New game from the creators of Blood & Truth for PS5 promises to “show the potential of the console”

London Studio gives new clues to its project in a job offer; it has not yet been officially presented. A few months ago we echoed of London Studio’s plans, the team in charge of launching Blood and Truth para PS VR. Already then, some job offers from the company claimed that they were working in … Read more

This would be The Last of Us 2 with next-gen patch for PS5 at 4K and 60 fps

The Last of Us Parte II will be released in June of last year on PS4 with a couple of months to go before we celebrate their First anniversary nothing has been said yet about a possible patch next-gen update the Naughty Dog game to PS5. That is why some users have started to imagine … Read more

High-tech news: First “important” update for the PS5

According to, Apple engineers are working on a new version of Apple TV, the black box that grafts itself onto our screens and provides access to various services including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and countless applications. from his in-house “Store”. The device should be equipped with a speaker, a microphone (currently on the … Read more

Beware of these dubious PS5 fake shops

The Playstation 5 is still in short supply worldwide. Sony A large fraud network is pulling people over the table with elaborately designed online shops. Sony confirms and distances itself from the fraudsters. As a rule, fraudulent actions on the net can be recognized fairly quickly by their unprofessional implementation, spelling errors and the like. … Read more

Sony will enter the mobile game PS part of the popular 3A game is expected to launch a mobile version! | Confluence News Network

Confluence News Reporter Wang Zuoming / Comprehensive Report Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has recently expanded into new business? Recently, the official announcement of a recruitment message will add a “person in charge of mobile game business” to the PS studio, hoping that he can be responsible for the production of games on mobile platforms other … Read more

Outriders – A first big patch and the resolution of the approaching inventory problem

Difficult start for Outriders. Released on 1is last april, Outriders roaming for a few days now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately for him, if he offers himself a launch more or less lulled by the satisfaction of the players in terms of the sensations of the game, it turns … Read more

Trademark for new Goldeneye game registered

The company behind the James Bond license had panic-stricken Goldeneye fan projects over the past year. Maybe to make your own remake. Danjaq, the James Bond licensing company, has registered a trademark for ‘Goldeneye’. This concerns ‘entertainment software’ for platforms such as consoles, PCs, smartphones and tablets. According to the databases of Trademarkia on World … Read more

What do you think of the possible remake of The Last of Us on PS5? Are you excited? Not convinced?

Naughty Dog would be in charge of a project that raises doubts among those who prefer new stories. Not even eight years have passed since his original release on PlayStation 3, but according to one of the best-sourced journalists in the industry, Sony would have already given the green light to the development of un … Read more

Hotfix for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fixes four missions issues

Ubisoft has released a hotfix for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that fixes some bugs that prevented players from making progress in the game. It concerns a total of four quests in which bugs were present that prevented progression. Ubisoft let us know that it is also working on permanent fixes, but that the hotfixes for now … Read more

Village thinks 3D audio on PS5 will be indispensable in horror games

Morimasa Sato thinks the PlayStation 5 hardware is amazing for horror games. Ya queda less than a month so that the new numbered delivery of the saga Resident Evil go to market. Capcom will launch the next May 7 Resident Evil 8: Village and the fans really want to get back into the shoes of … Read more