Italy’s Prime Minister Conte poses a vote of confidence in the Senate

Rome – In Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte won the vote of confidence in the House of Representatives on Monday. He received 321 votes and 259 MPs opposed him. The non-party Conte had asked the vote of confidence after his government coalition broke up in the middle of the corona and economic crisis in the … Read more

Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez wants to strengthen relations with Turkey!

AA | Monday, January 18, 2021 – 7:42 PM | Last update: 18 01 2021-19: 45 The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, in his speech at the VI Conference of Ambassadors, wants to strengthen relations with Turkey and said that an intergovernmental summit will be held this year in this context. Sánchez, ambassador … Read more

Prime Minister Johnson says the UK is in the ‘race against time’ as it faces the worst weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic

LONDON (Late afternoon) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday (January 11) that Britain was in a ‘race against time’ to launch Covid-19 vaccines as deaths hit record levels and hospitals were left without oxygen and his chief medical adviser said the worst weeks of the pandemic were imminent. A new, more communicable variant … Read more

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized for riding his bike away from his London home breaking lockdown rules

Drafting / Photo: File.- They saw him on a bicycle far from his house, yes, with face masks. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is the center of criticism for having been seen riding his bike away from his London residence. This even though the population is asked to exercise near your … Read more

Prime Video: Storm of the Past

April is a storm chaser, whose parents were killed in a tornado during her childhood. Now he must warn his brother Sheriff and his unsuspecting people of a giant storm heading their way. To do this, he must fight the demons of his past, as well as his failed relationships of the present, in an … Read more

Can Boris Johnson avoid being Europe’s 7th “self-sacrificing” Conservative prime minister?

The weekly daily digest highlights the top five opinion pieces from the UK and international media, with excerpts from each. 1. Philip Johnston en el Daily Telegraph Europe shot down six conservative premieres. Can Boris avoid being the seventh? “One of the dark arts of politics is how to sell a bargain for half as … Read more

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Calls For “Shameful Scenes” To End In Washington

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for an end to the “shameful scenes” in Washington, where protesters stormed the US Capitol Wednesday in an attempt to reverse the election defeat of President Donald Trump. “Shameful scenes in the US Congress,” Johnson said on Twitter. “The United States represents democracy throughout the world and now it … Read more

British Prime Minister warns of more restrictions to curb COVID-19

LONDON, Jan.3 (Xinhua) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that regional restrictions in England “will likely be tightened” in the coming weeks to curb coronavirus infections. The prime minister said his government had taken “every reasonable measure that we could reasonably have taken” to prepare for winter, but “we could not have … Read more