The Prime Minister tries to dispel concerns about spying on an opposition politician / Article

One of the Prime Minister’s first acts upon assuming power was to attach the National Intelligence Service to his office. After the prime minister’s announcement, the spied on opposition member emphasized that he still hasn’t received an answer as to why he was spied on for three months. The Greek prime minister has said that … Read more

Prime Minister Morawiecki appeals: We need a profound reform

In the text for the independent media group Euractiv, the head of the Polish government indicated directions for the development of Europe in times of crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of all the war in Ukraine. According to Morawiecki, the current problems on the European continent result, among other things, from ignoring … Read more

“A return of 40,500 pounds”…Alexandria Bank Alex Prime 24 certificate with the interest of the largest variable in savings certificates

Alex Prime Certificate The savings certificates differ from one bank to another according to the interest rate that the customer benefits from when purchasing them. The Bank of Alexandria is one of the largest banks in the Arab Republic of Egypt and has a large number of clients, and the bank offers many facilities to … Read more

Is former Russian Prime Minister Medvedev blurting out that Kazakhstan and Georgia could become the next targets of military operations?

Photo Sputnik / Scanpix / LETA A post was published on the account of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the VKontakte social network questioning the independence of Kazakhstan and Georgia, but Medvedev’s representative accused hackers of it. Most read “You need to warn Europe – you will get a nuclear strike! We will deal … Read more

Orlen’s business partner is being prosecuted with an arrest warrant for corrupting the Prime Minister of Croatia

The conditional decision on the takeover by PKN Orlen of control over Grupa Lotos was issued by the European Commission. The terms of the EC included, among others: getting rid of part of the Lotos stations to Hungarians from MOL and Saudis from Saudi Aramco, who are to buy 30 percent. of shares in Rafineria … Read more

57,000 Metal Mesh, 360 Cooler ASUS Prime AP201 MicroATX Case – Computer Field HKEPC Hardware

ASUS Prime AP201 MicroATX Case If you want to build an ASUS family bucket!! You must not miss the Prime AP201 MicroATX case, which has a strong expansion capacity with only 33 liters of body volume, a simple and stylish design, and an open metal mesh is added to all areas to greatly improve heat … Read more

The Iranian gift is not serious… and the decision is made by the Prime Minister!

The Americans continue the game of procrastination in the file of importing gas and electricity from Egypt and Jordan, while they have returned to the threat of imposing sanctions on Lebanon in the event of accepting any donation from Iran or concluding an agreement with it regarding fuel for the needs of power plants. It … Read more

The Prime Minister asks employees to take off their ties to save electricity – VG

WITHOUT A TIE: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchéz encouraged workers to leave their ties at home, as he himself had done for the occasion. Photo: JAVIER SORIANO / AFP Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchéz urged workers to ditch their ties as an energy-saving measure during the country’s heat wave. Published: Updated yesterday 15:08 It reports … Read more