SCI: Manager or partners cannot endanger their company by mortgaging a property

SCI: Manager or partners cannot endanger their company by mortgaging a property A family SCI recently submitted a problem to the Court of Cassation. In order to guarantee a professional debt, one of its members wanted to grant a mortgage on a building owned by the SCI to its creditor. The Court considered that this … Read more

Sell ​​your property FAST with an owner-funded mortgage

Homeowner financing is well known to sell real estate quickly, especially in cases where real estate or potential buyers do not meet traditional credit / mortgage requirements. The seller offers to hold the mortgage certificate (owner-funded mortgage) and receive the monthly payments from the buyer like a bank. The problem with this approach was that … Read more

Altes Kreishaus: Hürth cannot use an empty scrap property

You can enjoy a great view of Cologne from the upper floors of the old district building in Hürth. That is probably the friendliest thing you can say about the dreary, purpose-built ensemble in the center of Hürth. Architecturally, the property is not a highlight, the buildings were not built for other uses than administration. … Read more

Little hope for cheap new apartments in the local market on Mallorca

It was already indicated in 2020: Little is happening this year Real estate market in Mallorca. And especially for them local population it looks bleak when it comes to affordable housing. The president of the island’s developers Luis Martin, pointed out. Because the financial situation of many families in Mallorca is affected by the Coronakrise … Read more

The 5 mandatory policies for property owners

In times of corona-related lockdown and home office, many Germans dream of more space in their own four walls. But in the current times of crisis, the move into your own home should be well thought out, according to the Frankfurt operators of the Clark insurtech company. In addition to the right financing, this also … Read more

Mortgage without a previously existing property? (Credit, real estate, loan)

Hi there, I own a house with a market value of around € 420,000. In the middle of 2019 I loaned the house with around 55-60% to buy and modernize it. The costs of the modernization were higher than initially calculated, so I got a loan from the house bank. I still want to do … Read more

Fees with mortgage on property – Resolved by Maitre Ariel DAHAN

Community : A forum is above all a community, so don’t expect to get answers from members if you are not looking for answers for them yourself. We therefore encourage our members to respond as a priority to those who responded to other members in the first place. Clart : You should post these messages … Read more

Free insurance for homes or businesses that pay their property in January – AlertQro

In support of the economy of Queretaro families and the protection of their heritage, the Municipality of Querétaro launched the support Pay in January and the Municipality insures your home or business, for those who carry out the annualized payment of your property during this month of January, in which they will also have a … Read more

Report-PAR-Ile-à-Morphil-Demette-Cas-cas-SN.pdf | Property | Mortgage

Updating of technical execution, socio-economic and environmental studies and Preparation of bidding documents for the works development and bitumage of road infrastructures in the Island of Morphil d’environ 180 km (Guédé-N’Dioum-Halwar ; Halwar-Demeth-Case Case; VSas Cas – Saldé-N’gouye-Pété; CasCas-Médina N’Diathbé-CFN2) Page 1 PAR report SUMMARY LISTING TABLEAUX …………………………………………. …………………………………………………………. 2 LISTING DES ABREVIATIONS AND OF … Read more