Services and Features of the ORF-TVthek-Apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. The ORF-TVthek App is now also in the Huawei Store, and thus … Read more

▷ POL-WAF: Beckum. Search for petrol stations, robbery with surveillance images – …

25.06.2020 – 15:25 Police Were In The Village Warendorf (ots) The police have an APB out now with a picture of two people suspected in the Tuesday, 24.03.2020 to have to 23.55 PM, a Robbery of a gas station at the Neubeckumer road in Beckum committed. The image shows the masked suspects frontal. The two … Read more

70. Vienna city Council (16) | PID press

In-kind credit approval for the expansion of the city area in Vienna, 23, Carre Atzgersdorf Vienna (OTS/RK) – GR Mag. (FH) Alexander Pawkowicz (FPÖ) referred to the bad transport connections with public Transport in the city development area and submitted a motion for a new rapid bus service. Subsidy to the Association women’s solidarity – … Read more

Novel Coronavirus: The most important questions and answers, AOK Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland, press release

What is the QR-Code? 3 steps: Scanning a QR-Codes: The guide to their press release – all without typing! With the help of the QR-Codes, which are mapped to the print version of each press release, you can return at any time with the mobile phone on the Online side of the lifePR – without … Read more

The new At Lash’d Mascara by Marc Jacobs Beauty for a long time and perfectly curved eyelashes

San Francisco (ots/PRNewswire) – Marc Jacobs Beauty, the brand that brought us Noir Mascara Velvet, is now presenting the new gold standard for eyelashes: the new At Lash’d Mascara gives extreme length and curl, as well as a fabulously intense Definition. Experience the interactive, multi-channel press release: “For a long, striking eyelashes like me … Read more

“Austria is flourishing – The ‘nature garden’-the spring show” with Karl Ploberger and Nina power

Tips, Tricks, and Hits – the music show with the green thumb Vienna (OTS) – Karl Ploberger, and Nina Kraft are the gardens to visit the kittenberger Experience and will present on Saturday, the 13. June 2020, at 20.15 clock “Austria is flourishing – The ‘nature garden’-the spring show” in ORF 2. On the program, … Read more