Business confidence plummets in January, shows index

The Commerce Entrepreneur Confidence Index (Icec) fell 3.6% in January compared to the previous month, already discounting seasonal effects, and reached 119 points. According to the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), which measures the indicator, this is the second consecutive drop. The index ranges from zero to 200 points. Scores … Read more

North Korean YouTuber enjoying ‘PT’… Pyongyang’s ‘Health Club’ Tongil Street Exercise Center Bonnie

Capture from YouTube channel ‘Olivia Natasha- YuMi Space DPRK daily’. On the 19th, a YouTuber introducing daily life in North Korea visited the ‘Tongil Street Movement Center’ (center) in Pyongyang for personal training (PT). On the screen, you can see North Korea’s fitness center similar to South Korea’s. On the YouTube account ‘Olivia Natasha- YuMi … Read more

Ana Estela Haddad should head new secretariat at SUS – 12/28/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

The teacher and former first lady of São Paulo Ana Estela Haddad should head the Digital Health Secretariat of the Ministry of Health, a folder that will be created during the administration of president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). The invitation was made by the future Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, and, according to … Read more

Note, these are the latest conditions for traveling by train, starting December 19, 2022 – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) has released new regulations regarding train boarding requirements that will take effect from 19 December 2022. One of them is train customers aged 6 to 12 years who have not been vaccinated can take the train. “The conditions are that you have a certificate that you have not … Read more

Lula criticizes deduction for health expenses in the Income Tax and defends reform – 12/13/2022 – Mercado

the president elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva criticized this Tuesday (13) the deductions for health expenses no Income taxin a possible indication that his government may propose changes to the benefit, which favors the middle class, in a tax reform. Speaking during the closing ceremony of the work of the transition teamLula stated that … Read more

Virtual Reality Is Called A Post-Stroke Therapy Solution – Immersive technology startup, Aruvana, announced a partnership to develop a post-stroke therapy product, VINERA (Virtual Neuro Engineering and Restoration) with PT Medika Brain Sejahtera. The presence of this product is intended to accelerate the expansion of post-stroke therapy solutions using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. VINERA is the first VR technology-based application in Indonesia … Read more

The power plant’s water pipe in Garut is broken, allegedly due to soil movement – The water pipe for the Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTM) owned by PT Tirta Gemah Ripah (GTR) in Bungbulang District, Garut Regency, West Java has burst. This event is thought to have been triggered by ground movement. The video of the water pipe breaking was widely circulated on messaging applications. In the video, … Read more

MADiSON is the scariest game, according to a study, although the PT demo surpasses it

Halloween may be over, but if you’re still looking for a horror experience, the results of some research might give you ideas for your next game. The Broadband Choices study of 200 participants had this group play 45 horror titles to analyze their beats per minute and choose thus “scientifically” which caused more nerves. The … Read more

SUS? Kindergarten? ‘Roof’? No, the subject is religion – 10/12/2022 – Vinicius Torres Freire

A second round campaign it began with the agitation of the “support” of politicians and people known to the candidates. Mostly political gossip, the topic has all but died. For at least a week now, the dominant conversation has been religion, as indicated by certain mud temperature measurements on social media and as heard in … Read more

PPTV, a subsidiary of Suning, was sentenced to pay 1.356 billion yuan for the Premier League: will start the recovery process jqknews

China Net Finance, January 12th, today, according to the official Premier LeagueWeiboAccording to the report, “The High Court has today ruled on the arrears of the former Chinese broadcaster PPTV, and the Premier League will start to defend itself.contractrights and interests. The Premier League will now open a recovery process for PPTV’s arrears and costs … Read more