Creating a home in the most popular district of the capital is very expensive

Tarolt in the popularity contest between the districts II. district, leaving XIII. district, as well as Teréz- and Erzsébetváros, which are preferred by investors. Buyers mainly bought for investment purposes in the Buda district and spent an average of HUF 109 million on real estate in 2022, according to Duna House data. There has never … Read more

Green houses, estimated 60 thousand euros for each property to adapt it by 2030

“In a building-type with 4 floors above ground at about 400 meters above sea level built in the 1980s, with apartments with an average surface area of ​​100 square metres, including work on the external envelope, walls, roof and attic, the transition from class G to class D involves a average cost that today can … Read more

Property sales stalled|Hong Kong mother sells a property and reveals the deed of the property for 12 years. The owner passed away and the property cannot be sold.

Selling a property with a “finishing kick” is impossible! A recent episode of the TVB program “Looking East and West” reported that a Hong Kong mother of two children wanted to move to an area with a better school network and planned to sell a three-bedroom HOS flat in Siu Sai Wan. Afterwards, she learned … Read more

The PTB no longer prohibits its activists from owning property or receiving an inheritance

‘I felt like my money was wanted’: Activists at PTB are required to pay part of their salary every month The question of property, but also of the legacies of activists, elected officials and party leaders, is also an issue for the PTB. The party originally opposed the concept of home ownership. “In the party … Read more

Aiming to adjust the insurance conditions, the Act to increase protection for the car – property

OIC aims to increase property coverage in compulsory motor insurance Accelerate studies and listen to opinions before pushing for amendments to the Insider Act, pointing out that premiums may move up to hundreds of baht. Mr. Suthiphon Thawichaikan, Secretary-General of the Insurance Commission (OIC) revealed that the OIC is studying details on increasing asset protection. … Read more

In Saint-Josse, the squat for asylum seekers is a political gesture: “The right to property is flouted, but so is the right to reception”

Behind the windows of the building that will soon house the federal crisis center, the first heads are emerging from sleeping bags. The third day of occupation of asylum seekers begins. A few journalists arrive and film through the transparent facade. Little by little, we detect movement inside. People show their faces, give a thumbs … Read more

Get to know the beautiful property valued at a juicy amount of soles

Interpreter of “La pituca” died at the age of 65. Millionaire house in Tongo: discover the beautiful property valued at a juicy amount of soles The remembered singer, José Abelardo Gutiérrez Alanya, better known as ‘Tongo’, left a mark on all Peruvians. Thanks to his hard work, the interpreter of ‘La pituca’ bought a house … Read more

It is not unusual to sell a home at a loss: – Sellers must be realistic, says the broker

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Kazakhstan has confiscated Russian property on Baikonur, a Russian daily claims

The Russian space program is facing a severe blow. Kazakhstan, on whose territory the Baikonur cosmodrome is located, seized property belonging to the Russian state company Roskosmos. This was reported by the Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets, which refers to a written notice of the start of the execution and writes in this context about the … Read more

A billionaire under pressure. Due to high debts, he is selling off his property

Radovan Vítek did not time his trades ideally this time. While he seized the opportunity after the last crisis and went on an acquisition spree that multiplied the size of his real estate group CPI Property Group, today he has to sell. The reason is the purchases of the large Austrian developer Immofinanz and its … Read more