Le Matin – Agadir: Creation of the regional development company “Aghroud Aménagement”

The Regional Development Company (SDR) “Aghroud Aménagement” has just been created in Agadir. With a capital of 10 million DH, the new SDR has been entrusted with the development, equipment and development works of the Aghroud area, north of Agadir.The majority shareholding of SDR “Aghroud Aménagement” is made up of the Souss-Massa Regional Council and … Read more

Economy | The Fiber Excellence factory in Tarascon, specializing in the production of paper pulp, is saved

The Toulouse commercial court this morning validated thetakeover offer for the Fiber Excellence Tarascon industrial site filed by the Dutch company Hervey Investments. This is the holding company that owns the entire capital of the company Fiber Excellence SAS, the sole shareholder of the Tarascon site specializing in the production of paper pulp. This group … Read more

Global Household Pulp Packers Market Industry growth factor, market overview, upcoming demand, and current trends with forecast till 2026

The global Household Pulp Conditioners market report provides development analysis, future trends, and helps to understand market drivers, latest research, industry analysis, and business development. The Household Pulp Packers market report can be a detailed analysis of the breakdown of industry segments including product type, application, and end-user analysis with the growth rate of the … Read more

Fernández designs an ambitious act to close the crisis and show the future

The Casa Rosada refines the details of the launch of the Government’s economic agenda, which Alberto Fernandez it intends to do with great fanfare, in an institutional act that shows the overwhelming support of the 24 provinces, once the exchange with the private bondholders has finally been closed, on August 28. Although it still has … Read more

Imaginative benefits for “the Syrian pulp” … know them

Diabetics need to pay attention to a diet that suits their condition, but sometimes they want to eat light meals such as Syrian pulp. How does it affect them? Therefore, “newsbeezer” revealed that adding Syrian pulp to the daily diet improves the general health of the body mainly for diabetics. Sunflower seeds contain a good … Read more

What happens to your body when eating white pulp daily?

05:00 PM Saturday 25 July 2020 I wrote – Shaima Morsi: White pulp is a beneficial nutrient for the human body; And it has many health benefits, according to “healthline” and “whfoods”, and these include: 1- An excellent source of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and fatty acids, which helps improve heart health. 2- It helps reduce … Read more